Is child sex going to be normalized by (((them))) in a same way they got away with homosexuality and are now pushing...

Is child sex going to be normalized by (((them))) in a same way they got away with homosexuality and are now pushing for trannies?

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No, it never will, but we do need some kind of help and acknowledging that I and most other pedos did not choose these urges. I know you love your little conspiracy theory, but facts are facts. I didn't chose to have these urges and we need to do something about them

No. It needs to be recognized as such so it can be treated. It won't ever be accepted because of the damage it does to children who cannot consent or fathom relationships like that. It just won't ever happen and it can't ever happen. 0% chance.

But if we are to decrease pedophilia worldwide we need to recognize it for what it is so it can be treated before it manifests into abuse. If we remove the stigma over admitting it some wannabe pedos will seek the treatment instead of keeping it in until it boils over and they start diddling kids.

How about
>keep them to yourself
>accept that any thoughts you have you do not need to turn into action
>live normal life

I'm not convinced any treatment works.

Back to Sup Forums faggot.

You have no idea how mentally taxing that is.

Not him, but yeah, because we only recently began treating it like a mental health problem and not just a crime

Your fight against sexual deviance is as hopeless as the fight on drugs.

Pedos are on the same hatred tier as nazis. A study to understand the inner workings of a pedo's mind won't change that.

Hell, if after 60 years of civil rights, people still hate blacks, I think we can expect at least the same of pedos even if your conspiracy was true

back to china chink

Unlikely. The modern world is in many ways a bizarre and surreal system but at the very least what we can know for certain is that a scapegoat of some kind is required to maintain the stability of the entire thing.

Even more bizarrely, even though it is the Jews who were the first victims of postmodern collectivism, they are the second and undeniably the most dominant when it comes to capitalizing upon this mechanic.

The Muslim countries that they want to depopulate so eagerly also happen to worship a pedophile prophet.... and by some coincidence all the anti-pedo propaganda of the last number of decades happens to portray pedophiles as white males, strangely fitting into the "two birds with one stone" philosophy they are infamous for.

Pure coincidence, no doubt. But long story short, fuck no the pedophiles are too convenient a scapegoat to ever become a beacon of progressive tolerant faggotry.

Logic this, logic that. I get it, we get it, everyone gets it, logically pedophiles are the most oppressed of any minority, by far, but politically what the fuck do the jews stand do gain by standing up for you? Nothing, that's what.

I don’t even get why you would say that

>totally not a pedophile

I do. I get off on hurting physically and without consent. It's something I have chosen not to do because even if it excites me I know it's wrong and damaging to the other party. You're not a baby, controlling your urges is a standard skill learned while growing into an adult. That's exactly what any pedo-treatment offers you, teaching you how to control yoyr urges and nothing else. I just think you don't need the hassle of making that treatment accepted as you can learn the skill yourself. And the fact remains that pedophilia is such a dangerous trait that people will never cease fearing and hating it.

Don’t be a mark. “The Jew” isn’t trying to normalize pedophilia.
The FBI is just trying to scare the shit out of society, going all out to convince you that anyone can be a crypto-child sex predator so that when it starts investigating turbo commies, it can claim to be investigating a suspected pedophile instead of admitting that it wants kompromat on some guy who thinks that the elites will march us all off a cliff unless the people stand up for themselves.

whether something is just how you are born or a choice has no bearing on it's morality

that's like.. literally page one, chapter one of the nichomachian ethics by Aristotle...

No way is being a pedo ever going to be accepted because it's wrong. I can't help wanting to fuck little girls. I love the way they look and I want to have them sexually. But it's not ok to fuck kids, not just because it's illegal but because it's mentally damaging to the kid. And I don't want to do that to someone. So I don't fuck kids. If you can't help yourself then get help. Maybe one of those dolls. Or just jack off to 3d Loli porn .... It's pretty realistic these days. But don't fuck real kids..... And normal people need to stop trying to take away things like Loli porn and Loli dolls. They aren't fucking real kids and can be used to satisfy urges for some one who didn't choose to have those urges and doesn't want to indulge them with real kids.

Fucking heroin is bad and illegal and we fucking give people synthetic heroin all the time.

its the metaphysics, the basic objective reality, of what desire and urge are. it IS natural, and ought to be accepted as such. denying it serves nobody. however it is also proven that ACTING on it has detrimental effects on the children. it should absolutely still be a crime to act on it, but as people we ought to grow up and simply recognize that "you like what you like, and SIMPLY liking something doesnt make you a bad person." thats it.

They'd love nothing more than to feed our children to the plague if socially acceptable paedophiles and mentally deranged perverts who wish to harm them. The only logic to the reasoning if the Jewry is that it seeks to destroy the goyim, got the goyim holds too much power and is too close to God as they are the offspring of the Elohim.

And you paedos scum need to have your testicles to be made chemically inert, like they do in Ukraine to he convicted perverts. You can't be trusted, you seek to harm the most vulnerable demographic and we hate your unnatural sickness.

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Hah. Take a load of this fucking kike.

Isn't it some strange bizarre coincidence that all this (((progressive))) nonsense being so aggressively pushed on us just so happens to be an exact inversion of Islamic ideals?

Pedos were always shunned, and so were zoophiles, and also homosexuals.

Yet currently, indeed ever since Israel became accepted as a legitimate state, here we are ramping up our contempt for pedophiles and goat fuckers to the extreme, while increasing our tolerance for homosexuals? As anyone with an ounce of knowledge knows, pedo- and zoophilia are tolerated in Islam while homosexuals are severely prosecuted.

Purely just a (((coincidence))) of course that just as Western nations were running out of support for the obliteration of Israel's neighbours we saw an increase of this type of propaganda wherein we posit ourselves as pushing supposedly ethically superior morals on these countries.

No such thing was proven. Stop spreading lies. Read Kinsey and Rind. The harm myth was dispelled long ago.

Oh you sound all kinds of normal. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with you. You don't seem mentally unsound and dangerous at all.

In most cases its a Paraphilia imho.

>All the damaged people from being molested.
>No proof

You ever meet any one molested? I have, quite a few and I never met any one who like it and didn't have trauma over the issue

>repressing your sexuality
We all know that ends up in an explosion, one way or another.

Did you have an actual point or just crazed rantings. BTW homosexuality wasn't always outright shunned.

Yes most likely, society is fuckin rotten and normies are easily brainwashed, how can you explain that aborting and killing your own son is starting to be lauded as a feminist right?

Fetish =/= sexuality

Do I sound more normal than a grown man who desires to sexually violate an infant? Because that's the trade off. You get your paedophiles or you get those like me who don't tolerate social decay, perverts and the constant mental war pushed by the Jewry.

They are the proclaimed and true enemy if the west. And they want to alter our society so we accept every dangerous individual and ideaology circulating.

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can't wait

Can you substantiate any of this or is it just your feelings on the situation

Why does it need to be curbed and controlled?

Yeah, that's what they said about faggots 30 years ago.
Soon they considered that they cant cure them and instead of killing the animals they decided to have fucking parades non stop, london is basically 24/7 365 days a year a gay party.
Ask yourself if people not long ago could even contemplate that, than tell yourself they'll not normalize it.

Of course not. While no one has any control over what they're attracted to, minors cannot consent.

I didn't ask to be the way I am. And I haven't done anything to anyone in my 40 years of life but according to you I am scum who should be harmed because I got the shit genetics dice roll.

But hey you keep on spouting your nonsense about not tolerating anything when thats exactly what you do. You don't do shit but talk religious bullshit and look for conspiracy shadow Jews behind everything.

If leftists had their way, it would be that way tomorrow.
Pedophilia, whether a choice or not(it is), is irrelevant.
What one acts on is ALWAYS a fucking choice.
I ever caught some freak touching my(hypothetical) kid, he would not live long enough for a discussion of what is normal

>Pedos were always shunned
Except for every major religion and many old land right marriages throughout history. and in our observable evolutionary counterparts like the bonobo. And probably the guy who wrote Alice in Wonderland.

>750,000 child molesters
Who knew they had brought so many sand niggers in already.

Yes. They are testing the waters right now. The feedback so far has been good enough to push the thing through

>Ask yourself if people not long ago could even contemplate that, than tell yourself they'll not normalize it.
Who gives a fuck what people long ago believed? We now know more about it. What a shit argument trying to peer pressure is with dead people

Ok, we gat it, you are a dumb, blind faggot that cant see 2ft in front if him, cause if you would you'd know its no conspiracy


Your hypothetical kid would likely be the instigator.
You can choose not to kill her or his hypothetical older lover

We hate blacks because they are lazy and smelly, and steal and rape.

Wow you're so smart. You really showed me. You have nothing but your feels on this. Come back with some real points

And how do you suggest this should be treated?
I feel that the only way is to police the risks with gps trackers.
They are really expensive for the rest of society in any case.
Here in Sweden we had a program called "Rose" which aimed at rehabilitation for pedophiles.
They had a 1-4% success rate. Most went back to fucking kids within a year

>likely be the instigator.
I'd end his life for that sentence alone. Or yours.
And that would most certainly be by choice. For the good of my family and the rest of the world.
You kind of sound like a pedo.

It's called slow indoctrination you 80IQ monkey.

Gay pride
Black pride
Trans pride
Child hormone therapy
Nambla (North American man boy love association)
Paedophile acceptance
Mass immigration if Muslims to Europe
Mass immigration if Africans to Europe
Forced interracial propoganda
Micegination in TV adverts
Micegination in movies
Anti free speech laws
Only whites are racist
Fund all left wing extremism and climate cultists

The list goes on.

You sound like Inferno from Beast Wars
>For the good of the colony!

I'm saying your existence is a danger to minors. And the roaches if the sand seek to give you rights and to be made socially acceptable because if the harm you lose is good for their agenda and hatred of us.

Unless of course you're also a jew. Which as proven, Jews are very often paedophiles.

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I don't see why this was ever even a question, if homosexuality isn't a choice then how is this

I'll take that over sounding like some sick prick willing to destroy a child's psyche for the good of his penis.

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No we pretty much have studied and found that gays are just as ajusted as straights, so on and so forth. Just because the facts disagree with you doesn't make it indoctrination
You just listed a bunch of organizations as movements some rested to one other and some not, and yet you have failed to show how they're connected. I could list a bunch of right wing orgs and call that proof that they are the "enemy of the west"

It was on here before b got tamed
Who knew they're not all victims.

Everything a person does is a choice.

Chemical castration and testosterone suppressants/testicular removable. Like in the Ukraine. Talking doesn't fix this sickness, but chemical and surgical intervention might.

Get into the mind of a paedophile fellas

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Pedophile alt right. Nice combo man.

I liked the way Grissom from CSI said it that the pedo was only thinking of his or her self rather than the good of others.

All pushed by Jewish 'intellectuals'.

Please waske up, the simulation is over and the enemy IS lurking behind the confusing evil polutants if our day to day lives.

>All pushed by Jewish 'intellectuals'.
Prove it. You expect me to take anything at face value?

>The Jews are the ones prosecuting me for being a pedo!


Google "Magnus Hirschfeld"

..and find out for yourself why the Nazi's were burning books.

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One guy who happened to be a sexologist and jewish. doesnt prove some kind of conspiracy. For example Evelyn Hooker who was essential in gay rights wasn't jewish.

Thats retarded its still a choice to fuck the kids

I don't think there should be any rights for pedos. It shouldn't be allowed. Feelings are natural and shouldn't be acted on. I'd bet money you've had a desire to do something illegal at least once in your life. According to you you are now a criminal and are a danger.

and this is why we'll have to kill white traitors and not just faggots
there are people like this one who know and understand what jews and nonwhites are doing and practice cognitive dissonance because it's easier than facing the harsh reality that our race has been enslaved by jews

Still yet to prove it, God you must be retarded if your reaction to call for proof is to stay that I must be killed.

Well, CBT and psychodynamic therapy does don't work or at least have a very low success rate.
The goal was of course to abstain from having sex with minors but also for the perpetrators to empathize with their victims are realize the damage.
I thought chemical castration had a very low success rate as well?
Perhaps it's somewhat better.
Anyway, the only people I have heard advocating for the "rights" of Pedophiles are Jews in academia.
They also advocate for all cultural Marxism which have caused a great divide in our society


Try doing the same as a heterosexual person. People go on killing sprees just for not getting laid. It's not that simple apparently

it won't be, the risk of creating a strong familial unit is too strong, especially as most of these would be straight and have some pretty decent knowledge sharing.

If you are talking about teens, maybe. I don't think people are going to accept sex with actual kids.

guarantee to get rid of the ((urges))

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genetically engineered catgirls are the only cure.

lot of countries have AoC around 15, some even 14 ( hhhhnnnnngggggg ). US even allows 16yo to marry, and after you do, you literally cannot be charged with pedophilia

>Keep it bottled up
>Let the pressure build
>No safe release valve

Lets see where this takes us.

the "bullet solves everything theory" will never work.

Just like gays. Born wired that way.

Its just the way it is.

A girl once asked me why i dont' like fat girls. I gave her an honest answer.
"i find some fat girls attractive in the face. But i does not matter what my mind thinks. Its what matter what my dick thinks. I can like that girl all i want. the moment she takes off her clothes and im soft and won't get hard. There is nothing you can do about it. can't take blue pills for the rest of your life".

and that's just the truth

Put a beautiful girl infront of a pedo. And if that isn't what gets him hard. You can't "change him".
he is who he is.

is it right is it wrong. I don't think homosexuality is right either.

Why don't fags in America know what pedophilia means?

>this wasn't already the norm

We finally know people that respond like this are the actual sheeple

Your mentallity is miniscule that you dont have more than 1/2 a radical thought a day

Youre comfortable getting spoon fed lies and you getting notable awards that dont mean anything to keep you dimwitted

>paradigm a); what we are is not our fault, were just that way, born that way, nothing we can do about it, accept us, even if we do you harm... accept us fully because youre told to, were not responsible

>paradigm b); what we are is not our fault, were just that way, born that way, nothing we can do about it, shit happens, we are fucked up and would appreciate help so as not to harm others, we acknowledge and accept we are fuckeced up, we ask for help so we get better or at least dont harm others, we accept our part of responsibility

chose one

and its not '''š'ust like that''', its important

If the Gods are kind...absolutely yes.

The only problem with that is that for a lot of dumb people pedo also covers hebe and ephebo, and i'm pretty sure a vast majority of people agree that hot teens are indeed hot.
Also what about people with really broad tastes, i've heard that not all pedos are exclusively into kids.

why don't fags understand that the crime "pedophilia", which is many different crimes, none actually called pedophilia, has a different definition to the scientific definition of the paraphilia known as pedophilia?





sex with a child is only ok if;

a- the child is not part of your family

b- the child is past 7-10 years of age and is actualy asking for it, directly

othervise youre hurting another human being and causing longterm trauma, ant that is not ok at all and in any way

Pedophilia among the rich and powerful has been normalized and accepted since nearly all of recorded history. It is only in recent times that the exclusive privilege of being socially was afforded only to the rich and powerful was stripped away as they are being held to the same set of laws and norms as commoners.

>by Aristotle...
Ethics are easy when slavery, torture and kiddy diddling are virtues.

There is no crime called "pedophilia".

Pretty much, they get more protection than the victim themselves so go figure.

If leftist are pro-pedo then why are all the people protecting child marriage cults republican?

literally what I said

Well we actually need to run studies on the many people who cant think for themselves basically what most refer to as the masses. people who believe thier lives are worth something, those that buy from amazon, those that pay top dollor for scraps of food, the dumbasses that flock to disney land to pay for shit that doesnt matter.
Those are the actual people that cause us to never live in a eutopia, thier minds are so small that a $50 piece of plastic brings them happines. Never satisfied but satisfied by simple things

Leftist are pro pedo homo and straight unmarried relationships. The right its pro pedo straight married relationships. Thats the difference.

Anyone that thinks that someone over 13yo can't consent to sex is a fucking retard.