I'm going to piss on some toilet seats and all over the walls in some public bathrooms today. AMA

I'm going to piss on some toilet seats and all over the walls in some public bathrooms today. AMA

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Please post pics with timestamp when you do


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how old are you?

I don't have a cell phone. But I can take my camera and a sharpie to write on the wall for proof. But the timing would be off as I won't be home or able to post on here until possibly late tonight or tomorrow morning. Any ideas of what I should write or do with the sharpie?


Also I could make some webms. Stills would be boring.

Why don't you have a cell phone?

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If you poo on the toilet seat it will make my entire week

I don't use social media, don't really have a social life, I'm a NEET so I don't have money to pay for a bill. Don't care about apps or using it with wifi. I have a landline here if I need to make any "important" calls. Or just use my headset with some VOIP number on my PC. Plus I'm kind of a "tinfoil schizo" in a way.


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Kind of hoping to take a shit before I leave. I hate shitting in public. But if I do end up having to take a shit I'll do it just for you user. Even though you may not get to see it. How do I get you guys to see this??? Hmm, trying to think. I could post on Sup Forums a couple of times for a few weeks with a "special codename" or something maybe? I plan on taking a sharpie with me. I could write something specific?

Haha, thanks Sup Forumsrother!

" /toilet seat assassin/ "


>30 and pissing on seats
>no cell phone
finna based

How many you gonna hit today bro? I already got 6 gas station bathrooms

Shit on the ground directly in front of the toilet

>don't really have a social life

stating the obvious

Alright, that works. I'll be sure to write that. haha

Honestly I have no idea. I guess it just depends how often I need to go to the bathroom. But I'll try to do it each time at least. I'm going to take a guess and assume at least two or three times. I'll try to drink plenty of fluids so the rush hits me a few more times possibly.

I may consider it, I don't want to be caught. So, I'll do it if possible. But like I said earlier, I don't typically like shitting in public so if the feeling arises and I need to I will at least do something to bring life into the "/toilet seat assassin/" and give Sup Forums something good. I may do it on the seat and take some toilet paper and pinch the turd to smear on the walls or wherever seems good at the time.

You should really give some thought to killing yourself. Really.

You’ll be the first against the wall

I did for a long time but I'm over that now. Time to just bring chaos and disorder to the world while having some fun. Fuck society! They can deal with my literal shit.

You're a common and ordinary jerkoff, nothing more. Go back to being depressed.

I think someone is a little jelly. "U mad bro?" Let's go back a decade, were you even old enough to use Sup Forums then? Are you even old enough now? Bitch please, go eat a taco or something.

Hey OP, serious question. Why?

Yeah, I'm jealous of a piss and scat freak.

It's my way of creating jobs and putting people to work.

What's wrong with piss and scat fetishes?

Where should I start?

I don't know, I'm not the one with a problem here.
I personally don't see anything abnormal with it. But I guess you could say I'm one weird son of a bitch.

Don't flatter yourself, you're just a dick.

Oh, okay then.

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