Medfags? This bump keeps returning to my armpit. I've changed my deodorant and soap. Several times...

Medfags? This bump keeps returning to my armpit. I've changed my deodorant and soap. Several times. It can't be an in grown hair. I do sweat a lot if that helps

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aids or cancer

bubonic plague

Go to a doctor fag

ingrown hair. go to the doctor. they'll make a small cut, drain it, clean it and tell you to keep it clean.

or don't, wait it for to swell up and hurt like hell, then go to the doctor anyway.

could be an abscess

Can't I just cut it myself? I also have several on my inner thigh and two on my other armpit.

Your lmyp nodes are swollen.
Go to a dr you faggot its probably cancer

Jesus fucking christ user do you want to fucking die?

>I have several

Go to the doc you fucking mong

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sorry for the bad news :(

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normally we joke "it's cancer" but in this case lit literally could be cancer.
sad and funny at the same time.

Op you faggot.

If it's your upper inner thigh, it's fucking cancer, go see a doc.

Think of your lymph nodes as incinerators of your body.

Something is filling them up.

Typically, when you get a cold, the lymph nodes in your neck swell, as they are filled with dead white blood cells and bacteria, from fighting infection.

Multiple lymph nodes, that are very swollen, can mean a few things, but usually these 2.
1. Overwhelming infection, usually associated with HIV, or serious infection due to injury, in the territory of sepsis.
2.Fucking cancer, because your body is working overtime to remove cancerous cells.

>I also have several
>on places where nodes are
that's some kind of immune system response, you need to see a professional doc asap

Look. I've been here for 7 years. Right now ya'll niggas better not be meming. If this is cancer then I'm fucked. On top of that I've donated a shit load of blood in the past three years so some innocent soul is fucked.

Don't you play with me guise

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Nigger google lymphoma judge for your self

What if it's just obesity?

Your soap too thick and you pull it when you're too hot in water. Try a sponge snd gel soap and press.

If water get cold too fast you can make the sponge a shape that will not hold your grip right so you do it on accident and mess up more. The shape will change what the soap leaves behind and the whole shape of the thing will make more sense slowly.

I concur
op probably smokes, drinks alcohol, and eats shit food

mayoclinic org/diseases-conditions/hidradenitis-suppurativa/symptoms-causes/syc-20352306

Although could just be a boil you're not draining properly. How old are you, how long have you had it? Treatment is antibiotics and steroid cream if bad enough.

tl;dr Just go to a god damn doctor if it's bothering you.

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Go see a doctor, it probably needs antibiotics and or steroid cream.

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his lymphatic system is taking in more toxins than it can get rid of. Antibiotics will make it worse by killing any good bacteria that he has in system

I'm 20. I had these since I was 12 or 13. I think they appear mostly after I cum on my chest (I always wipe the mess)
I don't do any of that. The most unhealthy food I regularly eat is Cheez Its

Yes as all antibiotics target all bacteria. The resulting void will produce a storm of IL-4 resulting in T-Cell differentiation. He could have died.

Sounds like bacterial tracks then. Basically cavities in the skin from previous infection that are prone to reinfection. Puberty sucks.

See a doctor and ask to see a dermatologist. GP's (UK fag here) are crap when it comes to skin conditions.

*tracts. FFS.

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As others have said you should definitely see a doctor.

They could be benign cysts, but your groin and armpit have a LOT of lymph nodes/tracts.
Lymph cancer is probable, but could be something else pissing off your immune system. Or as someone else mentioned AIDS and/or immunosuppression issues.

OP here. I just want to be able to lower my arm again without flinching

Youll need a week of fecal transplants, but taken orally..

your lymfs are swollen because you have too much toxins

do the fast, eat clean, go to sauna, drink apple cider vinegar, relax, sleep, chill

just get it checked out, donĀ“t be a fool

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First off faggot... you came here for advice.
Second, go to the doctor.
Third, probably cancer like this post.

Also, fuck you.

looks like a spider layed eggs in there. Fee more days and baby does will crawl out then you'll have nothing to worry about

OP listen here
I got this shit around big joints. Ie armpits and upper thighs.
sebaceous gland, Google it.
It's basically a over producing sebaceous gland. I've been to the doctor. It's not harmful it just dosnt look very nice.
Removed one from my face and hand, tests came back negative. No cancer

This is the only real advice here faggots.
I know what I'm talking about. Was convinced I had cancer, but my doctor told me it's all good.
If they get irritated and start swelling. Go to the doctor and remove it.
My appointment took 15 minutes, and I can look at my self in the mirror with confidence again

That's true, it is an ingrown hair. If it keeps returning, it's an underlying condition that'll probably require surgical removal at some point down the line. But for now, you should go to the ER and get it cut, drained and then closed up. You can't do it at home because you need it to be sterile and you can't do that at home. Medfag here.

I had a similar bump that kept returning on my lower stomach that went on for a couple of months. Then one night I woke to catch the fuckin spider that was doing it. It came back to bite me repeatedly for over a month! It could be whats happening to you.

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Its an abcess otherwise known as a boil or furuncle. They are caused by staph building up and forming a colony on your skin. You might have scratched that area or had an infected hair which gives it an entry point into your dermoid tissue. Don't do anything but increase your hygene, your body will push it out in time. Do not cut into it, it will just spread. if you want to help speed the process up, put a warm wet cloth on it several times each day. Don't wear the same shirt twice, wash all of your linens weekly and scrub your upper torso with antibacterial soap every day. If you really want to knock the colony down or its spreading scrub your upper torso with hibi-cleanse every day. Staph forms and collects in skin folds so spend extra time scrubbing any of those.

It's a cyst

>Can't I just cut it myself?

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I've had many of these. They suck. They always seem to happen where the skin chafes: inner thighs, armpits, taint
If you can see a doctor he'll drain it and Rx antibiotics
If not, cut it open, and find the cyst, it'll look like a grey pea
Until it's gone, that abcess will keep coming back
If you don't care for it, it will erupt into a bloody crater - those suck even worse
If that happens, clean it well with peroxide, apply a tiny amount of TAB ointment and keep covered with a dressing or one of those three day clear bandages
Prevent them by wearing talcum powder on chafe prone areas and avoid activities that cause chafing
Losing weight will prevent chafing too

Lymph node reacting to some aluminum compound.
Don't use deo for a week (just keep yourself clean), you should notice it go away. Then you can use deo again, but *very sparingly* - people tend to plaster it on. You will eventually forget the you had a problem, start using it a lot more, and the problem will reoccur and you'll remember to repeat cycle.