G'morning user

G'morning user
hope u slept well.
Tell me what you are doing today .

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Recovering from a hardcore weed hangover. My eyes feel like glass and I think I smoked myself retarded last night and I have a lot of shit to today.

15 game losing streak in Battlefront 2
It's pretty funny

weed hangovers are possible ?

from failure comes success right ?

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Getting over a tough fight with my sig other. Hopefully Christmas won’t be shit.

I mean I'm not mad about it, I'm doing fairly well in most matches
It's just funny because like, what even are the odds of that many losses in a row when it's 20vs20

About to crest 1,000 total hours of Monster Hunter World + Iceborne (since launch) cause the last few years in gaming have had incredibly greedy companies selling you partially completed games with exorbitant additional costs such as DLC that already exists in the base game to get the full experience...While this franchise has stayed true to its roots, given me the exact expectation and experience I want and still made an astronomical amount of money.

Here's hoping these greedy fucks take notes.

this guys a psycho

nice trips. enjoy.
MHM is a really good game to get into huh?
he is.
dat sucks.

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It's definitely not for everyone as many things are, but if you have at least 2-3 other friends who enjoy the franchise as much as you do, I'd say it's one of the most satisfying cooperative gaming experiences out there for sure.

The base game is pretty cheap and has easily a couple hundred hours of stuff to do with loads of free DLC/event quests added throughout it's life.

Give it a go user, we could always use a new Hunter.

trips and dubs.

are you using MHW magic ?

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There could be some magic going on. Been a while since I got a triple double.

Godspeed your glorious bastard, enjoy the rest of your morning, I'm going to get some breakfast and then head to the office to get some things done before the holidays.

Thanks for the chat.

slit your wrist you friendless loser spamming zilch

ciao. drive safe.
nice dubs friend.

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it makes me happy knowing that one day no matter what you will die

death is not something any of us can avoid.

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Stop making this thread you hopeless loner.

appreciate the feedback, and i will do that.

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Killing myself probably. Gonna get drunk and high and order pizza first though.

Where you ordering from? What are you getting on it?

A place that makes pizza.

Just a local independant shop. My go to is a 12" thin crust meat feat with chillies, swap the tomato sauce base for bbq sauce. Large coleslaw, garlic dip and a slice of fudge cake for desert.

ignore this faggot larping as me

Kill yourself today you friendless retard.

Might breakup with my gf of 5 years today

don't do that.
do it, if u must.

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If you have ever smoked weed before you would know this is true.

>It’s not a gif
The first order of business is going to be trying to find the sauce.

Just fuck her. Not only will the make up sex be great but you’ll be closer together.

Your mom

I'm going to be spending my day listening to music, watching music videos, probably playing a bit of vidya and browsing Tumblr!