Ass thread

Ass thread

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Wife’s ass.

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Come join us user, you don't have anything better to do anyways, right?

discord gg/bVvJDeG


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your girl?

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love seeing a pussy poking out like that

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Yes you like or seen before

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Damn any more?

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my gf ass

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may have seen before but I like it


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Glad you like her

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I love that thong. I wish my wife wore more thongs

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Her ass is amazing

more of her?

They are nice

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does her pussy ever peek out around it?

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damn love that ass

She wears some sexy thongs

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discord gg/eU3Q8Nd

Enjoy my girl

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Wow any more? Shopped like this?

Fuck, can she take dick well?

No shop

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I fuck a coworker that loves laying just like that while waiting for my dick

she can take dick

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I think I’ve seen here before but in thongs, can you confirm? Need to add these to my collection

Oh wow
Does she like to be rimmed
GF or wife ?

Kik ?

Thoughts on the wife’s ass

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What have you got?


Kik parsonsguy665

Only if you can trade oc

nice ass but absolutely gorgeous pussy

One thing would make it better sir

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lol pretty sure I know what that is


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here you go

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Here’s another pic of her tight little innie pussy

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age? I'd kill for my wife's pussy to look like that

And what do you think that is

Wow nice

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Asshole pics please
GF or wife

Thoughts on someone else’s wife?

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Don't have any ass hole pics unfortunately. Wife

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discord dott gg/JCGFFrG

Does she like to be rimmed


U tell me she is probably up for anything

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god damn. my wife is 27 and her pussy doesn't look nearly that good

Would be better if her ass was sitting on my face for hours and hours
Skype or discord ?

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Not asked. She seems to like pretty much anything I do though!

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New fast growing Discord Sup Forums server, quickly join before the jannies cuck us.

discord gg/bVvJDeG


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Must be a great fuck

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she is, tight as anything

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Plenty of dick in her pussy but no kidd

any pics of her taking your cock?

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Jesus, how are her blowjobs?

Not on my phone

very average lol

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same with my wife. I don't think she could get me to cum with just a blowjob