First person to guess how much is the watch I'm wearing gets my snapchat. And if you are kind enough...

First person to guess how much is the watch I'm wearing gets my snapchat. And if you are kind enough, maybe I'll give you some tips to be as rich as me. Losers. ;)
Pic related ;)

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Please, consider a diet.
18% of all deaths in the US are caused by obesity.

Living off welfare isn't a good tip

Kys nigger

Why is your wrist bigger than my thigh? You one fat porker. Are you watching your watch counting the seconds til your next heart attack?

old pic is old

Key to be ritch?
> have fat carrot like fingers?

Not OPs hand, even tho OP is prob gay and fat too

Stop talking about me and guess the price of the watch, you losers. ;) I bet most of the salary of the people can't even afford the things I by. ;))

>you losers

posting old copypasta

I'm pretty obese. But I'm glad I'm not this obese.

With the optional thigh sized wristband..... double the usual?

Yes you are quite correct... buying a KFC family bucket for Lunch and Dinner is way beyond my pay grade!

She said yes

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!s that a 32" screen or a 40" screen? need more info before I can give you a cost!

You seem like the kind of girl that if I did anything wrong I could get round you with a bunch of flowers, although my mate thinks I would probably need a motorbike!

Educated Guess: $3,500
How much I'd pay: $250

430 bucks

Who wears watches any more? And what the fuck is going on with your fingernails?

Never thought I'd hate a hand, but I was wrong.

It's easier to look at your wrist than to pull your phone out and turn it on. Plus, watches are cool.

Legit thought this was a Smash bros or Mario thread with bowser over here

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You're so rich, you can actually afford a watch.

Too bas you're gonna die in your sleep soon enough.

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"do you want to supersize that?"