Why should i post nudes of my wife?

Why should i post nudes of my wife?

>I'll post every compelling answer

>Pic related

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because she exists to please me. so please me slut.

Good one

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dem milkers big?

Because I feel like she has huge nipples and I wanbt to see the areolas

post her putang. I need to see where I'm dumping my load

First winrar

First winrar, forgot pic

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Dat couch

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I bet she looks great with a dick in her mouth

it seems that op is a slow faggot, time to move on.

Because you enjoy seeing other men excited for your beautiful wife

I was waitting more post

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Well done user, this is for you

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You will post more so that guys say how bad they want to eat her pussy

i want to easy her pussy so hard and really want to see a pick of her face with cum

Post screen shot of her fb

I don't want to eat that, but I'll fuck and fill it.

For what?

So we know who she is duh

Dat couch part II

Ill not post her fb

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come on i want to see a pic of her face with cum

Why not?

You know why, we are in b

Forgot pic

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dont see the cum in her face

I dont have pics of cum in her face, im sorry

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if i do a tribute to her would u sned it to her?

Sure, do you have kik?

Which pic you pick?

kik me yuyuty1

Post her the tribute with your kik, so i will text you

Just to confirm

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