Can't satistfy my wife

>Can't satistfy my wife.
>Size it's ok, but bust a nut in 2 strokes literally.
>Considering becoming a cuck
>Browsing Telegram cucking groups in my area as i type this.

My wife doesn't know. How do i ease her to the idea?

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just fap before sex and youll last longer

just jerk off before sex. if you have trouble getting hard after that get a pump and a cock ring. motherfucker, its not that difficult to figure out.

>just kill yourself

I've tried everything that comes to mind and read online except pills.

>Zone out
>Deep breaths
>Fapping Before

Nothing helps.
It is literally killing me, my self esteem and my marriage.
So yeah it's either antidepressants, anheroing or cuckholdry

Yeah, just find someone to fuck your wife right

Just talk about it while you're pounding her. She'll be more open to it as time goes on.

there you go, betaboi

Try any anti depressants. They make you last literally forever. I don’t have any issues myself but my girlfriend has them for anxiety and I took one. They literally stop you from cumming, she will enjoy it though. See your doctor tell him you’re depressed.

You’ll feel worse after someone fucks your wife.

Do they cause issues with sex drive or keeping the erection going?

how long before the effects kick in when you take one? like same day or an hour before sex?

I just can't take her look of contempt anymore.

When I drink I find it extremely difficult to finish while still remaining hard. Try that.

nigga after you cum just keep fucking her

There's certainly a chance, but personally been on several different ones and the main issue isn't getting hard, it's orgasming. I'd say I only cum one out of every two or three sessions, but they're like 40 to 50 minutes and I'm big into getting the wife off multiple times so it's certainly not bad for me.

google tight or overactive pelvic floor muscles, i went from 20 sec to like 15 min and when i do math problems in my head i can then last indefinitely

first this

then this

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i got the idea from a harvard article on pe i read

Thanks for the input but i have no symptoms described except for the PE. I'll give it a try tho since having my wife fucked by someone else is a close second to last in my ranking of feasible options.

Not from my experience. You still want to fuck just can’t cum is all. You’d best try it yourself as I’m sure it’s different for everyone. But go ahead and do some research about it. I’m not bullshitting it’s a well known thing.

that article said that 99 percent of suffurers were cured with pelvic floor treatments

Are you able to retrieve the article?

Cucks deserve to die so fucking kys


you probably have very tight muscles like i used to, do pic related and after a day you'll feel them becoming more loose

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I swear I used to have this problem. Cum in like literally 1 stroke. But if right before u cum, pull out and squeeze the fuck out of the base of ur dick until the need to cum feeling goes away u can litterally last as long as u need to. Everytime u feel the need to cum just do this and u can last forever. Don't fucking be a fuck that's stupid. Just practice this shit.

cucks don't decide to do what they do because they are bad at sex, I would think you need to be sexually into the fetish, not just into it cause you hate yourself

In actuallt having the same problem. Not sure if im the problem or if Im just not inti fucking my girlfrjend anymore so Im subconsciously making myself nut to get it over with.

Its humiliating though. Cum in like 5 seconds with a fat girl.

I am having similar issues user and I have a big dick too. ED issues and premature ejac. I think it could be in your head, I think I might have that too. Stop watching porn, I'm cutting off porn which can fuck you up. Go to the doctor too and explain your problems. Cuckholdry isn't the answer, work on yourself be strong and get better. I believe in you user

Just buy a penis extender or nice sized strap on. Better to fuck her with a strap on than by some big dude.

Also, learn to eat pussy real good. You can make her cum super hard, then how long you last is less important. Sex is a journey, not a destination ect...