My slutty Thai midget. She’ll do anything for money. What should I do?

My slutty Thai midget. She’ll do anything for money. What should I do?

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Throw her as far as you can

sell her to your friends

What she willing to do and not?

Anything. Can’t you read?

>What should I do?
Get her fucked by a German Shepherd, well and truly knotted and Ahego'ing with multiple orgasms from the knot, film that shit, blur her face and post the video. I'd nearly pay to see that.

People have limits, I could pay someone to kill their loved ones and said in their profile they would do anything

I need to find the dog. We are in Bangkok.

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Make her spread her ass for us

Do what I would do: fuck her asshole.

She is sleeping now. I use her ass as my cum dumpster. I like to fuck her ass dry.

Do it

>I need to find the dog
There's a whole bestiality industry based in Thailand - ZS moved there. Seek and ye shall find

Really? I’d like to get involved in that. I love to watch dogs fuck girls

Can you ask her if her country still has an obsession with Hitler

It’s not so much an obsession. People here are pretty oblivious. They just think nazi shot looks cool

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>They just think nazi shit looks cool
It does. Enjoy

Anyone have her fanpage stuff? I heard that there was a BJ vid and one where she fists a stripper

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Choke and slap her. Blood choke tho, not air

Pee in her ass.

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>I like to fuck her ass dry.
ok, that shows your larp.

Or he has a really tiny, skinny dick

I like to hear her scream when I fuck her ass dry.

name ?

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Tiny Texie

Sassie Cassie

idk my dude. if you raw dog a dry ass you are going to be hurting bro. maybe not as bad as her but you would not do that shit.....

Have fun y'all

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Rove hel rong time?

bad photoshop

Shit in her mouth

What's her height? I always have wanted to fuck a midget, but never found a (hooker) midget I could fuck.