I want to watch a nasty dominate Trump supporter degrade and use my liberal wife...

i want to watch a nasty dominate Trump supporter degrade and use my liberal wife, tell me what u think of her b and be honest

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She looks like a liberal, so she looks like a husk of a person

thank u Sir

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She looks pretty fit. I bet she's fun under the right circumstances.

shes a good fuck

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I'm disgusted but also somewhat turned on. I'd fuck the shit out of her calling her a feminist slut and spit on her and slap her the whole time. She'd feel my hairy dad bod against her as I tried to tear her apart with my girth.
Where you at OP?

Only on the condition that I use her tears over this Iran bullshit as lube to stick it in her asshole

mmm god yes, make her feel ur big dad bod as u tell her what a liberal fuck toy she is for u. california Sir

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yes Sir of course, tell her shes a cheap piece of fuck meat for ur big MAGA cock

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feeling so used as u spit and slap her laughing at her

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put her in her place and show her u own her liberal ass now

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Ugh fucking figures. Feminist Cali trash

She seems pretty scrawny. I'd throw her around the bed like a bad exorcism and spin her on my dick like a top. Doesn't seem like there would be enough room inside for all my cum. She can leak some all over your bed for later

trump supporters have the biggest cocks fyi ;-)

I'll fuck hard enough so that she can't birth lib fags

yes Sir thank u Sir. she wouldnt be able to walk after u got done with her. her little pussy would be so sore from ur huge MAGA cock

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i know thats y she needs used by a Trump man

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thank u Sir, u can pump ur republican seed deep in her belly so u breed a MAGA baby in her

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Oh yes another chosen one to MAGA

ur personal liberal cum dump Sir, do what ever u please with her make her suck ur dick as u wear ur MAGA hat

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I'd fuck her full of MAGA cum, then make you get between her legs and push it deeper inside her with your tongue

Genetics already degraded and abused her.

Don't fucking look at me you slut, head back into the pillow

yes Sir i would lick up all ur MAGA cum from her little holes. tasting ur seed i knowing its breeding her at the same time

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yes Sir

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make her finger herself and stop her just before she cum to make her cry this libtard

She: crying
You: watching

god so humiliating and degrading for her

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Fuckimg liberals, this one in question needs a good ol treatment. I have the cure and its my massive cock taken orally, vaginally, then anally.
Can and will deliver for cuck OP.
Got a Kik?

just watching u completely own and dominate my wife, writing Trump 2020 on her tits and MAGA fuck meat right above her pussy hole

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yes Sir its cuckboi2

dont stop MAGA Sir

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Why do straight people do this?
Been with my bf for eight years and we've never needed to invite others or freak ourselves out with fetishes, so why do straight people?
Do y'all just get bored even with the extra blood hole?

put your cuck cock in her retarded vagina

nice though

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any of her in heels?

Let her suck me off while you jerk a load on her face and my cock

So nice of you to let your retarded wife have fun with real men.

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>can't clean
>5/10 body
>fatback TV
Honestly dude, the only place you're gonna find redemption is in death

I’d take my thick maga cock and fuck her liberal pussy full on my right wing cum as she begs me not to as I laugh in her ear “you can’t abort this you fucking cum dumpster”

I’d take her to a rally or speech and finger her while Trump is on stage. I’d make sure she’d cum while staring a Trump. Then I’d take her to a cheap hotel and force her to puke on my cock in the shower.

knowing she about to get bred by a MAGA Trump man. ruining her liberal pussy and body

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her panties around her ankles as other MAGA men watch and laugh. and find the nastiest cheapest motel u can and drag her in the room by her hair

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I’d have you bring her to a run down hotel wear she be put into a breeding stand so she can get fuck by the whole rally afterwards, could you imagine how much cum would be dripping out of her already pregnant pussy, I’d make sure to leave a big bucket underneath of her so we could force her to bath in our maga cum later that night

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fit ? taht means fit for you ? she looks sick
you americans really don't have any idea what is a healthy lifestyle, right ?

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would the O in vote be her asshole Sir?

Prob just unceremoniously use its throat then put it on all fours to use as a footrest. What else is it good for?

thats about it Sir

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That explains where moot went

> trump supporter

> dominant

Might as well be searching for a unicorn