Ylyl boys cumon

Ylyl boys cumon

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Thats racist

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shut up nigger

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Well, he's not wrong.

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known as the Deniggering

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ITT: younglings who don't know the difference between a war and a world war.

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>US attacks airport killing civilians and a general without approval
>act of warmonger
>china joins war due to agreement
Drumpftards again with the lack of understanding on how the world works lmao

ITT: diplomats who don't know that the Persian-Soviet Treaty of 1921 is still in force.

You made me go and fact check this shit. I was hoping it to be true. It’s sadly false.

Explain to me in plain english. Is this not strictly about trade routes and such?
The lawyer lingo is too confusing for me

If anyone invades Iran then Russian has the legal authority to kick them out. The treaty remains valid via successor states. So war with Iran can start a hot war with Russia. Why this isn't noted among Western diplomatic and military circles is beyond me.

Russian Alliance with Iran from 1921
>Article 6. Both High Contracting Parties agree that if third countries take an attempt, through armed intervention, to carry out a predatory policy in the territory of Persia or turn the territory of Persia into a base for military actions against Russia if it threatens danger to the boundaries of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic or its allied powers and if the Persian Government, after being warned by the Russian Soviet Government AMO will not appear in the power to avert this danger, the Russian Soviet government will have the right to send troops into the territory of Persia, in the interests of self-defense to take the necessary military measures. To eliminate this danger, the Russian Soviet Government undertakes to immediately withdraw its troops from the Persian borders.

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If I weren't rangeblocked, I'd post the parody version, but Obama made sure I wouldn't be allowed.

The airstrike did not kill any civilians. Iran’s military themselves have stated that 10 people were killed in total. 5 were from the IRGC, a branch of the Iranian military. The other 5 killed were part of the PMF, a state-sponsored militia group. Everyone who died was either a soldier, or a military commander.

>has the authority to kick them out

Don't we want to bring our boys back from the middle East though?

Wait, I recognize that house

This is a fake quote you dumb lib nigger cunt.

Considering we have had forces in Kuwait and KSA since 1990 'we' don't. Plus the Russians won't post an eviction letter if we invade Iran.

Where do the Weimar Republic and Roman Empire fit into this treaty?

Who says "we" will invade iran lol pretty big assumption.

Successor states. When the Soviet Union ceased to exist the Russian Federation took on its treaty obligations, foreign debts, and foreign embassies.

The alliance between the UK and Portugal goes back to the 1300s despite the fact that the UK didn't form until 1707.

To the best of my knowledge the Roman Empire has no successor states. Any treaties signed by the Weimar Republic would be operative in the Federal Republic of Germany unless another relevant treaty has relitigated the issue.

> The treaty remains valid via successor states.

It’s literally the second sentence in the post you fuckwit. JFC I’m not even the poster and your stupidity makes me want blow a 9mm sized hole in my cranium

You have the patience of a god

Or I can't sleep because I work nights half of the week and I'm just bored.

I suppose but that guy is either trolling or has less IQ than the amount of teeth in his mouth. I would either ignore him or insulted him LOL. U took the time to genuinely respond

>successor states

So is Iraq one? It used to be part of Persia, no? So what would the Russian federation's obligation be in a conflict between two successor states. Furthermore, who decides whether or not a state is a "successor" to another?
Why isn't Italy a successor state to Rome?
I started out half trolling, but now I'm genuinely curious. If UK and Portugal both agree to continue a 700yo treaty, that's chill af, but what standing or recourse would either side have is the other was like, "lol that wasn't us!"?


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Trump wants you to believe this you uneducated trailer trash skoal swallowing walmart employee cousin fucking fatshit

It's called not being a dick.
>iq meme
You have to have a fairly high IQ to appreciate Rick and Morty...

World: It's illegal to occupy Georgia according to international law

Russia: How about I do it anyway

World: It's illegal to occupy Crimea and annect it according to international law

Russia: How about I do it ANYWAY


>this is a fake quote.
Acting as if any businessman (remember, he wasn't a politician at the time) would alienate half his clientele. On top of that, most brainwashed dems whine about how "republicans are the corrupt 1%" why would a businessman who is the face of his company insult the richest people? It doesn't make sense, and only works in your little fantasy world

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>words of uneducated trailer trash skoal swallowing walmart employee cousin fucking fatshita

Have sex.

>plugs ears and screams
My sides are in orbit




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Persia in 1921 had the same borders as Iran today. If the treaty was pre-Ottoman it might involve modern day Iraq, but this one doesn't.

Basically the state that arises from the void determines itself to be the successor state or not. The Russian Federation explicitly stated that it was the successor to the USSR, but the USSR rejected the alliances of the Russian Empire.

The reason why Italy wouldn't be a successor state to Rome would be that there was no Rome to succeed. Italian reunification only happened in the 1860s. Between the fall of the Roman Empire in the 400s there were many small states in Italy.

On the other hand the Roman empire itself stretched from England to Armenia so outside of Italy the clearest successor state would be the Byzantine Empire.

At various times the Byzantine Empire, Russian Empire, and Holy Roman Empire claimed the mantle of Rome. All of those states have collapsed.

With Rome you have hundreds of potential successors and no clear obligations to uphold.

Of course some may disagree.

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Nice one but republican and democrat parties have changed so much from almost 20 years ago lol

> was Iraq part of Persia?

I’m not a history buff, but Ill try
Yes the territory currently controlled and ceded to Iraq was indeed part of the Persian empire at one point. But then again so were current day places like Egypt also controlled. But we wouldn’t say the Egyptians are successors to the Persians now would we? Logically, no.

I think Iran is seen as the true successor to Persia because that’s where the empire has it’s origins, Persia/Iran. Also pretty sure Iran’s govt said “I, Iran will assume all the duties and requirements of Persia, because I am the new Persia, Iran. “
& the country of Iraq did not

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itt people put a tex on imaeg

Wow, what a fun YLYL thread this turned out to be. Good job, amerimutts.

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they're frightened

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Okay. That actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks for spending the time to explain and elucidate all that.
I learned something. 12 internets to you, user!

rodzinka pl

op youre a liberal soyboy i can tell

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>with the lack of understanding on how the world works
>without approval
If you knew how the world works you would know that Tump didn't need any congressional approval to strike in Iraq, where the "general" died.

Didn't think I'd get to post this today.

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I'm an OldFag. I can't be the only one WANTING WW3 to crank up to save this pussy ass generation from dressing like goddamn anime characters and eating tide pods, am I?

Hopefully America loses and has to convert to Islam.

>t. most coddled, spoiled, handed-to generation to ever exist

I'm not entirely opposed to America losing. But if we do get invaded, my family and I are getting lost in the wilderness somewhere they can't find us. I'm about over Governing bodies as a whole.

You Lie You Lose thread?


wow faggot nobody asked you

Lol you really, honestly believe America will be invaded by iran? They don't even have the population to hold down alaska.

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Great story kid.

No. I don't believe that Iran is a threat at all. However, they are in alliance with Russia and China. Again, I'm not terribly worried about invasion. Just if it were to happen, I'm out to the woods. I'm checking out.

Hey guys, when does ylyl start?

If it was shown on twitch, you’d fully approve

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No need to worry. The war won’t affect your mommy’s basement.


China might try something but i highly doubt it considering theyre still dealing with infighting (protests/riots) and I doubt Russia really wants another ww considering we have a good track record of being on the winning side, 2/2

What does it mean?