Celeb thread yet again

Celeb thread yet again

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Sexy Anna

isn't she always?

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I may have slightly overslept my initial nap...

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Emilia Clarke has the best feet

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>Look at her sweaty toes

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Whatever happened to this bitch? I remember her Fat ass.

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My queen needs a foot servant

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disgusting human being. never show those hooves again.

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She does real estate now

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Ivanka is queen

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who is this foot goddess?

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can you at least post good feet? fucking gross.

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>implying those aren't good feet

They aren't.

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That's my daughter you perv
Those feet belong on my lap

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wtf is this real???????????

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You must be new here

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nope, itsa deepfake, getting better all the time

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yes ;_;

this one almost fooled me but I cant tell its shooped from the pixels

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theory: if tiddies didn't exist we'd be on mars by now

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and from having seen quite a few shops in your time ?

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Kylie's tiddies' gravitational pull keeps pulling our spaceships back to earth -_-

I'm quite the expert

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>ivanka smiling and moaning

Muh dick jesus

>gravitational pull keeps pulling
>English is my native language

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they should count as their own planet, just like pluto

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that makes sense doesn't it?
idk I put all my points in Luck, no speaky English so good

how are you? :3

Pluto isn't a planet ----____----

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They definitely are big enough

Queen of more than that tbh

the things you could do to sofie dossi

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Queen of disappointing tits.

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I'm pretty good! A bit weird but for good reasons.
hbu qt?

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Sophie had topless pics months ago bro

reality can be whatever I want


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My nocoom 2020 is compromised

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Look at those beautiful things.


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wierd but good is still good, glad to hear it :3
I'm sleepy as hell, haven't been sleeping properly lately. Otherwise fine tho

ur a planet

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You don't want to see.

Literally google image search. They arent awful like other user said but i dont like her piercing

see, if tiddies didn't exist you could use your time and energy on something productive
instead ur gonna coom to kylies massive milkers

b e a utiful

finally, its what I always wanted

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They are disappointing though

Cooming to Kylie seems reasonable

your mother and i sacrificed a lot to put you into college, mister. we expected a wider vocabulary from the educated one in the family :/

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iktf, flipped my sleep schedule upside-down
good to hear you're fine tho

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I wasn't gonna coom but I want. Bcuz those milkers need coom bad.

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Ivanka plz

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Fortunately for the world her ass is tighter than that.
The first time you really get a good look at it is in the first Thor movie.
That girl can fill in a pair of jeans.

I would like to blast her face with a big load after fucking her raw as long as some ricocheted and stained that headboard, forever reminding her of the fuck.

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guess whos this

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