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swap kiks

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throwaway197898 looking to trade pics of ex's etc.

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33 m east coast US

Open to chat about anything

Looking for usernames of young male teens

zim10p show me your gf, ex, sister, mom, coworker, classmate, I will show you mine

Depends on what for

27 m USA

kik: kramer1337

Like hearing anons describe the gay experiences they had growing up with their good friends, especially if they involve group experimenting on sleepovers, campouts and so on. If you experimented with a group of your friends and enjoy talking about it, feel free to message me.


Let’s see some wives and gfs

18/F Abbey

Selling live pics and custom vids.

kik tyrepark

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>a literal screenshot

Send me hot pics of teens and talk about what you would do them. No lim. UpperManagement69

I’ll snap you for free and we can trade it will be fun what’s your snap?

>>roleplaying on kik

Guys...I did...a bad thing. I possessed a girl's body at work and now I can't give it back. Her boyfriend just texted her. She's a cosplayer apparently? Kik GrowTheGoon

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Send me some shit to j/o to

A young top looking to show off for a cute young bottom, or a daddy who needs his ass worshipped and bred.

Kik is Good.Laddy

dirty wife chat

Not my kik but this chick loves to be asked anything.


Looking to share pics and videos of my wife, and have you talk about her
Drop Kik if interested
Pic related

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zim10p interested

What's her kik?

Kik evethick

Send my slut ex tribute videos stroking to her fat tits and degrade her. Shes unaware of being posted

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Send me hot teens. No lim. Wwyd or watch me jerk/cum for them. UpperManagement69





20/m/us looking to sext

Mattdandya for ex gfs around 18 yo. Send a pic to get us started.

Sharing my highschool crush

TowelsInTheShower ***
Sharing my highschool crush
^had a spelling error I'm my kik name haha

Mrbigd337 m 19 just looking for girls to talkto

26 M Italy

Bull for Cuck

Kik m.ch.ti


Send me anything no lim and i'll fap on vid

Got more?

Kik: dudecummer

Looking for someone to stroke for/with. I cum buckets and I’m open to anything.

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Anyone post pics other places?


Send teens no lim, take a guess by my username

kik: rabiolido


Podemos compartir cualquier cosa y hacernos buenas pajas.

Whats your name

Degrade and blackmail this slut

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Holures - no limits, send me anything ill send me stroking, if i really like it ill cum.

Trade pics with me I will send vids of me jacking off

Anything to go on for bm?

Also will do loyalty tests on kik only

She's a slut who let's herself get 'raped' when she gets drunk in public.

Cuck me
Looking for big dicks

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37/m. Southeast US

Kik m8inthick

I’m bored

lives in Austin Texas, she's an office worker

Showing off my big wife’s fat tits TheRedLion86

Houwif got a new tattoo recently, a lightbulb, I guess?

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Care to elaborate??


She got drunk at a party and started begging randos to fuck her, then the next day was crying that "I was raped waaaah"

Damn, what else?
>sounds kinda hot actually

Looking for people to caption my wife’s pics.
Request the pic, get it, caption it, request a new pic...


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She sucked everyone at the party. Bitch looked like a bukake by the end

More pics talking to her now

Femanons, ftms, mtfs, traps - come talk to me, the polite pervert. Chat, trade/share pics/vids of my 30s chubby wife.


Looking for someone to do cock/cum trib vids.

Got oc


Big Fat Tits Latina from Chicago.
If anybody interested contact his cuck who likes her exposure @ kik as megustan.chichonas
Also post any info u might have or get on here.

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i do

show more



M 42 and recently divorced.

I'm looking to chat with Femanon and share. I'm a nurse in a. ER, so those in healthcare are my favorite!

Send hot teens and wwyd or watch me jerk/cum


Send hot teens and wwyd or watch me jerk/cum .



>Male, 42yo
>Working as a male nurse
>Recently divorced

Not surprised. Christ, where did your life go so wrong?

Looking to share nn pics of my mom (44) for tribs and wwyd

Kik samuel2739

Kik johndough987

Looking for chubby white girls
Amateur facials
And people sharing their gfs/wives
Also looking for people to tribute my ex the pic posted is her have nudes for ppl who do her

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Wanna fap together?


trade IG thots?


Add me to groups. No rules


looking to jerk it to pics of girls you know, pref your family or gf


Discuss voyeur, downblouse and breastfeeding

Ina_schmidt German, Goddess, 17 Sells.

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send me some teens


teen trade, cum, traps

Kik ThrowAway9800 and tell me what you'd do to my hot gf... you can post what I send in here

Nice try mmmmhm

Looking to see your ex girlfriends or your current girl. Hit me up if your a fuck. I'm looking to talk dirty shit about your women.

Kik: cenryhavil


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If you want to help expose and humiliate some chick Kik billythegoatmans

I have some of her in a micro bikini, if wanted. Also nice trips

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@Arlynnsz on twitter

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anyone have any eliza b? kik me: yhs598

no wins?

Slut that wants to be in a gangbang

Keep goin

Looking for hardcore hentai

BortzZ Down to talk about or trade anything lets go