Why haven't you mastrubated today?

why haven't you mastrubated today?

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been to busy.. going of later


right now my hands are cold

My dick is raw from spanking it to much.

Cause this bitch still has clothes on

Because I just had sex last night.

Because I don't want to break my 11 week streak.

shes so ugly. you like her?

it's my birthday

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happy birthday

8th time it always comes blood... and you think.. fuck it i can make it 9 todaay

she is a strong woman

let's go

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Beeing depressed and alone so no fun

Did about an hour ago. Anal scene on the front page of pornhub. Something about the wife taking the kids to the beach and he got some alone time with the babysitter.

sounds good !

My birthday was yesterday! Happy birthday, fellow Capricorn master race!

just got back from the ol’ school, so haven’t had the time

I think the creators were "noisyneighbors" or something along those lines. It was pretty good. She had a nice body. Two camera angles. Good quality.

because i’m turning my whole life around

I have a low sex drive. I have a psychological interest in erotica (spend hours surfing waifus on Pixiv) . But when it comes to beating off I can put it off for a week or longer.

happy birthday!

Just woke up and im still tired
But i got shit to do
("so youre on Sup Forums?" Give me a break i like browsing during breakfast)

Did it twice so far. Might do it again after my appointment later. Doctor is so fucking hot and always wears a low cut top.

Ah to be young again.

Happy birthday

New meds have pretty much removed all my sex drive. Ive masturbated once in two months. It took an absolute age to finish and became hard work rather than something i felt like doing.

forgot to add this

Im still actively watching and browsing for prons just not knocking one out

Did you just ask yourself and answer your own question. You need help niqqa

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Oh shit that relates to my cause rn. I'm trynna inside my girl on Thursday and I cum faster if I don't jerk off for a few days. Can't be the only one.

I did. And I recorded it with my webcam because I'm into that for some reason.