Okay Sup Forumsros, how do I get my gf to put out more? We only fuck once every 1...

Okay Sup Forumsros, how do I get my gf to put out more? We only fuck once every 1.5-2 weeks and she tends to spurn my advances until basically the last possible chance we have. What do?

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be sexier, or at least in whatever way she finds you attractive. try new things when you fuck or communicate about how you want more sex pussy boi

Break up. It only gets worse after marriage and even more so after kids.

Either that or give her a fair warning. Men feel loved via sex. Not flowers or pretty words. She needs to accommodate or GTFO.


-An unhappily married OldFag

Hit on other women in her presence

2nd, always gets worse with time

I've definitely brought it up but it doesn't do anything. Shes not cheating and she likes it but I have a feeling she thinks the amount we do it is enough. Yeah I'm getting back into good shape right now and we will see how that works.

find a girlfriend with a higher sex drive and / or cheat

Def cheating. Giving you just enough to keep you from being suspicious, but hates having to cheat on her bf by having sex with you.

Wont that make her resent

Well YoungKing, my wife and I fucked like rabbits while we were dating. Once we got married, shit came to a screeching halt. As with most things, with an increased supply there's a decrease in demand. I've been married 4 years and have had that talk frequently that we need to have more sex. Anal stopped. Blowjobs are, maybe, quarterly, and facials mean I need to file my yearly taxes.

Find you a woman that you two are crazy about each other even after 1 year of dating. She will do everything physically you want, and you're willing to do anything emotionally for her. Otherwise you'll both just build resentment.

Or take up MMA. Get that energy out, get in shape, and you'll be too tired to want to fuck on a more regular basis.

>>I have a feeling she thinks the amount we do it is enough
Ask her that, don't just assume.

Don't be aggressive about it either. Just have a conversation about it.

Setup the conversation with deliberate goals in mind. Similar to how you might discuss a budget or future plans.

"We should talk about our sex life. I am feeling unsatisfied, and I'm not sure how satisfied you are feeling. Lets have a conversation about what we're looking for in our sex lives. What would you like out of our sex life? What satisfies you?"

Very much direct it at her. And no this isn't a "talk about her" thing. It's that's what a conversation is. You allow them to share what they want, and they ask you what you want. Because the point is for each of you to learn what the other wants... but people don't want to just be lectured at. They want to interact with one another. They want to feel like you're interested in what they're thinking/desiring.

Then... if through out all of that it turns out that she thinks the sex life is just fine as it is and that your desires are ludicrous and she wants nothing to do with them.

Welp, you're not a sexual match and it's time to move on.

If she does tell her you have needs she isn't providing. If she doesn't understand that she doesn't care for you enough.


In the same respect... if you're not cool with meeting her with her sexual needs. Welp, don't be surprised if she moves on.

But no loss bro.

That just means you're not compatible.

I've dated some people that we just aren't compatible. Oddly enough, even though I'm the male and men only like sex... it's usually because their sex drive is wayyy higher than mine. It's just how it rolls sometimes.

cont'd 2

Today I'm married to a woman who we meet each other's sexual desires pretty spot on. We have a healthy sex drive, but don't necessarily wanna fuck every single day. And we also meet eye to eye on finances and life goals. Our desire for children is about similar (only 1, and once we're settled into our new home and everything). And we like each other's kinks and are totally down for pleasing them.

Communication, it fucking works dude.

Take it from a guy who basically shut down with every person he dated for fucking years because I couldn't get over my shit (half my family died and I'd take it out on my partners). Until one day I fucking listened to the advice to just fucking COMMUNICATE. To say what you feel, and to listen to how they feel.

Who'da fucking thunk it. It works.

Reality is, some people have higher or lower sex drives than others, and so, can get by with less frequent sexual satisfaction.
If it's really such a big deal to you, and you're not a fuckin' child about topics like sex, your options will ultimately boil down to: talk to her about it, or break up with her over it.

Treat her like you don't care. Don't beat her or anything, but act uninterested. If she thinks you're gonna move on she'll do anything to keep you.

cont'd 3

Lastly respect each of your differences as well. As long as those differences don't stand in your way to be a fucking person.

For example my wife is a vegan, I grew up on a cattle farm. We don't dig at each other about that shit. I don't make fun of her lentil soup (it's actually fucking amaze-balls), and she doesn't bitch when the house smells of steak. Sure she hates it, but as long as I'm not shoving steak in her face and I don't do it lunch and dinner 7 days a week. She deals. Just like I deal with her fucking tofu.

Because you're all not going to agree 100% of the time. But in the same respect... that shit doesn't matter. Her eating tofu doesn't impact me what so ever. So what!


Because at the end of the day... we can agree to disagree on some subjects. While on others we gleefully point out at the world and call mother fuckers retards because their beliefs are fucking stupid.

Love each other, hate the rest of the world.

Well you just sound like a broken sonuvabitch.

Was broken. Not so broken anymore.

Dump her. If she balks when you're not even married, there's no way she'll come around after you give her position legal backing.

Whether she has low sex drive, isn't sexually attracted to you, or is using sex as a weapon, doesn't even matter.

It's going to get worse. Dump her.

I've told her I think we should be having sex more, saying shit like you suggested would kill any excitement we had left

Bring it up that it makes you feel like you don’t feel like you’re loved. If she doesn’t do anything to change to make you feel loved then her love isn’t that strong. Depending on your moral philosophy on life either start talking to other people to spark the idea she needs to step up or just “take a break” with the full intent of breaking up with her in the end. If you two don’t sexually work then no reason to suffer for potentially the rest of your life. Don’t forget that a relationship isn’t just about the other person, it’s about your wellbeing too.

Tell her goodbye, faggot. Unless you
re some complete beta loser.

sadly, yes, break up. Don't waste even another second. Take it from a second man who is, well not married but on a strange long term lock with a woman with a mismatched sex drive to mine.

Love her to death, we get along so well and she is great in almost every aspect of everything but all of that is shadowed by the fact that we don't see eye to eye about sex.

You've told her what you want. You didn't ask what she wants.

Stop telling people stuff and start asking people stuff.

That's what communication is.

If you can't understand the difference... welp, you have more time in life to learn.

Well I'm not a child but there has to be more than talking to her. You bitches act like that's the golden standard, I've done that shit, it goes up for a week or 2 and then back to the default

>Or take up MMA. Get that energy out, get in shape, and you'll be too tired to want to fuck on a more regular basis
That sounds like the more reasonable option.

Shes not the type, I cant even get her to do anal yet. Its definitely a sex drive issue

You sound like one of those beta faggots who think their lady is just supposed to do what you want.

Stop being a fucking faggot.

Man idk I like every other aspect of her, I gave up a threesome to stay with her

exactly, I have tried everything. EVERYTHING. When what she wants is just not in sync with what you want there is no working it out.

If it happens with issues that aren't part of your innate drive then you can compromise but you can't ever make someone want something that they just don't .

You can compromise on where you want to live, how many kids to have, what career to follow and how to spend money, but you can't change a persons natural way. Some people just like comedies and you can't make them prefer action.

And what'd she give up to stay with you? I mean honestly... what compromises has she made for you? Because I bet she has! Especially from the sounds of your selfish bullshit... "man I gave up a 3some for her, she owes me" Fuck off with your beta male bullshit.

you can get them to watch action and even like it but they will always prefer comedy.

I would recommend you find a gym that focuses on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with MMA class a few days a week. Jiu-Jitsu is very relaxing a stress-relieving. Especially during a flow roll.

Holy shit, someone with a brain and good advice on Sup Forums, my faith in humanity is restored

Yeah? Sounds like she tries to copromise with you sexually and you just don't deliver.

What was the conversation? Did she suggest what she wants in bed? Did you give that to her? Did you say "I want more blow jobs, you want more cunnulingus" and then actually deliver?

Come on moron... you're saying you talked. But that's not what we're saying. We said COMMUNICATE and then respect the wishes of that communication.

Sex going up for 2 weeks sounds like you lectured her about what you want in bed. She delivered and got bored and went back to usual because there's nothing in it for her. Why give you something you want if she's not getting anything in return!?

>that's what communication is
Okay Cosmo, I've communicated a clear message based on my needs, she had the opportunity to reply with her needs as well. All the extra steps you talk about will just bring about more problems.


my evidence for you sucking at this communication thing is that you suck communicating with us.

Is this how you talk with her? Bullheadedly ignoring half of what they say, cherry picking the other half, and exclaming you did what they asked when you didn't at all.

Tell her you have a high sex drive and need more sex I mean christ I'm married and I'm getting it more often than you lol

What do you mean? She doesn't want to do anal, I've said I wanted to, eventually it will happen

is it fun for you? is it fun for her? do you feel studdly when you fuck? does she feel sexy and erotic when you fuck?

Get out. You're obviously not sexually compatible. I've been married for 15 years and we still have sex every single day at least once, usually 2 or 3 times.

Neither one of us has ever denied the other sex, even if we weren't exactly in the mood.

If a man isn't fed at home, he will go out to eat. Make her understand that if you want to work it out. But I think it's over.

Yeah? Will it jughead?

How the fuck do you know?

And sorry... saying what you want and waiting for them to say what they want is 1) not what I suggested, and 2) not an effective way.

You ASK THEM what they want. Let them answer you with their desires and explanations. May that include "I'm 100% satisfied with the current sex we have". Then you allow them to ask you what you want.


The fact you keep getting it backwards is the root of your fucking problem.

And don't get me wrong, she might ALSO suck at communicating. In which case take the lead. If she hems and haws at your request for what SHE wants. "Baby, I just wanna give you what you want. Do you like it when I nibble your labia? How about when I kiss your neck? What gets you off in bed baby?" Who fucking knows, it might turn into sex right their if you just fucking play the game right ya fucking moron.

Where did I say she owes me? My point of a threesome is showing/b/ an example of how much I care about her. The way you bleat defensively for no reason leads me to believe you are a woman

Herp herp, I'm fucking stupid. I'm just going to keep telling I want to do things she doesn't like and sooner or later I'll coerce it out of her.

It'll be the best!

Her crying as she degrades herself.

Loathing her choice to give into my pressure.

Feeling like I don't give a shit about her feelings because I don't.

Foundation of a healthy fucking relationship!

Go back to plebbit.

hey man, guy obviously just wants to fuck around, I wouldn't waste any more time.


how much you care about her


sorry pussy shit, giving up a 3some isn't showing you care about some one. It shows how single minded you are. All you give a fuck about is your orgasm.

Gi or no gi? Also how much will it fuck up my body?

go back to your fucking basement and drink your own cum faggot

Find someone whose sex drive is closer to yours, that's a major compatibility issue that's unlikely to resolve itself.

Also, the answer to this question varies widely depending on how old you are. Teenager? Just wait a bit. 20s? Move on. 30s? Die.

Yeah but it's fun calling this stupid faggot shit out for what it is.

Find another girl. One that doesn't have to be coerced into liking whatever it is you do in the bedroom. Obviously of you were that good, it'd be enough for her to want it more often.

you sound like a sad and jealous faggot

Take your dog and fuck the shit out of it in front of her . The display of dominance will make her sercome to your will.

Trust me this werks like a charm

yea, just I know sometimes one can get drawn in for a few before realizing what is happening. Just offering the heads up

Yes. I'm jealous of that relationship where the guy isn't getting the anal he wants and thinks it's ok to shred any sense of a relationship just to coerce anal out of an unwilling partner.

I'm so jealous.

I weep in jealousy.

My wife who loves anal and willingly gives it because we actively converse about our sex life is such a let down compared to this mans lack of anal sex that he wants to coerce out of his partner.

I'm sooooo jealous.

You sound like a retarded reddit fag with that spacing. kys and leave

Fuck me man, I sometimes fuck my gf 3 or 4 times in a day....

Both have their benefits. I'm better at no-gi. Both are practical and don't let anyone else tell you different. It's just that the grips are a little different. Tonight is gi training and I'm going to it.

I'm 33 and all I have is some surface level bruising on my arms. Other than that, in a year of training I have not been out due to injury. If you're smart about it and tap when it starts to hurt, you'll be fine. Most schools have a free class or free week. Just make sure to research the head black belt and see if his lineage is legit. There's a few bullshit black belts out there.

Kill the other faggot she's fucking.

>that spacing.
haha, that may be the weakest insult ever.

We just ended 8 year long relationship. We lived in city 6 years and after that we moved on country side. She has no drivers license and her own personal problems, so she grew anxiety.
Sex at start was fine, but started to drop over time and she stopped having anal, blowjobs and even basic sex grew rare.

I stayd with her cause feelings and day to day life was pretty great over all. Fighting once a month when she was drunk but nothing we could not solve, least superficially. Guess problem was me too with my some what hoarding tendencies to gather materials for projects.

Well she moved 4 months ago to city on her own place and everything chance. Now she is much happier, we have sex every time and day she visits once every two weeks "to gather her things" but really she just hangs with me.
She even bought few toys what we both enjoyed, wear finally the sexy underwear i bought for her and show the tigress she can be. Sadly still no anal but plenty of blowjobs.

I dont know if we will move back together, but we are both pretty happy about this and i know for a fact she do love me (I'm bit of a sociopath so i can read her like a book), though day to day life is bit harder as i have to do things my self now.. then again things like washing clothes and dishes on machine are no more so taunting and exhausting as those feel like back in the day, so guess this has grew me too.

My only proper advice is to talk about it straight and reasonable. If it does not chance things you might need to do hard choices and solutions.

This. Just break up; find someone new.

There's a phrase we use around our gym. "Tap fast, tap often."

still stronger than your pathetic excuse for a life.

dump, find new girl

done. Next...

At the end of the day we can assume all interactions on an anonymous forum is all just trolling and bate.

But at the end of the day impressionable young fucks still hang out on here and take even the trolls themselves seriously. And start generating their own world view around it because no one challenges the message of the troll (rather than the troll itself).

I personally don't give a fuck if the guy/gal is a troll, if it's reall. What I do enjoy challenging is the idea that other people might read this and be like "fuck that bitch, I do what I want." Because the selfish arrogance of the message leads to the bullshit cancer shit-trends that exit this cesspool every few months.

That spacing has been with me since the 90's faggot. The fact reddit might do it because they have a wysiwyg that auto double spaces for the users. I just happen to habitually do it because that's how I've always fucking typed.

What's it fucking matter to you?

Git gud

i get it, this is why incels are an actual thing and not just an insult.

Yeah, I got called a redditfag for that recently, too. I think someone just got a stick up their ass and wanted to start a new thing. I have never been on reddit, just being a old grey-beard it has always been habit to separate sections of text.

Apparently that's triggering to the new generation of faggots.

You sound like a retard faggot with your spacing prejudices. Go an hero on your dad's dick.

You are reading too much into it, here's how I normally go about it
>post sex
>that was great, man it's been a long time we should do it more often
>I agree it's been too long, I love having sex with you
>a week and a half of initiation attempts for any sexual contact, including just going down on her.
>then she says we should have sex soon when I'm going to work
> a few days pass, she spurns my advances until right before she goes to bed on her last day off then says "wanna have sex"
>rinse repeat.
Obviously I have brought it up in conversation at other points but I always try to use positive reinforcement after sex to help fix our issue. Tbh with the timeline we've had I'm almost positive its a low libido issue caused by her birth control medication.

it is funny how they are trying to sound tough while getting all worked up about spacing and insulting people anonymously over it.

Lol the MMA shit is real. Although I only do BJJ now. I'm pretty shredded and don't feel like fucking until the weekend

Not reading into it too much.

I read into it exactly as much as I assumed.

Sorry bro, but saying after sex "we should do this more often" isn't a fucking conversation. This is exactly what I've been trying to say the whole time. You THINK you're initiating a conversation when you're not.

Are you serious? Post coitus asking about we should do this again? Hey dumbass... what do you think she's going to say? That's like asking "how was it?" Uhhhhh... good! You don't saying but good! Cause otherwise you're going to hurt the other's feelings.

How is this concept so complicated for you?

In a normal day, under normal circumstances, have a normal and healthy conversation about your sex life where you ask each other what the other person wants rather than just say what you want. At a time and place where there isn't the stigma to appease each other's egos.

That's why my suggestion was worded the way I did before.

You need to go in with the understanding that this isn't to hurt each other's feelings, but to share your desires/needs. And to make it clear that something might be said that might hurt your feelings, but the only healthy way to work through that it to fucking talk about it.

And this goes for you... be prepared for "you don't last long enough" or "your carpet munching is too toothy/slobbery" or "I'm sorry, I just don't like anal. I have issues with my butt".

Have a REAL conversation like a fucking adult. And not like some fucking child after sex.

Get a gf without a chad.

>How the fuck do you know?
Because I've done it with other relationships faggot and also had college classes in communication. I have asked them what they want while clearly communicating my needs, all those follow up questions you are proposing will make her self conscious and think that the relationship has more problems than it has.


Yeah, you've had prior relationships? So what, you keep dating the same girl over and over or something? All women are the same?

>had college classes in communication

Oh it really shows.

Post coital discussion about wanting to do it again. Your skills are amazing.

Guess what, your anecdotal nonsense doesn't matter. Yeah... I've done exactly what I've said numerous times in my life. And it has worked. Sure, not always, some girls are more self-conscious than others and require a little more tact in assuring them that this isn't an attack on them. But a healthy conversation about each others desires.

This is why again... I repeat myself... you do not go into it saying what YOU want. You go into it asking what THEY want and then let them ask you. This way they feel they have some control in the conversation. That they're not just being told that you want anal.

Giving up a top male fantasy for the sake of an emotional relationship with a woman is a pretty big show of commitment. The fact that you dont understand that means you are a woman.

You do understand we can tell just by reading your comments where you are from.

Find two more gf’s.

Having 3 girls on the go you start to care less about the idea one might leave and as soon as you have that attitude you immedetly become attractive


If that's your bar for commitment. You're setting yourself up for a lot of failure in the future.

See, this I think is your clincher son. You're obsessed with sex. And you keep hunting down these tame little girls who can't have healthy conversations about sex. And you keep pressuring them with shitty conversations about how you gave up pussy to be with her, and how she should give you anal (may those 2 not be related in the moment).

Hey... you want to throw some kink? Then you shoulda gone and fucked the whores.

Yeah, where am I from?

As much as I dislike the millennial faggot you're arguing with, I think your girls might've been even more overreactive than average bitches.

Oh, so you're just manipulating girls into doing what you like then? Alright then...

(Not the same guy)

You actually have my interests here.

Please, take a wild guess at where I'm from.

I'll give you a hint though... my IP address has nothing to do with it since I'm out of state currently and using some dude's wifi.


He said shes not promiscuous and brought up that she doesn't do anal. This post is about increasing frequency of sex in their relationship. It's a problem for most relationships due to differences in libido. Did you also ignore him saying he is getting into shape and loves everything about her?

No... I dont manipulate.

If they don't want to do what I want... I respect that. As I've said earlier in my posts that if you can't come to a compromise, be prepared to move on from the relationship.

And how does this make me jealous?

Your logical flow makes no fucking sense.

Then move on faggot.

It may or may not work for you. But its worked for me.

Just wait untill its been so painfully long she comes on to you. Spurn her advance and reject her.

Not in an asshole condescending way, dont repeat her word for word or anything don't be angry, just be normal.

She will almost definitely be angry/ breakdown or have some form of negative reaction when you do it. Women who want sex are pretty much never rejected in life. So freakout is inevitable in this circumstance.

But afterwards when she cools off, you can explain to her that you have been together for yadda yadda amount of time, and she shuts you down constantly. You have done it this ONE time, and look how she is responding, now turn the tables and imagine how you feel having to go that long without any poon or constantly being turned down.

May work, may not, I dont know either of you, maybe shes just not into you physically, maybe shes just not a very sexual person who knows.

If that doesn't work and simple communication doesn't work and you aren't satisfied in life with her maybe its time to move on or talk about having an open relationship or break up or something.

I'm saying itll eventually happen because I have experience with this. I never said I'd pressure her, but she knows I want to and one day to spice up our sex life she will suggest it. Stop being such a leg bearded cunt and get some real world experience

Why? You can move on too bro.

Have you not been to Sup Forums before?

The other old fuckers are correct: break up with the bitch immediately. If she cares so little for you that she won't take 4 minutes to satisfy you sexually, dump the cunt. Your resentment against her will only grow, and one day you'll find yourself cheating to get what you want. I spent far too long in a sexless marriage that eventually became a loveless marriage as well. I understand your sex drives may differ, but if she asked a simple task of you ("honey would you rub my shoulders for a few minutes?") and your only answer is "no, I don't feel like it right now", she'd feel the same way.

I'm finally with a decent girl, and while our sex drives match, even if she's not particularly turned on herself, she's always willing to bend over for me. The only time she's EVER declined me sex is when she had just put in a fresh tampon, and they're hard to get out when they're new. So she offered anal, I declined, and she sucked my dick instead. I love her. I really believe a good sex life is the basis for a good relationship.

From the guy who came to Sup Forums for sex life advice.

Yeah... I need more real world experience.

Thanks user I appreciate this. This is gonna be my course of action

Still would love to hear the guess of where I'm from.