Canine and Equine Feral Discussion Thread

Canine and Equine Feral Discussion Thread

This thread is more about discussing feral than posting pics of it, so whether you love it, hate it, or aren't sure about it, hop in and let's talk about it

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Do you have a dog or a horse or have you ever been with one before? If so, what breed, were they male or female and are you male or female? If you haven't been with one before, what would be your favorite breed (or top 3 if you can't choose) and would you want to be with a male or female?

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What is your opinion on Kero the Wolf?

Wow these threads really died down huh?
Man i remember just before christmas when we could bump these threads to image limit

I got a fair amount of experience ama

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Kero is fucking disgusting. He's the type of person who fucks animals because he can't get a chick to fuck him. He doesn't love any of the animals he was with, he literally just raped them, tortured them, killed them, and raped them again. God he's fucking disgusting and I'm pretty sure he recently finally got arrested

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With what animals and what breeds?

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My wife bread with my pittbull i times before she told me. I was so mad she didn't include me. She did it like three more times after that. Now she vows never to do it again. Very sad.

I think most people have moved to other places.

Since 8ch went dark there was a small spike of content here and a small community seems to have attempted to dabble here but its ultimately died off. Sup Forums is sadly and honestly an awful place for feral content and discussion.

If anyone wants to discuss or view the just art they at least go to /trash/.

Mods can also be rough on the topic.

>With what animals and what breeds?
Dogs: mostly big ones danes, sheps, bernies etc
Horses: not sure about breeds i just lived very very close to a "ranch" i guess you would call it and i live in rural butt-fuck-nowhere so not many people around
those are the major ones but i´ve also "had my way" a few sheep and cows, those were not all that fun though

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It's the gayest shit in human history


Thats not how that works, you dont get to /thread yourself my dude.

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C´mon now someone else gotta have something to post.

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Zoophilia must be punished with death, go fuck a hooker for 20$ you fucktards

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How do I get my ftm bf addicted to zoophilia

>Zoophilia must be punished with death
Please elaborate your reasoning behind that statement.
Preferably wiouth quoting religion.

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Zoophilia is REALLY high maintenance.
and if you dont nurture it with love and care you´ll end up hurting yourself and the animals.

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Right, how do I get him into it at the very least

Kero was far from the worst person in those zoosadist leaks though, the only thing there's hard evidence of is that he gave his dog a handjob on camera. But he entertained a lot of really sick fantasies in chat and didn't do anything to discourage the other sick fucks in those telegram chats

Snakething is the guy that was recently imprisoned, hopefully for the rest of his life

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I mean it depends, do you wanna get a dog/horse/whatever and fuck it/get fucked or do you just wanna watch the porn with him?

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he is a fucking saint he dindu nuffin wrong he was just having good old sexual fun with animals

I kinda wanna watch porn with him but I wanna work my way to her him to screw our dog

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>he gave his dog a handjob on camera
>creating EVIDENCE of your degenerecy
>being this retarded
Dont get me wrong, like i said, i´ve done it with a whole bunch of animals but considering how looked down upon it is why would you even consider risk getting caught?

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Then just ease into it, if your bf is already degenerate enough to be a fucking ladyboy chances are she´ll come around to the idea just dont make it too "fetishised" and dont DONT be too exhilarated about it and rush it
Power points:
>does your ladyboy like cum suggest horse/zebra videos just to show the absurd amount of cum they prduce
>is he/she interested in baddragon? start there and ease into real dogs "you know a real swelling dog dong is kinda cool wanna see?"

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C'mon people get posting or discussing im starting to get bored here

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The reason why I don't go to /trash/ is it seems like one mod or jannie really hates this stuff and will hand out b&s instantly if you start talking about real stuff

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Hes nice and ya is a degenerate. Not sex addicted but definitely open to thoughts. I'd be willing to get a bad dragon dildo for him. Any suggestions

How was your first time? Was it with a horse or a dog, and how'd it go? What breed were they, try to give all the details you can

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Mine isn't. My wife got fucked by a dog. I ain't into that gay shit.

Also if we get to the point that he fucks a dog should I record it

I left for a bit but I'm back now

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Please explain why?

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>and will hand out b&s instantly if you start talking about real stuff
dont mods/jannies read
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

kinda ironic they´re supposed to enforce the rules but forget about the most obvious one

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You don't. Zoo is only for people who truly love animals, you don't force people into it or all it'll be for them is about the sex, not about the good boi or good girl

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What if they like my good boy

I'm talking about /trash/ not Sup Forums. Sup Forums is fine now, I used to occasionally get beaned but now I avoid humans in the feral pics and avoid posting real pics of animals (even non-sexual stuff like just a headshot of a german shepherd got me beaned) and I haven't been b& for over a year. Seems like it was just one jannie that was salty at me or at zoo in general, but it's fine now.

/trash/ on the other hand, feral threads do not stay up long there, they get pruned quick

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can he take large dildos? then go for a medium rex if you already have a dog
>should I record it
no never ever like i said in >How was your first time?
First time was with the family german shep i was 13 and horny beyond belief and once i had seen his dick i was done for, so i took my time and one weekend i got the house to myself and started experimenting and over the course of 4 days i managed to go form getting him semi hard to getting him hard to getting him out of his sheath and cumming on my face after which i pretty much blew him every time i got the chance and when i was 15 i got him to fuck me and a year after i managed to take his knot

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Right now I'm planning on getting a good boy. I'm just waiting a bit to make sure I'm financially stable enough. Any recommendations on good boy breeds?

The person we are talking about is a tranny, obviously mentally unstable, so introducing them into zoo is not a good idea. You don't want to mix someone who is all fucked up mentally with being sexual with a dog, it can really lead into bad stuff

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Well, what type of climate do you live in, how active are you, is this your first time owning a dog, how often are you home, and do you think you think you can handle being pretty dominant around him? Especially when you are sexual with him, he needs to see you as the alpha

Do you have any breeds in mind already?

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I was thinking of either a Labrador or German shepard. I'm home quite a bit. My climate is unsuitable for dogs like Huskies. Pretty active. And yes I can be dominate. I love dogs.

>First time

Lol, took you 2 years to take the knot, my boi is a 120lb King Shepherd and I took his knot our first time, although I was 18 at the time

A guy I used to talk to on telegram, his parents are English Mastiff breeders so when he was around the same age as you were, he would go out to their kennel area at night. He told me his first time he wasn't even thinking of the male, he wanted to be with the females, but none of them were interested in him (and he really didn't know what he was doing) but he did like when they licked him, so he stuck his dick through the fence and let the male lick him, loved it, went into his kennel for more, and ended up getting fucked and knotted. Now that's a fucking first time lol. 120lb dude vs 200lb English Mastiff stud

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>Lol, took you 2 years to take the knot
had to take that long i knew it could get messy and i knew i needed to prepare and it took my parents two years to go on another "long" vacation so thats just how it turned out.

>English Mastiff
Used to domme a semi large male for a while unusually docile,then again he was a runt, and after some work didnt mind getting penetrated.
Came buckets though goddamn if if didnt choke me when i blew him.
speaking of which i almost choked to death on dog dick once.

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Like I said, letting males fuck you can lead to some confusion on their side on who they think is in charge, so you do have to pretty dominate outside of sex. If you are worried about that I would look into a big Labrador or a Golden Retriever. Amazing breeds, and Goldern Retrievers are huge cuddle buddies and huge lickers.

On the Shepherd side, I would look into a King Shepherd. Amazing bois, and my boi Kaiser is a King Shepherd and I love him to death. They are extremely smart, extremely loyal, and extremely easy to train with positive reinforcement, they literally want nothing but for you to be happy with them. They also look handsome as fuck

One big recommendation with any breed you get, when you do get sexy with him, try to start everything in a routine and try to do it all in the same place. For example: For me and my boi I always take off his collar before we do anything sexual, we are always in my room when we do it, and if he's gonna fuck me I'm gonna be on his bed. Especially with smarter breeds, they pick up on routines and with Kaiser it's like a switch, taking off his collar lets him know it's sexy time and keeping it all in my room lets him know it's only okay to be pushy and humpy in my room. Especially since I still live with family, I do not want him trying to knock me down or something like that while I'm in the living room lol.

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Oh lol, are you the user that was sucking off his boi and the knot grew while he was fucking your mouth, and you couldn't get it out?

But yeah, the knot was kinda a surprise for me, I knew about it from furry yiff, just wasn't really thinking about it

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>Wow these threads really died down huh?
It doesn't help that all the images are focused on male dogs. Chill with the doggy dongs if this isn't just a gay canine thread.

>my boi Kaiser
oh Kaiser user my dude how are you?
>remember me and my shitty mspaint diagram of the farm i "played" in?

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Dog rockets are superior lol, but all ya gotta do is ask or start posting it yourself, while yes I prefer doggy dicks, I don't think there's a single zoo out there who takes dick but doesn't like dog pucci or mare coochie

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Christ that pussy

>Oh lol, are you the user that was sucking off his boi and the knot grew while he was fucking your mouth, and you couldn't get it out?
The very same, and i knew full well about the knot he just took me by surprise and my hands were occupied keeping us from falling over.
Gotta say though i kinda wanna swallow knot again gag balls just arent the same i discovered.
At the same time i dont wanna die so im split.

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Lol, you went and jerked off a stallion didn't you?

I have the same type of "Beautiful Artwork" for when I was describing how the area is from my house, to the walking path at the end of my street, the trees that make a mini forest area, then after all that is the main pasture for the riding horse (and my girl Nattie) that borders that path

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ill try to dig up some cookie, rocket/lipstick is just more popular

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>amazing art.png
My god man thats fucking fantastic.

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>At the same time I don't want to die

The only thing stopping me from getting fucked by a stallion lol.

When I suck off Kaiser, I let him fuck my mouth but don't ket the knot in with one hand, and with my other hand I massage the back of his knot and his root. Then once he's all grown and spilling dog juice in my mouth, once I get tired of that I'll slip him out, then lick behind his knot and his root. God damn, I'll tell you that's their most sensitive area, he fucking loves it

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>almost choked to death on dog dick once.
we sure are lucky eh.....
>mfw not dumb way to die num ### knocket
Soo close...

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Golden rule
>tongue into cunt
>nose into ass

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>I'll tell you that's their most sensitive area
Yeah isnt the area around the knot pretty much their "glans" i mean i know the have a glans but THATS where they are sensitive as opposed to us humans.

Lemme tell you though having the knot in your mouth is a fucking UNMATCHED rush, licking around it feeling it swell oof im starting to make a pool of pre in my boxers just thinking about it

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I don’t know why, I don’t like any of the olfactory fetishes, but I look at these fantasy drawn dogs and I want
>my tongue in their cunts
>my nose in their assholes

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>my tongue in their cunts
totally with you there
>my nose in their assholes
gotta wash them pretty thoroughly for that though

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It does sound pretty nice.

Have you ever been with a female dog before? I haven't, been with Kaiser, a male Saint Bernard (Bear), my Clydesdale Mare (Nattie) at the ranch and the Clydesdale Stallion (Clyde) but have never been with a female dog. Really want to though

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I´ve been with 5 females, and yes before you start, i know its scummy fucking an animal that isnt yours but before you start know that my situation is sorta unique and i dedicate an enormous amount of love and care to all animals im with.

But just to elaborate a little bitches are, form my experience, real easy to get with if they are in heat and damn near impossible if not very rarely have i been able to fuck females not in heat and when i do they are very cuddly, submissive, obedient and loving girls woh just sorta "give in to it"
I want to reiterate i have NEVER forced myself on an animal, im not a monster.

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You're good man, I know how it is. Bear, the Saint Bernard I've been with, he's my friend's but we are amazing friends, and both Bear and Kaiser have been buddies since he got Bear. Same with the horses, I work at that ranch, I don't officially own them.

My thing is pretty much this:
As long as the owner isn't sexual with them, and as long as the animals are clearly comfortable with you and you aren't just using them for sex, then you two should be fine. As long as you two know each other and like each other, all is good.

You've been with a mare before, or no?

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>im not a monster
Sure man whatever if that makes you sleep at night

>You've been with a mare before, or no?
Yeah thats a whole nother can of beans, mares dont mind you getting a "little" rough because, you know, HORSE COCK so there have been plenty of burying my face in their folds sucking on clits and alot of fisting and fucking both vaginal and anal, stopped with the anal stuff though as cleaning myslef after became a hassle and "flushing" them is hard and i dont wanna hurt them
but hey i´ve almost been shoulder deep in a mare so thats something.

I know it might sound fishy so imma just spill some stuff, you know when your parents say your animal is getting old or sick and they are taking it to the "farm" my place is sorta a farm
a glorified pound more like i cant take care of a lot of animals but i take in pretty much everything that isnt a hassle or illegal.

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Oh, sounds like mostly older animals though.

Btw, with the mare, I fucking love them to death and love doing oral, but how does fucking a female dog feel vs fucking a mare?

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>mostly older animals
sometimes other times its just sick animals from "city folk" that need love in their last years and they dont wanna deal, its despicable so i figured if we can share some love in their final years thats alright though i never fuck the really sick ones ofcourse.
>how does fucking a female dog feel vs fucking a mare?
Bitches are kinda tight and you gotta work your way in as their vaginas are kinda "angled"?
You sorta insert then tilt sorta up then down so short thrusts are pretty much a must, or just a "not-fully-hard-dick-just-enough-to-bend-a-little"

A hassle.
Which is why i prefer males.
Dominant ones can be "broken in" and are easily blown.
Submissive ones can easily be worked up to tolerating and "liking" anal.

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Yeah, for me, being with an animal is way more about the primal love and bond that forms rather than just the sex. I really love just cuddling with my boi, I love petting both Nattie and Clyde, scratching behind their ears, I love giving them kisses, I love how playful Nattie is, I love how smart and loyal Kaiser is, I just love them and just want to be around them.

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Cub thread, feral welcome

I'm not gonna lie, the only reason I would like cub is because I imagine myself as the cub. I guess I do that because I really wish I discovered zoo when I was younger like everyone else instead of when I was 18

Cub by itself though? Nah

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Attached: e05825eb524eae05c2974830c6dc52ce.jpg (571x800, 172K)

Yeah humans are hard, animals are just pure loyalty and love when cared for properly.

And if it sound like i fuck alot of animals i do and i dont, i´ve been doing this for almost 20 years now, i´d say we´re coming up on 17 "officially", and i´ve had ALOT of animals in that time but the ones i fucked are the ones that got really attached to me.
Which pretty much boils down to:
5 bitches
9 males including our shep
and 3 horses

The others i just loved and cared for until it was over or until in very rare cases someone adpoted them.

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Since we've pretty much gone through all the other animals, have you been with a stallion before?

Attached: 4ac6d9a7cbb5b92cd717584a95c1c38d.gif (720x432, 1.99M)

Yeah of my roster i mentioned the stallion is the only horse thats alive (of the ones im active with i have three more im only caring for) and hes fucked me a few times, hes not a giant by any means but his dick is still like a human arm, a very skinny human arm but about as long and the flare is well you know stupid large

but i mostly blow him and jerk him off

as for the rest of the roster 2 of the bitches are alive but too old now
and i only got 4 males left that im active with

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Wow, you've actually been fucked by him? What breed is he? The only stallion at the ranch is Clyde, and he's a Clydesdale so there's like no way in fuck that he'd be able to fuck me without me splitting in two. I've seen videos on dudes getting fucked but never talked to anyone who's gotten fucked, can you describe how it feels? Both the cock itself and how the stallion is above you

Attached: c58b5a64b4d7dc96ff39b2eedf8884f4.jpg (800x800, 105K)

What else... i suppose i can go into how i work with my 4 males, only one of them doesnt get to fuck me and thats the shep mix that almost choked me the others get to fuck me but one of them is a little dominant so he does it alone with me the other two are very submissive and i can easily let them "team tag" me without them trying to get uppity with me both of them also let me fuck them after some warmup

Attached: ec7401d98876fb0a248af9a13ac8fa27.jpg (1714x1000, 272K)

How about you describe your favorite one to cuddle with and just chillax

Attached: d1432a522bf386aecb041d025e7afae0.jpg (800x574, 59K)

no idea about the breed honestly he´s small and brown thats about as much as i know think he was like a light race horse of some kind you know the skinny ones that pull the silly little cart
>how it feels?
overwhelming is the word, kinda like getting punched in the solar plexus form the inside but fucking amazing at the same time, and everytime hes fucked me i´ve cummed handsfree
as for the how i have a table in the back of the stable that i lay down on so i can keep him at some distance with my feet and then let him straddle me an just slowly work up to penetration which i have to work on myself with toys for atleast a few days beforehand, but once hes in i pretty much let him ride me until hes done and happy.

only takes him like 30 seconds to make me cum and as you know horses dont last much longer themselves so it works out

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How does the flare feel? What about him, does it feel nice hearing him snort right above you? How does the cum feel shooting inside you, as I know when he cums it spurts out fast and hard in ropes, how does that feel all inside you?

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My rotty should be going into heat in a week or two. We're gonna have a good time.

That would be one of the subs, a golden retriever that can spend the entire day in bed with me (when i can afford that kind of off time) just kissing, snuggling and eating treats.

hes sweet but i think i kinda fucked up a little with him because hes a little too pushy on the lewd stuff, you know it´ll be a normal day just working on the animals, going back to the house in the evening and he´ll wanna snuggle so i oblige but then he´ll get lickier and start huffing and getting his lipstick out and it either end with me scolding him for being horny out of place or me just getting freaky with him
kinda ashamed of that honstly

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>How does the flare feel?
You feel it grow thats for sure have to wait sometimes to plop it out and more often than not having it milk my prostate is what sets me off if its not just the brutal assfucking that does it
>does it feel nice hearing him snort right above you?
its intimidating and feels really nice since hes the only animal i actually let "dominate" me
he´s also kinda "drooly" and having that come down on my face in long sticky globs is unsusually arousing
>How does the cum feel shooting inside you
WARM and filling believe me or not but i could have sworn my belly swelled a little once afer he was done pumping its also kinda freaky how well you feel it just GUSH into you

overall i´ll say that hes the most "fun" because of the sheer scale not mention hes fucked me to tears more than once

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Can it bitch


I can't wait til the final war comes. The blistering scorched remains of Tehran will tremble as I approach with malevolent intent. My wang will be fully erect, wagging up and down with excitement, dripping precum as I envision fucking as many dead bodies as possible. Male, female, trans-whatever, it doesn't matter. I just want to spray my baby batter inside them so my sperm can swim around in their rotting guts.

The best is when you fuck a woman who just barely died. There is at least a vague possibility that your sperm will fertilize the ovum before her womb gets too cold and it dies. This is also why I enjoy rummaging around in public womens' rooms and beating off into maxi pads or on handfuls of used tampons. I figure this at least makes me guilty of child neglect according to the strictly anti-choice crowd. I like to think of the dozens of fetuses I have doomed to incarnate instantly in Hell because of my desperately perverted degree of sinfulness and hope it makes me go to the coolest circle of Hell (the wrathful one) so I can wage war for eternity and bash other sinners in the head in the marsh of Styx.

Truly this is the greatest of all existences and I am privileged to be here at the end of all.

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