Billie eilish thread. Since she's 18 now

Billie eilish thread. Since she's 18 now.

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she looks like a druggie lol

dont tell drak

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Clearly you've never seen a druggie

Damn those tits

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yes please

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I'd smash

Is she a prophet?

That's a man. Guarantee it.


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Love her!

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Holy mother of Christ she has them epic titties.

Quit trying to make this cunt a thing.

Hate to break it to you, but she's quite the thing already.

Recently at a café this girl played one of her songs. I told her that I actually like some of her stuff, but that I'm afraid that now that she's 18 it's only a matter of time until her nudes get leaked. She answered: "Really, user? She doesn't seem like the type". I'm not so sure about that one.

I never realised she had such great tits

Thats from an old thread

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wow, this is fake right

But she has a boys name

Too old

Looks real enough for me

I'd say fake af. Also, is Billie a nail-biter? Srsly I don't know because most pics I see she has ugly ass acrylic nails. People with acrylic nails should be deported.

not only that, her legal middle name is literally pirate

She's not
She's so forced that i changed channels when I see her.
That's how forced and disgusting she is

about 10 years too late..

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Cobain: "voice" of generation X.

Billie: voice of generation Z, the generation that literally knows nothing.

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these are way too fucking similar