Would you let him give you a titjob?

Would you let him give you a titjob?

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Maybe if he shaved it first

If he shaved, then he would look like a woman, and women are disgusting

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Dairy moobs

I love to nibble boobs of fat guys

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I really want to milk them

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I would never be that desperate

straight up no. i wouldn't be rude to him but honestly i don't want the weird unnatural faggot touching me

I don't like fat males

they remind me of one of my rapists

Most ftm guys are hot, they're very feminine twinks, and they're great in bed.

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Did your rapist have boobs too?

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Fuck no. He looks like a dude.

Lol. Do you really think this guy is a woman?

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I dont want rug burn lol

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Yeah, that's because they're reverse traps

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Actually, the hair estimulates the penis more than any hairless boobs ever could

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I don't know about boobs, but I would love to lick a guy's pussy

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