This is why the wh*te race is dying

This is why the wh*te race is dying.

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How will wh*te bois EVER recover?

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>The white pussy trying to pull the BBC back in for more

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U mad wyte boi?

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Because we white men cannot satisfy our women, only big fat black cocks and their delicious thick loads can bring our wifes and daughters happiness


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Never seen a thread so full of >samefag

The blacker the cock the bigger
The bigger the cock the blacker


It's wives, you nigger impersonating a White man.

shalom! am i late for the thread? rabbi hershel said 3 o’clock sharp

No, just in time, now drop the talk, the goym might know, just post subhumans fucking the stupid sluts we subverted


why is she looking at the camera?

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Anyone got the sauce?

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Good. As a white man I am aiding the death of the white race.
Married a black woman and we have 3 mixed kids. Convinced the majority of her family to date interracially Gonna breed out the white race.

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What if a jewish woman, wants bbc?

>not having white daughters
>and having them marry niggers
you done fucked up

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Nope. Things are going exactly as planned

I went to school with her
Her name is savannah Dillard


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because it's an erotic photo

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it's like drinking killing brain cells
only the weak ones

Niggers want white.
They also know it's the best.
Preying on bottom feeders is their only in.



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>eating black children

literally hitler

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Girls clearly a nigger.
Look at the afro.

It'll be okay, he can make more.

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Why is this so hot and addicting bros? I want all white girls to be BBC only sluts

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The best creamer


Have two white girls to make up for it

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it's shopped you retards

Feeling angry? Little nervous maybe? Trying to deny the truth. It's over. I've accepted it and you should too, black men have won


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Same I tried to quit but couldn't. White girls and black cock and like pb&j