I miss the old internet from 20-25 years ago...

i miss the old internet from 20-25 years ago, the nice and interesting people and that overwhelming shared feeling of being pioneers of a new world. my first memory is probably connecting to a netmeeting server located in belgium, as it was one of the few decent european servers, to talk to a friend from the other side of the continent and going on till late night. tell your memories, anons.

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I remember finding this link on neopets


I was really into the mirc back in 1996, i met alot of cool people and had great conversations in some rooms.

Aaah good times...
I remember this one.

I remember talking to some guy on a netmeeting server in San Diego back in 98, dude literally kept complaining about the world series that year

What you're longing for is a time before nonwhites got internet access.
Everything's better white.

My first experience was going to a pokemon forum and getting lured by pedos to get on cam.

Fuck yeah internet

Ahh yes. the good ol' days. when child porn was available to view and for sale to all on the clearnet. I can see why you would want to go back to that.

I remember my 1st time on the internet. I think I was 15 or so, so this would have been like 1992 or so. The computer teacher told us how this was going to change everything. We just typed back and forth with another school. I thought it was a joke

>the old internet from 20-25 years ago
You know what the difference is?
People on the internet 20-25 years ago did not grow up on the internet, but grew up with real life connections, and just used the internet for convenience.
Today you have people who have only known the internet, and they are as toxic and self absorbed as you would expect.

I miss the times when I felt the urge to learn more due to the Internet's easy access to information. I would stay up late in my early teens (2003-ish) learning all sort of things.

Now it's just boomers, spam, porn and ads. I wish it stayed a more geeky niche.

Yeah, this. I miss the times when Internet (and also generally older Sup Forums) was used to take a break from reality, come here and take another persona, relax and just have fun. It started turning to shit when people started bringing their real life problems into it, like politics and relationships.

Mass social media were the death of Internet as we knew it.

My first couple years of college AOL chat rooms provided plenty of entertainment

Fucking this. You little pissants took a shit on everything.

I remember when I downloaded porn with 2400 baud... you saw how the jpg was loading from top to bottom... and hoped to see not a trap... as a teen I was constantly jerking off using these pics

Social media is ridiculous. All these fags think they are important. I dont give a fuck about peoples nonsense

I remember starting to download a pic and come back later and see the girl had on a bikini. Huge let down. I had a friend with tons of downloaded pics. It couldnt replace vhs porn yet though

>I wish it stayed a more geeky niche.
me too. i feel like i've lost contact with whatever remains from those days.

Ok, boomers

Yep I was a teen in the mid 90s. Was wild to communicate with other strangers at the time. Made some online “friends” on sports message boards that lasted decades. I never did Facebook or other social media stuff though

i remember there used to be an mmorpg called Drakaria (sp?) and the owner/admin got put in the in-game jail by a hacker and couldn't get out lol

>eats detergent because thinks its candy

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Ah, the 10 second porn video clips...furiously fapping to 10.secomds looped

lol yeah, i have similar memories from ultima online. damn, i miss those days.

My mom recently told me a story:

Before the internet, when I was a kid in their house, I missed some TV show I wanted to see and got mad. I said:
>someday, we're going to be able to watch whatever we want to watch whenever we want to.
>it's going to be beamed up from a headquarters somewhere and sent back down to us by satellite.
She said that her and my dad talked about getting me counseling because obviously I couldn't tell fantasy from reality and I was taking video games/etc. too seriously,
but they decided just to let me face the hard facts of reality on my own time.

First time internet was 1996 in school. It wasn't commercial, just some enthusiastic people making their own websites and porn of course. You had to be intelligent and needed some education to access it. Now every idiot is spreading his shit everywhere, cooperation and NGOs try to manipulate you. It's pure shit but at least the porn is HD.

It was mostly gen x


Boomers talking about "The good old days"

Get with the technilogical times faggots. Your fucking caveman internet was shit and has been made better by Gen X.

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Being nostalgic is perfectly valid feeling and doesn't mean people haven't gotten with times.

i met one of my best friends on active worlds. we also met in real life a couple of times but living far from each other we finally lost contact.

I tricked a lesbian to tell me what kind of sex they had and found porn I never left...

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(downloaded Feb 2000)

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I have similar experiences to those exposed. What struck me most was being able to communicate with foreigners, people from Germany and France, from my own home (using IRC). I had access to the internet for the first time when I was 15 years old and it was the right time, because I started to feel that my city was becoming small, VERY small. The Internet was like a window to the WORLD.

In about 2000 I knew a guy in college that would get girls from chat rooms. He would disappear for a couple hours and get girls to show up. They were disgusting, but I admired his technique

I m only vicariously acquainted with that era through cousins narrations something I somewhat remember was an entire forum discussion about the shower scene in tomb raider

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is that james hetfield?

> be me
> be 1994
> connect to internet for the first time, ever, at home
> load up IRC, joined international chat channel
> people from all over the globe chatting in real time, like giddy little children just happily saying "hello, I'm in London!", "I'm in Hong Kong!", "I'm in Los Angeles", etc
> mind fucking blown

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I remember chat rooms very fondly. I was in a cult

>I was in a cult
What kind of cult? Seems intriguing.

Shit was great back then. You’d find so many awesome photoshoots like the CG scooter one, Sandra’s creek photoshoot, and let’s not forget THE siberian mouse



Blackcat scans were the thing in the day

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To be fair I was about the same age of those girls and, although that photo looks familiar, I don’t remember that.

Tell me you throw that shit back in their face.

20 years ago You would kill yourself in shame for posting a meme that was cropped cutting letters off, zoomer boi

What were you hoping for.... something younger from the deep web

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no it was mostly boomers, when gen x got on board it started going to shit

>explains why I don’t remember blackcatscans
>asks if I’m hoping for something
You’re an idiot, aren’t you?

That was my only experience too. I said which town I lived in (Grand Rapids MI) but I said GR, and someone said "Greenland?" and I thought, is this dude stupid? Who doesn't know what GR is? Turns out the Internet is pretty huge.


Yahoo Messenger! Hundreds of chat rooms full of women naked on webcam. Not to get money from you. Just wanted to watch you jerk off. Was the golden age of perversion. Met a girlfriend (she was a white) on there.

more than you know

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Wait, what? Didn't we already have Windows 7 and at least XP in 2011?

The internet was a different place then. You pretty had to be middle class to be able to afford the computer and internet connection... and you had to be smart enough to make it all work.

Needless to say, there weren't ANY broke ass niggers.

Now every moron with two thumbs is front and center.

I remember the days of BBS, Prodigy, AOL chat rooms (Pr room nirvana & warez rooms), cracking AOL accounts and AOL employee accounts, , IRC, etc...

Those were the days indeed.

all the better to mega download thread images

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wrong... it was mostly gen X... I know, because not only am I gen X, but I was there. You clearly were still a wet dream.

boomers were very late getting on board... I remember most boomers back then had no clue what the internet was much less how to turn a computer on.

Im gen x too. Boomers were rare early on. Only ones that were specifically involved with computers were around

I had a good penpal from fourth grade (2005) to 2016 who lived in Versailles district of Paris. I got her into goth culture, videogames, books, all nonsexual. Real good friend. Felt good to have one person who's a complete stranger but a friend enough that we could just talk about anything. The last time I talked to her, her dad was killed penning an eviction notice on an apartment. They threw an old, big TV out of the window on top of him then she moved to Spain to live with her grandma.
I think she teaches English or french now

yup - exactly. One of my friends dads was an engineer for southwestern bell and he was pretty much the only boomer I knew who knew how to operate a computer and get on the internet, although he only did it for work not for fun.

I also used to write programs for AOL in VB... everything from IM punters, to scrollers, to pw crackers, etc...

Absolutely correct lots of them still haven’t figured shit out it’s stunning they can’t figure out any new software that whole generation blows nigger cocks

What a fucking loser pen pals wtf

I miss life before the internet or more particularly life before PCs were in every fucking house

I will also say Sup Forums REALLY went to shit around the fappening... it had been in a gradual decline for many years prior to that...but that's when it got a lot of unnecessary attention.... and every jamal and tryone with a cellphone had to crash the party... it was good while it lasted.

now i know yall niggas remember this shit right here

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WinNT is superior windows, server grade kernel, no bloat, completely hacker proof, can tri-force

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most gen x has not even seen computers they’ve just used idiot phones and idiot pads

Your mom told me a story recently too it went like this I love licking your balls

Figuring out how to download porn GIFs (pronounced JIF) off Usenet with uuEncode in a DOS shell on a 1200 baud modem. Good times.

Dude shut the fuck

We were forced to "connect" on some old blue-beige window, but she was cool. It's like she was someone on the same frequency. Kept in touch until Myspace, then Facebook

You my friend need to get your demographics straight because you have no idea what you're talking about.

knock knock

I miss totse.com learning how to "Build things"

Fuck yeah. Loved AOL, MSN chat rooms. Also slayed pussy from AOL match. Ended up dating one said AOL hookup for a year or so. Our first date was on 9/11

That was 2014, right? I agree in that case, I remember already in 2013 complaining how 2010 was better while in 2010 people complained how it was better in 2007. But the influx of Fappening really made everyone long for the older times. Gamergate also contributed.

But the final nail in the coffin was 2016 elections, talk about unnecessary attention. Luckily for Sup Forums and such weirder boards most people went straightly to Sup Forums and more normie-accessible boards, but every board and site as a whole suffered in the process. Sup Forums was NEVER as political as it has been since 2016, every major board is filled with political issues now.

... while on a long-distance dialup.

I don't think you know the meaning of the phrase "connect to the internet"


Gen x is born between 65 and 79. We all remember shit before the internet. We played the original video games. You dont know what you are talking about

I fucked a few chicks I met off AOL too lol...

I also met my best friend in an AOL PR... we hung out in the same room and one day realized we literally lived within walking distance.. went to the same highschool.... same grade.... we met up at school and have been friends ever sense.

I think fappening had as big of an influx as elections did. I remember some good graphs circulating on /q/ and /qa/ with site's rank over the years, can't find it now.

You have no idea what you are talking about first generation with kids growing up with shitty computers in the house that’s what we’re talking about you retard that’s gen x you fucknut jackass

I remember my first Atari. Then my first Nintendo with Zelda and super bowl. Buying those early mags with cheat codes....up down left right up....a,b

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I dont remember specifics but when Sup Forums was mentioned on news stories or they talk about online extremism here, it is like a huge advertisement for losers

the horror.... I remember jerking off to porn.... you'd be tugging it while the image would be loading line by line.... you'd have to make real good use of the thumbnails or you might end up realizing midway thru the image is not nut bust worthy....

I also remember when MP3's were the shit... it would take damn near an hour just to download a single song... I got a cable modem as soon as they became available and ran an OpenNap server for about a year...

I had the atari. My parents bought me a sega for christmas. All my friends had nintendo and I felt kinda left out. Played the shit out of Choplifter though

not sure it was the fappening per se, but yes there were alot of edgelords migrating out from facebook that could not handle what they found here

(hah got a copyright message when i uploaded)

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remember when you could hack people s computer via netbios just by typing randome ip in explorer s navigation bar
i was literally spreading del windows/system batch files in their startup folder

I remember my friend having me over to show me his family's new Tandy. We couldnt really entertain ourselves with it, so we went back to video games


Usually I don't reply anymore. Thanks to every contribution to my nostalgia. My first connection with the internet was in the mid 1990s. My uncle was a programmer for a German car company. He showed me the basics of computing and how internet works. Some years later he gave me his old computer. A new world opened.

and white niggers

per wikipedia:
Researchers and popular media typically use birth years around 1965 to 1980 to define Generation Xers,

I was born in 80 and was always referred to as a gen X'er. Only until the millennial and gen Y generations did they start trying to blur the lines on when Gen X actually ended...

I grew up without having all the (perceived) answers at my fingertips. I know how to use a rotary / candlestick phone. I know how to navigate and give directions without google maps, I remember when if you wanted to learn something, it had to be in a book or you had to know someone (or proceed at your own peril).

I remember the cold war was the biggest threat. I remember air raid drills. I remember watching all the movies and reading all the books about nuclear weapons..

Most millennials and gen Y'ers are absolute fucking cancer. They think they know everything, but in reality they know fuckall about fuckall. Any fucking idiot with two thumbs can pretend to be the smartest guy in the room. Literally the biggest pussy generations in modern history, and things are only getting worse.

Funny how as you age, you bitch about the new generations and the new kids talk shit about the old timers. The kids these days though... WWIII can't come soon enough.

especially the white ones

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No, it was gen x. Boomers only got online when Macs came with only one mouse button to press.

underated post

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op here, thanks for this great nostalgia trip, i feel somewhat less alone now.