Godtards: I know that you’re not very bright...

Godtards: I know that you’re not very bright, but this is a very easy concept to understand: if you had been born in a different country or in a different era, you would barrack for a different god. And you would be just as convinced that the different god was the one true god.

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Look upon the modern west and see what your smugness has brought about. We thought that by getting rid of religion we could build a society built on science and reason, but it would appear that faith is an essential part of human existance, and so most have replaced god with something else, often something more insidious. You have nazis, socialists, children cutting up their genitals, mass shootings. Turns out that the catholic church was probably right about the peasants needing the church to keep them from eating eachother.

>godtard conveniently replacing correlation with causation
Spotted the pedo

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Nah man, it's just the science and reason part that's gone missing. I guess religion takes the place of those qualities in stupid people.

Atheists: like vegans but God is meat.

Which god?

Only an illogical power can create a sudden all-encompassing existence. You might as well call it God. Just not the one people worship, cause that's just made up.

Your choice. Just make sure you never stop talking about what you believe. Wouldn't want to confuse you with dirty god folk.

>Only an illogical power can create a sudden all-encompassing existence
>illogical power
Definition and citation required

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When the scammers in the religion business are forced to pay tax and are subjected to false advertising laws, when priests stop raping kids, and when brain-dead godtards gtfo of politics, I will be quiet.

Fucking doubt it. You dropped your katana btw.

I unironically had this conversation with my church friends in school. It's amazing how people can be so self-absorbed to think that somehow, magically, they were born into the "right" religion and everyone else was born into the wrong one and was an idiot.

God bless you and i truly love you

>hord borb bad society there were no politics weapons and peepee cut before religion bye bye.
oh wait, no.

Which god?

Because the times god ruled were that much better.

The fact that it’s such an easy concept to grasp, and the fact that godtards can’t grasp it, tells us everything we need to know about their intellectual capacity. They really are as dumb as dogshit.

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Doesn't take religion to create order, but it's definitely done more as a societal construct than any whiny atheist.

just like how the odds are we're just one of limitless simulations
yet we all feel there has to be something more

>we all
no we don't speak for yourself

Another pig-ignorant godtard. The only reason we’re not still living in the dark ages is because of progressive atheists. You’re welcome

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Materialism is the new religion, people queue up in London on boxing Day 5am for cheaper Calvin Klein underwear, every society has its cults ,atheism is a cult for some people but they are just mainly butt hurt from bad religious experiences in their families or community, I know Muslims, Christians I don't care what they worship because I don't have time to be butthurt by trivial shit

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people worshipping Giorgio Armani, Rick & Morty or Apple instead of Allah doesn't make god's worshippers any less retard

That's not how the beatific vision works.

>if you had been born in a different country or in a different era, you would barrack for a different god.
but i wasn't, so fuck that

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>beatific vision
Talking to your imaginary friend as a grown up makes you a retard, champ.

So in other words you’re too stupid to understand the point. What a shock.

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Nothing quite so evil as the Abrahamic religions tbh.

have you even googled it? that's still not what beatific vision is.

Fabricating lies about atheists will not cause your favourite god to become real.

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Without evidence, it’s less than a fart in the breeze.

yes and no

"evidence" is Sin

All Atheists are ignorant about one thing. Religion. Most of them are pseudo-intellectuals that couldn't even consider anything that isn't already scientific dogma; where the thinking is already done.
Would you recognise a religion if it didn't call itself one? Chances are, you've found a substitution that fits your worldview.

religion is belief without evidence.
beliefs are greater enemies of truth than lies.
only through refining your ideas by questioning them can you seek wisdom.

>telling lies for jesus, volume 789,354,221,906

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there are currently about 750 Major religions.
the odds of winning $50 on a Powerball ticket is 1 in 750.
if you won $50 or more playing powerball than your religion might be the correct choice

Sin is religious bullshit designed to wield control over you. And you were dumb enough to fall for it.

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1 John 4:1 1Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

>there are currently about 750 Major religions.
>the odds of winning $50 on a Powerball ticket is 1 in 750.
>if you won $50 or more playing powerball than your religion is not the correct choice, because they are all scams designed to separate idiots from their cash

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what evidence do you have that your religion is the correct choice?

Suck my dick, degenerate filth

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Sup Forums is unfortunately not the proper format to answer that. Would in the end still sound like "trust e bro". I was atheist. I checked and found out Catholicism is the truth, but keep in mind the catholic church was infiltrated for about a hundret years and a lot of the bad you see today is a result of that.
Best advise I can give you is, stay humble and be willing to give up preconceived notion when looking for the truth and confronted with new evidence.

tf 750
fam u got it wrong there are only 6 major religions

Yes, because the middle east with all its strict religious beliefs is so much better... Idiot.

the truth of the universe will never require you to accept a human sacrifice of your behalf you stupid savage

#the crusades. Slaughter millions because they were born in a region that spoke a different language and couldn't defend themselves when foreigners with advanced weapons tried tonimpose thier will and lifestyle on them, imagine being burned at the stake or stoned because you spoke a different language and believed a different reason why floods and tornados happened

beliefs are preconcieved notions you dont question or refine.
only by questioning an idea with new evidence can you refine that idea.
what new evidence do you have that your religion is the correct choice?

there's over 3,000 religions in total

we enjoy shaming unsupported theories worldwide

finding the truth is a paradigm shift, were everything changes. Sorry, cannot explain it in Sup Forums format.
Again, best advise I can give, stay humble and don't presuppose that the world needs to fit in your current world view, we only have a myopic view of reality.

You're on Sup Forums

I doubt "God" loves you

yeah there probably is some shitty foot fetish cult with 12 members
only 6 major religions with significant populations

We're not taking about the fucking Aztecs, r/atheism

>only 6 major religions with significant populations

not even true

t. buttshattered godtard
>wants M2M blowjob
>calls others degenerate


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seeking truth is simply refining your ideas
but you do have to actually care about truth
enjoy your psychosis

Where do I go to join this "shitty foot fetish cult"?

>new evidence
Hahahahaha. Godtard, if any evidence existed for your little goddy god god, the word “faith” would not exist.

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Yes, I am the antic God. What about it?


If you guys want me to be a comedian I'd be a lot harsher than Ricky Gervais. Not kidding, guys, I'd have a body count per viewing.

>Well, it'd be the more interesting kind of apocalypse at least. Maybe it would reveal some sort of evolutionary neurological deficiency or something?

Well I gotta pay that one I guess.

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do you accept the life of Jesus Christ as an alternative sacrifice to goats or sheep to compensate God for your inherited Sin of defiant curiosity?

>enjoy your psychosis
thanks for the ad hominem

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How does it feel knowing that a 2000 year long search for your favourite god, involving billions of people, has turned up exactly the same amount of supporting evidence as for Lono?

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enjoy irrationality nigger

Equally powerful and willing to share the duties of eternal FREE WILL translation?

>Terimah kasih seribu kali, lu bangsat!

~Signed, KumKum~

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amazing rebutal

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do you have some evidence to support this choice as the correct religion?

do you have any evidence at all to provide to even support the existence of your chosen deity?

m-my mummy said it was true when I was a little boy

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My mummy didn't say shit when I was a kid except that eating pussy was for weak-willed men that deserve to return to the Earth as fertilizer for food.

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Remember how they slaughtered all the priests in the ussr? i dont even care how much you argue, i dont even care if you are right, you are a jew that is trying to enslave everyone.

robots cant read images.

And the official thread retard emerges.

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dogs cant drive cars.

now this is a religion i could get behind

if you didnt feel the spirit of god come into your body, you are still lost. dont feel bad. God attacks me. god is tearing my face and mouth corners all day, by moving my face in different directions, from inside me, ripping and tearing my face. god shoots into my mouth, disease. gum disease is gods best weapon against his people. take their teeth, god told me, and they will want to die. like needles being shot into mouth, coming in continuously. these needles stick in gums, and stick thru long ways, and spew out poison. filling my gums with disease. I put salt in mouth to kill this disease.

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>Just make sure you never stop talking about what you believe. Wouldn't want to confuse you with dirty god folk.
This to both sides of the debate. Keep your beliefs to yourself and we'll have no problem. Shut

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