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Loli Green Text Bread
user's Car Ride with Lil Sis
>be 12
>sister is 7
>rides in my lap on trip to Great Lakes
>bumpy windy road
>immediately get boner
>so embarrassed I want to jump out of the car
>hope to god she doesn’t feel it or know what it is
>bump bump bump
>she’s in summer clothes
>cum in my pants
>dick just pulsing while she sits there
>mostly dry thank god
>completely fucking frozen
>not even pleasurable because my heart rate is like 1000 bpm out of fear
>she doesn’t even react or notice
>feel like I was spared by god
>have a blessed time at the lakes
>fast forward 5 years
>we are doing a trip to the Great Lakes again
>not until I see the packed car do I remember
>memory of jizzing under sisters ass floods in
>oh shit that was crazy
>say sister should ride on my lap for old time sake
>as a joke
>mom thinks it’s a cute idea
>sister says hard no
>why not
>press her jokingly but she doesn’t answer, just says no I want my own seat
>probably a good idea anyway
>but kinda fuck you for being so against it
>want her to sit in my lap not even for perverted reasons but just out of brotherly spite
>pack lots of extra shit
>I really want this for some reason
>only 3 seats open

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>sister doesn’t say anything
>fuck yea she’s pissed off
>score 1 for me
>sister comes out with her bags “okay let’s go”
>doesn’t look at me or parents
>she’s wearing a sundress
>okay actually...
>boner at this age would really fuck me up if she blurted it out to our parents
>why the fuck did I push for this to happen
>either way I’m not 12 so no way I’m getting a boner over an uncomfortable car ride
>just in case though
>”you know I can probably make space in this seat”
>dad says too late
>mom says it’s fine it’ll be so cute
>sister doesn’t say anything
>she climbs into my lap
>okay let’s go
>goddamn she’s actually heavy now
>okay actually no big deal
>sun dress under her so no bare panties on me
>just stop thinking about this
>mom “aww look at you guys”
>why are you so heavy sisteranon
>”I’m not”
>”this is really uncomfortable”
>she seems mad at me at least
>score 2 for brotheranon
>crisis averted

>yea I’m just not a horny 12 yo anymore
>but then
>we had yet to reach the bumpy windy road
>completely forgot that’s where it started last time
>we get there...
>sister starts vibrating and bouncing on top of me
>yup, this is just extremely uncomfortable
>say “ow” every time there’s a big bounce
>sister just says “stop”
>she really is annoyed with me
>it’s amazing
>she sighs
>moves up on my legs leans forward and wraps her arms around our moms seat in front with her head resting against it
>”anons being annoying”
>”user what are you doing”
>wtf no I’m not
>mom asks if she want to sit on her lap
>sister just grunts, then after a few minutes moves her butt back onto my lap while still leaning forward against moms chair
>now her ass is gently resting on my dick instead of her full weight
>I can legit feel her two little cheeks perfectly through the sundress
>the second there was a slight bump I got a full erection
>dick shot up so fast I barely had time to react but catch it with a readjust so she’s back on my upper thighs
>actually become flushed with fear
>feel like I’m 12 again frozen in terror except this time it’s not about embarrassment, instead my entire relationship with my family is on the line
>sister comes off moms seat and sits back against me
>heart stops
>time stops
>I’m sitting as far back into the chair as I can, straight posture to keep boner away from her
>her ass literally sits right on the hard straight up tip of my dick
>I know she feels it and my life is over
>wearing jeans so if I don’t say anything maybe she’ll think it’s the zipper

>almost snaps my dick
>push her off me and adjust quickly
>”my belt was pinching me”
>hard on is now resting in left waist crease
>sister sits back
>pretty sure I’m in the clear
>dick barely out of danger zone against her upper butt
>just enjoy a comfy hard on for a few bumpy minutes
>she moves back
>her bony ass literally crushes my dick
>makes me gasp
>no way she doesn’t feel my boner
>try to divert with an OW and
>”mom tell sisteranon she’s way too heavy and hurting me”
>sister says laughs out an oh my god
>mom tells us to shut up cause we are almost there
>she sits back with full force
>push sister and whisper “you’re hurting me”
>she reacts with another butt jab
>now I’m telling her to stop
>actually feel like I might cum
>does she know she’s doing more than hurting me
>”fiiiiine” my sister sits off me
>mom thanks her for being easy
>I’m just trying to keep up with my heartrate
>sister falls back so her back is to my chest with a loud sigh
>pulls her butt up to my waist
>full stroke of my dick
>that 99% holy-shit-one-movement-and-I-nut feeling
>barely say “stop”

>moves back down
>start cumming, very hard pulsing
>The second it starts she goes “ohmygawd” and jumps back to hugging moms chair and sitting on my leg
>the unorthodox stimulation made me only cum a few ropes but it was enough to soak me
>can’t think
>sister doesn’t say anything
>crushing life over feeling
>don’t know what the fuck I should do or say
>pants now wet if she sits back
>mom tells us we are coming up on the hotel
>sister says she thinks I enjoyed the trip
>”did you user” says mom
>sister laughs
>is this really happening
>how the fuck am I going to get out of the car
>we get there

>say I wanna change into my bathing suit in the car so I can go straight to the pool
>sister protests to mom “that’s so weird... do it in the bathroom” etc
>mom agrees and we pull in
>sister aggressively puts her mouth to my ear and says “pervert” like she was stabbing me with the word as she jumps out of the car
>think she tries to look at my pants
>just quickly grab my bag and hold it on top of me
>Keep it there as I get out and follow my parents to the hotel lobby
>”why are you holding your bag like that”
>she keeps asking, kicking it
>I hit her with my bag hard
>say “stop it” in a way that says will hurt you
>mom sees
>don’t fight now please god
>I agree mom
>get into lobby
>sister lifts my bag as we enter
>sees the large wet spot
>she mouths a screaming “OH MY GAWD” and falls in the lobby couch clutching her head
>quickly run to the bathroom and change
>she didn’t look at or talk to me for the next hour
>I go to the pool and jump in the hot tub
>consider the fact that my sister now has a kill shot on me any time we fight
>my parents would disown me
>almost start to cry
>why the fuck did I insist on her sitting on me
>why the fuck couldn’t I control a boner for a few hours
>the way she said pervert gives me chills
>I’m a straight retard
>sister and parents come through the pool gate in their suits
>heart stops for a second
>but everything is fine
>mom sits on lawn chair, dad and sister join me In hot tub
>have to say, I’m not attracted to my sister
>she’s attractive for her age I guess, kinda mousey looking, skinny as fuck, bangs and shit
>but she’s 12 and my sister
>just let the hottness of an incognito nut lead me astray
>”don’t talk to me, you’re disgusting”
>dad “whoa why is he disgusting”
>”he’s disgusting”
>say she’s just being annoying
>she never even looks up from her phone
>actually pissing me off
>she has such a smug annoying face

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>dad asks me what’s wrong
>”the car ride really—“
>before she could finish that sentence I dig my toenail into her shin
>she screams and grabs at my hair
>dad grabs her and pleads with us not to do this like always
>get out and get in the cold pool
>about 10 minutes later my dad gets out and lays by my mom and my sister cannon balls into the pool
>just ignore her
>she follows me around
>”pervert” at full volume
>grab her arm hard
>”stop saying that”
>”let go of me”
>I don’t and she screams for mom who gives us a final warning
>let go of her and just wade away
>she comes up behind me and talks under her breath
>”did you jizz your pants”
>tells me she both saw it and felt it
>so why are you asking me
>”you’re disgusting”
>don’t know what to say besides no I’m not
>”you did it last time we came here too”
>just shrug and move away
>sister following me, swimming, silent
>”did it feel good”
>”my butt”
>just wade away
>”oh my god you’re disgusting”
>tell her it’s a natural reaction to a girls but being on you
>we just look at each other for like 10 seconds
>”you’re disgusting”
>she gets out and sits by mom and dad
>just wade
>contemplate the fact that I chose a rapey nut over my familial and mental well being
>don’t know if the 12 year old thing or sister thing bothered me more
>get back to hotel

>take showers and get ready for dinner
>getting dressed
>sister stands in doorway, freshly showered and dressed
>”I will never see you the same user”
>just say okay
>”I’m not going to sit on your lap on the way back”
>tell her that’s probably a good idea
>go back to getting dressed
>she leaves
>comes back two minutes later
>”so do you masturbate to me or something is that it”
>wtf no
>explain to her it was just the bumping car with her sitting there it had nothing to do with her
>she squints at me
>”so you would jizz your pants if dad sat on your lap”
>”why would dad sit on my lap”
>”I said if”
>”whatever, just leave me alone”
>”you’re disgusting”
>she just stands there
>”did you want me to ride on your lap so you could feel my butt”
>”sisteranon just drop it”
>”tell me”
>”yea I guess okay”
>”did you jizz your pants last time I rode on your lap here?”
>”I mean... yea.”
>she laughs so smugly
>basically confirm everything she thinks about me
>”you wanted me to ride on your lap so bad I bet you do masturbate to me every day you pervert”
>”I really don’t. Just because I got you to give me a free orgasm doesn’t mean I find you attractive”
>she just kind of looks at me, maybe for the first time considering I just used her
>”you don’t find me attractive?”

>”you’re 12”
>”and my sister”
>”you literally jizzed in your pants twice because I barely sat on you”
>”it was just the car”
>she squints again
>”you’re disgusting”
>flips her freshly washed hair, and leaves
>if you’re noticing a pattern believe me I know
>not up for discussing this scene and hearing “you’re disgusting” over and over anymore
>so I just start ignoring her
>eventually she’ll stop thinking it was weird that this all happened and lose interest
>doesn’t seem like she’s going to tell mom and dad
>we don’t say a word to each other at dinner
>when we get home and get ready for bed, sister user asks mom if she can sleep on the couch instead of the room with me
>why would you want to do that
>”cause anons disgusting”
>sister makes this conversation happen right in front of me
>mom tells her to suck it up
>ignoring this bitch is going to be harder than I thought
>brushing my teeth
>sister stomps in
>get out I’m taking a shower
>you just took a shower like 4 hours ago
>”so what”
>”I’m just going to tell mom your wasting water”
>”and tell her WHY I need to take two showers today while your at it pervert”
>I’m sick of this
>”I didn’t even cum on you”
>she drops her mouth, laughs, turns on the shower
>looks at me like “get out”
>”do you want me to apologize or something”
>”I want you to get out”
> “No”
>”oh my god... you want to see me naked you SICK. Sicko. You’re a sick perv.”
>with that I turn and leave
>throw my toothbrush in the sink making toothpaste fly everywhere
>lying in bed, listen as sis finishes shower, brushes teeth, then enters the room
>after a minute, feel her hard on my shoulder

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>sigh heavily ”what”
>”I’m sorry I was mean to you”
>turn and look at her
>almost looks like she’s just wearing a T-shirt
>”I’m sorry I jizzed on your butt”
>she covers her face
>”oh my god...”
>I laugh, it is rather funny
>”I can’t believe I said that out loud”
>she sits down
>”I know I mean, you’re so...”
>long silence but not an awkward one
>”Is it cause you haven’t had a girlfriend?”
>”what? No, I don’t know”
>”like maybe your just really sensitive or something"
>"I've been with plenty of women”
>im literally a virgin
>"but if you had a girlfriend she would like you know make you cum or whatever"
>make my “and?” face
>”well maybe you jizzed or whatever because you imaged your girlfriend doing that and like having sex or something”
>”no, i think it just felt really good having your ass rub all over my dick”
>she exhales almost meekly
>puts on a vomit face
>”okay then” I say and turn back to bed
>I hear her get up and crawl into her bed
>after about 30 minutes as I’m just passing out

>I don’t turn, but grunt in response
>”did it really feel really good?”
>Jesus Christ
>sit up, turn on the light
>”you can’t stop thinking about this can you”
>”dude it’s kind of crazy”
>”okay so what?"
>she just keeps looking at me like she cant figure me out
>”just say anything so I can go to sleep”
>her face is a mix of pure disgust and curiosity
>”when you did that in the car were you imagining having sex with me”
>she actually recoils to her own question
>my perverse escapade is driving her crazy
>theres no way this ends well
>”what do you want me to say”
>”the truth”
>”I don’t know... when you get a boner you think about it”
>”oh, okay”
>fuck shes reading into my answers
>”is that what you wanted to hear?”
>she just sits
>”don’t think about it too hard, okay? Boys are pervs. I think about having sex with old fruit”
>that seems to snap her out of it
>but she doesn’t laugh
>she just says okay and turns back to bed
>not even a minute after I turn off the light
>goddamnit what
>”did you want to watch me take my shower just then?”
>she really is thinking, so I think carefully too
>”just tell me”
>”you’re my sister”

>”oh shut up”
>I laugh, guess I’ve already crossed that line
>”I don’t know what you want me to say. In theory yes I guess I’d want to see a naked girl but I don’t want to see my 12 year old sister naked so”
>”so... if I wasn’t your sister”
>”just tell me what you want me to say”
>”the truth”
>fucking women Christ
>”it sounds like you want me to say yes I’d watch you shower and every time your bony ass bumped into my dick I imagined being balls deep inside of you because you are sooooo irresistible. And I jerk off to you all the time cause youre just so hot and perfect and I’m a guy and that’s all I do is jerk off all the time. That sound good?”
>I did not expect an answer and didn’t get one
>bursting out like that, even as a joke, surprisingly got my blood pumping like mad, and I was getting hard
>”but that’s just what you want to hear because your young and thinking about that stuff and maybe a bit horny and confused, you’re my sister so go to sleep and let’s forget this ever happened”
>flop back in bed
>after maybe 10 minutes
>something like a sock flies into my face
>sit up, pat around for the sock in the dark
>find it, go to throw it back but notice...
>a pair of crumbled lime green panties
>almost instantly become erect
>”what the fuck is this?”
>sister is “asleep” facing away from me
>catch my breathing
>holy shit my heart rate is up
>just stare at the panties for what feels like minutes
>of course I smell them
>smell like soap
>immensely fucking hard
>no response
>almost get up to shake her but decide against it
>no response
>I don’t get it were the panties a fucking invitation or just to bug me?
>don’t know what to do or say in this moment, so I do what is natural and start to jack off quietly
>no response
>turn off the light and jerk off with her panties over my dick

>in a moment of radicalism, I moan
>then I exploded
>drench the panties
>breathing heavily
>barely concealing the fact that I just jerked off
>one of those good head clearing orgasms
>although my lust has subsided, my heart rate hasn’t
>I don’t feel gross about what I’ve done, just now or earlier today
>”user” she’s barely whispering
>”are you okay”
>can’t tell if she knows I just jizzed all over her panties
>”yes sisteranon”
>long pause
>”you just masturbated right”
>”uh, yea”
>”I could here you”
>legit say "im sorry"
>just sit there in the dark
>”we’re you thinking about having sex with me”
>really, I was just thinking about jizzing on her panties, but like the good older brother I am I told my little sister “yes, I was”
>I hear her turn in her bed, then nothing
>after a minute I think to say something, after 5 I turn and try to sleep myself
>barely can, my heart rate doesn’t lower until the next morning
>wake up to my sister screaming
>she’s by my bed, turns slowly with a frozen face of disgust
>pinching her panties by the tip of her fingers, holding them up
>like she can barely speak, “you jizzed on my underwear?”

>legit say "im sorry" again
>she drops them to the floor mouths “OH MY GOD” in that over dramatic way she does
>and slowly walks out of the room like she’s been traumatized for life
>”I thought that’s why you gave them to me!” I yell after her
>she sticks her head back in and aggressively whispers “I did NOT throw my underwear at you so you could JIZZ ALL OVER THEM!”
>”keep your voice down”
>”ugh you’re so GROSS”
>”you knew I was jerking off”
>looks at me like yea but not on my fucking clothes retard
>”why did you give them to me then?”
>”I didn’t give them to you I threw them at you!”
>”you threw your panties...” wait a minute, look at her standing in that big T-shirt, “you’re naked under there aren’t you”
>weird grin cracks over her disgust
>”what if I was?”
>”I don’t know... lemme see”
>drops her jaw like she can’t believe I have the audacity
>”you wish you could see me naked”
>”eh, I wouldn’t mind”
>now she looks at me with pure disgust
>”have you ever even seen a naked girl before?”
>”like a million”
>”in REAL life”
>”...uhhh no”
>she laughs
>”you’re fucking twelve”
>”yea I’m SUPPOSED to be a virgin”
>”I bet if you saw me naked youd jizz your pants right there you pervert”
>this time I laugh
>”you think you’re that hot”
>she just squints at me
>”I am that hot”
>she turns out of the room and slams the door to the bathroom
>cocky bitch

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>We had a boating trip planned for the day, and it was pretty fun
>aside from sharp glances from sisteranon we went the whole day interacting with our parents and basically pretending nothing happened
>until the end of the day
>mom goes to get food, dad me and sis get changed for hottub
>it bothers me that now seeing my sister in her bathing suit has me thinking about sex, her naked, etc
>this every day innocent sight for me is tainted forever
>she’s worn this same one piece suit for years and you can tell
>it looks small
>walking to the pool I just stare at her buttcheeks almost the entire time
>plump, little, sticking out, firmly bouncing and jittering with each step
>I fucking jizzed to that thing grinding my dick
>realize I’ve been staring and quickly look away to my dad to see if he noticed
>for a split second I see him looking straight at her ass before he shifts to the ground and up like he wasn’t looking at anything in particular
>holy shit
>my dad always had a “all I care about is pussy” vibe, but this actually blew my mind
>dad goes straight in the tub so I jump in the pool, knowing my sister will follow
>after proper screams off cold water
>wave her over to me
>wave her over to me
>chattering her teeth ”what”
>”first of all, that suit is way to small for you now it barely covers your ass, it looks silly”
>”is this all boys think about”
>”yes, and—“
>”you were looking at my butt that whole time weren’t you?”
>”AND, I saw Dad look”
>she changes from annoyed to wide eyed real quick
>”what was he doing”
>”nothing, I just saw him look at your ass”
>she sinks into the water
>”well, I don’t know maybe he didn’t”
>”what do you mean he did or didn’t he?”
>”maybe it was an accident I don’t know”
>we look at dad
>he smiles and waves to us
>”I mean it’s not like he wants to do you, I’m telling you you’re suit is too small”

>”so you’re ass is hanging out, he probably doesn’t want you to look like a slut”
>she is just looking at dad who has his eyes closed in the tub
>”tell me if he looks”
>”what no”
>she gets out and runs over to the hot tub and climbs in
>talks to dad for a minute
>then she turns and calls out to me, climbs out halfway on the steps so her ass is eye level with dad
>”do you want to play monopoly tonight?!”
>”uh... okay”
>she climbs out and jumps back in with me
>that was so fucking awkward holy shit
>”did he look”
>”why the fuck did you do that that wasn’t natural at all”
>”user did he look”
>”no, he didn’t”
>”dude you wanted him to look?”
>”you just said dang like a sad puppy”
>”no I didn’t”
>”I bet he would have looked if I wasn’t over here”
>”oh really?”
>she wades around
>”when you, and probably not dad, were OOGLING me... what were you thinking”
>”I was thinking you have a nice ass”
>she rolls her eyes “UGH”
>”I also thought about how it was rubbing my dick yesterday, also I don’t think oogling is a word”
>”gawd why do you have to talk in the grossest way possible”
>she starts to move away from me
>god that skinny little wet body stirs something in me
>”I was also thinking, how you said if I saw you naked id probably jizz my pants”
>there’s that smug face I know and love

>”it’s true”
>”I believe you”
>”i bet you’ve never seen anyone as hot as me naked. Not even on the internet”
>I shrug
>”not that I’d ever get naked for you”
>”you said you would”
>”what? Hahaha no.”
>”you said you wanted me to watch you shower”
>she makes a face like “did I?”
>”I was trying to make you feel better”
>”you were trying to get me to jerk off”
>”oh my god!....” she clutches her head “you jizzed on my underwear”
>“Oh come on”
>”you’re welcome for that jerk”
>she wades around
>”you’re such a pervert”
>she keeps wading
>dad calls out that mom got food and we need to go back
>she just looks me straight in the eyes, and then jumps out and runs after dad
>we get to the hotel and eat quickly
>talk about what we are going to do later
>fuckin monopoly
>go to wash my hands at the sink
>sister announces to the room that she’s taking a shower
>lightning bolt
>not much of an indication about if she wants me to join her
>has she said she would let me see her in the shower?
>I’m pretty sure
>is this what that look in the pool meant
>hear the shower turn on
>heart rate activated
>tell parents I’m taking one after and run after her
>the scenario really came about fast, starting to get hard because of it
>of course I try
>knock on the locked door
>no answer

>”.... are you taking a shower?”
>”yea I’ll be out in a minute”
>just stand there, defeat not yet settling in”
>knock again
>”I said I’ll be out in a second
>what the fuck am I doing
>trying to jump in the shower with my twelve year old sister and a hardon
>sit on my bed and reflect on my life choices
>it’s annoying. When she acts disgusted by me it seems so obvious she’s actually curious about the fact that I perv on her, then when it seems like she’s indicating an interest in fooling around, she acts like my normal sister and I just feel perverted. What does she want from me?
>hear the shower turn off
>she sticks her head in, body wrapped in a towel
>less revealing than a swimsuit but somehow 10x hotter
>she’s so fucking erotic
>I’m in that “stupid enough to force my 12 year old sister to ride in my lap on a car ride so I can try to bust a nut under her booty” level of horny
>not yet animalistic but fully retarded
>”let me see you naked”
>she actually seems surprised by the request
>”what do you want me to do? I’ll pay you?”
>”what is wrong with you?”
>”I’m very erect”
>what? Ew, how even what the fuck?”
>”I don’t know, you’re so hot”
>”you’re such a loser oh my god”
>”I’ve never heard you swear before”
>she looks right in my eyes
>”yea I’ll be out in a minute”
>just stand there, defeat not yet settling in”
>knock again
>”I said I’ll be out in a second
>what the fuck am I doing
>trying to jump in the shower with my twelve year old sister and a hardon
>sit on my bed and reflect on my life choices
>it’s annoying. When she acts disgusted by me it seems so obvious she’s actually curious about the fact that I perv on her, then when it seems like she’s indicating an interest in fooling around, she acts like my normal sister and I just feel perverted. What does she want from me?
>hear the shower turn off

>she sticks her head in, body wrapped in a towel
>less revealing than a swimsuit but somehow 10x hotter
>she’s so fucking erotic
>I’m in that “stupid enough to force my 12 year old sister to ride in my lap on a car ride so I can try to bust a nut under her booty” level of horny
>not yet animalistic but fully retarded
>”let me see you naked”
>she actually seems surprised by the request
>”what do you want me to do? I’ll pay you?”

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???? more

Post more then

user left us

Are you gonna post more or??

damn, user really did us dirty

OP Here
Thats the whole thing, this is a couple year old greentext and the original user stopped it there. If any of you wanna do some head canon and fill in what you think happened with a green text go ahead

What an anti climatic fucking ending


>If any of you wanna do some head canon and fill in what you think happened with a green text go ahead

fuckin please, unfinished stories trigger my ocd


Wasnt there a link to a drive full of story's like this one? Wish I had it still.

Bumping for this

yes this was one of them but this is all I have

Lets hope for a kind user then who can post the link

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>I’m very erect
I bursted laughing like a retard at this

Bumping for this, I need it

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Man I feel like these kinds of threads used to be way more common on Sup Forums. Maybe it's just nostalgia but I miss those days.

You're right, it seemed like they were everywhere. I could read hours of it and not get bored

I love loli stories.
I got the chance to be with one when I was 19, she was 13. I brought her to the park where we smoked. She greeted out and i had my way with her

greentext bro

Green text it

13 is too old

gettings kids to smoke user is bad

better luck next time

Share it

ahem maybe this will hold you over

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assuming you haven't already you could find multiple other stories similar to this one
basement dwellers father makes kid go on business trip with him and hangout with bosses daughter later talks to her on AOL turns out to be girls little sister (11) talk more, date, sex, whatever, read if you like
theres another one titled Tasha's Brother im sure you can find it the fuck am I suppose to read that small of a green text

right click open link in new tab and zoom in

I’m a mobile retard can’t zoom in

I miss Column
fake or not, I just want him to wrap up his story

thats what you get for being a mobile Sup Forumstard

download the image then zoom in on picture in gallery mode

Only thing I hate worse than the end of a story is not having one.

tell me about it. as far as I know, he even tried to re-write it in a non green text format but what sucks is that he seems to have taken down the green text parts.

its like he wrote 20 chapters in green text format, took them all down and re-wrote 7 of them in a more standard writing format and then abandoned the story.
truly a somewhat mild tragedy.

Thanks user, this is a golden one!

good thread

Ill see if I have more

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Is anyone here fuk u

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I'm just lurking atm

Wasn't there an archive of a bunch of these at one point? Does someone have a link or is it dead?


That's it. I probably deleted others by accident. Fuck

Fuck you for ending it like this man
I was about to coom


Damn, this is really good.
Almost on pool-user level.

More free text stories plz

>Walk to my sex dungeon
>Empty except rat
>"Loli is kill" rat says