I'd like to see if any of you Trumpfags can just say something good about Trump that is just obviously true to any...

I'd like to see if any of you Trumpfags can just say something good about Trump that is just obviously true to any rational person. I'll give a Hillary example. She has more relevant experience to being president than any other candidate since George Bush Sr..

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He came in with no practical political experience, which was fucking golden to me.

see? right there. not all rational people would agree that that is obviously a good thing. try reading and thinking before you answer. I know that sounds like a lot for a trumpfag

Donald Jump lol

He's fucking awesome ?

Lack of experience could be why he hired an undeclared foreign agent to be his national security advisor right off the bat. or just gross incompetence.

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to ANY rational person? you're making OP's point, faggot.


>a Hillary example. She has more relevant experience

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i don't think there's any answer that'll satisfy you.

There isn't 40+ mysterious "suicide" deaths linked to Trump.

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>I'll give a Hillary example

3 years.
Not over it.
Keep screeching like the little bitch that you are.

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Pay to play is all Trump does. He does it right out in the open and admits it. Why is it fine when Trump does it but bad if Clintons do it?

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>obviously true to any rational person

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Nobody gives a shit about "experience" you fucking retard. This ain't the job opening for the fucking manager of a Burger King.

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that's not about Trump and it doesn't refute what OP said about experience.

Try harder to be rational and objective and goal oriented. I'm looking for something that is good about trump and objectively true.

So the goal is to actually say something positive about Trump? Not a Trumpfag by any stretch but here goes.

He's very adept at rebranding himself.

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so she's looked up now then? I thought all the investigations were over and turned up nothing

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When was he ever anything other than a shameless self promoter? PT barnum has always been his only brand

No. None of the investigations found d anything worth a jail sentence.

all he ever did was steal someone else's brand and stick to it

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Do you know who invited her? No?
Do you see why your suggestion is invalid? No?
You could work for Fox

That's the point. That's his thing. Sure a lot of that shit falls flat but it's actually kind of admirable. Shameless self-promotion is a trait people may be annoyed by, but most wish they had it.

Donald Trump has more experience actually being president than Hillary will ever have.

You're right, it's a job about running a fucking country.

>"well there were a bunch of investigations and she got off but here's why I think she's guilty anyway"

is not an argument that is ever going to convince any objective rational person. and this isn't about hillary. the challenge was to name something good about trump that any rational person has to agree with

Well Obama didn't have any experience either and nobody gave a shit back then. Now all of a sudden it's a problem?

ok shareblue. you can go back to sleep now

experience matters, lots of idiots disagree, i know, but not EVERYONE

Then why didn't you people say that when Obama was running for president? Funny how nobody cared but when Trump is running against Hillary, all of a sudden experience was super important.

i agree. there is probably nothing good about trump that any objective rational honest person would have to agree with, but I'm hoping someone will prove me wrong anyway

because he didn't immediately make a foreign agent his national security advisor

*he* obama didn't make the mistake of hiring a foreign agent as his national security advisor

Score so far:
Trumpfags- zero
America- zero

I don't know what you expect to find here. The guy didn't get elected because he was some great humanitarian. You're not going to find some objective good within him.

why does trumpfag know about shareblue propaganda already, and OP has to google it to find out wtf trumpfag is insinuating? hmmm

I'm just trying to find out why every time I meet a Trumpfag or see one on the internet, who can clearly explain how an internal combustion engine works, how come they can't clearly explain why Trump is a good candidate/president without retreating into feeling statements or Hillary propaganda. These people aren't that stupid when it comes to running a farm or fixing a tractor. feeling statements and propaganda with no hard evidence won't fix a tractor why would it run the country well?

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What kind of fucking moron (city cowboy) owns a "formal' cowboy hat

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hes just a normal pervert like me, into incest and piss and maybe child sex parties out on pedo island
if Trump can be president then I can be anything!

I think you're expecting a higher burden of proof from people you disagree with. You're also poorly defining the metric by which you're judging him. What values do you expect from a good candidate/president?

I believe a good president has strong diplomatic skills, seeks out a consensus with allied nations, and holds the office with a historic level of decorum. Anything else that I expect is colored by my political beliefs. Trump doesn't seem to meet these standards to me despite my casuistry.

More relevant experience since Bush Sr.
Would that qualify for Biden then? I mean he was no director of the CIA but he was VP and is probably just as bad if not worse than Hildog.

one of the things i liked about Obama was that he sought out and listened dissenting opinions before he made controversial decisions. Joe Biden was right next to Obama for a lot of that. I would expect to see the same thing from Biden if he got back to the White House, but that will never happen because if he gets nominated Trump will kill him.

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didnt she try to outlaw south park and a bunch of books a while back?

Totes. She deserves the death sentence.

And thats not cuz im so Trumpster, Trump isnt that but better than her, which isnt surprising becuz he was good friends with Her and Rapist- i mean William, for like 20 years.

He is a amongst the most successful businessman of the last several decades

>if he gets nominated Trump will kill him.
Imagine being this fucking retarded

He unapologetically advocates and promotes the US as a force for good in the world...

I like how no one has been able to come up with something good but there have been at least 15 "but her e-mails" posts

kek rent free

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He has governed over one of the largest 3 year economic expansion in US history

Multiple people have answered. You're just being a dipshit and ignoring it because you don't like Trump.


...and THATS why he’s winning

cutting a 200 work week into 7 part time jobs instead of the 5 full time jobs it needed before isnt creating jobs you nutjob

He has seemed to have raised some decent kids. Like the Hilton kids are fucked and so are a lot of rich kids. But they seem pretty chill for the most part. Just so many celebs and shut have stupid douche kids.

high debatable

he flexes the US military might like its an extension of his penis

he's not responsible for that economic expansion in any way directtly

theres your crickets fag
>HuRR WiNninG

Learn to read...

I didn’t say ‘creating jobs’.

he has no ethical understanding of good or bad
that would require him to understand the English language as a prerequisite

learn economics numbnuts

OP is a fucking faggot and either ignores the people who give him a real answer, or argues in bad faith. Either way this thread is shit.

Most hilarious thing to occur in global politics since Dubya.
So that’s pretty special.
Not so great if you’re living in South America, Middle East or England or Germany or Russia or China though I guess.
But I’m in none of those places.

It was nice of him to cum on your nigger moma’s face

Ironically I AM an economist...so hard to be literate with my dick in your mouth...

...still losing lol

and yet you still cant tell the difference between economic growth and economic decline you cockist

The qualifications are pretty simple, yet no one has come up with a real answer kek

Trump once donated his private jet to a dying sick boy from California to New York who needed immediate medical attention.

Credit where credit is due; that was a nice thing to do