Which dick do you have?

Which dick do you have?

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None of these whack ass lookin turds cause im fuckin white

omfg does 1 existent

fuck that, do 90% of these exist?!?

Wtf is going on with 11

sweet jesus, some of these just look painful

Why did liberals ruin penis?

I got number 12.its the only purest, cleanest and most normal cock on there. Fuck uncut fags.

i guess 8 or 9? it's pretty straight

None of these mutant dicks, I'm white

I have 3....


you must be a jew fag then.


looks like haggis.

Yeah, I got 16. The non pictured. Normal, clean, cut cock. Ya know, the one women actually want.

probably 3 or 4

same here

uncut master race.

I think u mistake 15 from 12 then. Cutfag

judging your self worth on what you think women want your penis to look like
stop seeking acceptance for your penis from women


the big black one that started racism


Muitlated jew dick parents are retarded they aren’t even Jews.

Uncut dicks are so weird. This is why circumcision exists. I have a normal dick. Not like any of the uncut ones pictured here.


I've got huge 1, with smaller versions of the other numbers spouting out off the sides of it.

My drill cock will pierce the heavens!

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All of them, now. I keep them in jars.

Greninja dick

I guess 5.
Mine looks better though.

I kinda had a 6 for a while lol

The one God gave me.

It was painful getting snipped but hey chicks dig scars.

You old testament faggot

Burn jew

dis one

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11 all the way baby

9, 12, and 15 for USA

3-7 for europoors

1, 2 for Pajeets

phimosis forced behind the head and getting stuck

I'm uncircumcised and look like #12. Your opinions are based on bullshit, faggot.

uncircumcised men have significantly varying foreskin lengths, just as circumcised men have variations in their circumcision

Circumcised ones always look best.


Number 1 and 11 don’t exist like ever

6 apparently

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wish i had 8 or 12. none is applicable to my ween.


did you wrap a bandage across your dingy and paint the head a different color? looks weird dude

Chopped cope

Wtf broooooo

4 rocking uncut master race

Less sensitive dick head = less amazing feeling when fucking.

Yeah, must be great having a mutilated dick.


5 and a bit of 8

Cheese dick. Who cares when your dick looks like a grub worm. Enjoy the smegma!

had 11 a few times shits spooookeeeeee
>use lube
>make sure its made to take a dick

Number 5

Pretty much the same for me

12 is the closest for me, but I have a dorsal skin bridge so none of these are accurate.

any one out there got a 1, 6 or 11 they can post? i wanna see that lol

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>you must have smegma
lol. i don't think you realise how fucking rare smegma is, i'm uncircumcised and i've never had it. (age 30 btw)


It's so he doesn't chew on the balls.

None of those freaky looking dicks.