This is your new companion robot...

This is your new companion robot. She's programmed to always keep you happy but also does have the ability to show emotion.

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I would like to pat her head

So will my happiness bring her happiness?

Cool. Now she can help me calm down now that I'm in a cold sweat after having flashback dreams all night.

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Reploids are capable of showing love and affection. And breeding

Then I want to make her always happy :)

So you'd prefer a lizard lady?

Reploid is short for Replicated Android

How does she respond to hand holding

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You sick pervert.

Alright alright how about just head patting

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Almost forgot this was Sup Forums. And yes she will invite you to cuddle

>see this in bed waiting for you
Wat do?

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Obviously check those quads

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With quads like that, I can't resist her.

Only a faggot would resist perfection

I want to die with my face buried in her thighs

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Disable the emotions. Ditch the body.

Found the faggot

Found the meatbag.

She even has a summer mode

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Wanna know what i can do that you can't? Not rust

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You rust every time you breathe in.

Information doesn't rust.

Neither does flesh

Typical, for a meatbag.

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This isn't working, we have to break up. It's not you it's your software

Program niggerhate

I'm concerned with her level of independent AI, I would slowly research this very carefully, but also it is a girl so I'd take her to thai food and give her the D so she doesn't fucking rip me apart with giant robot claws or some shit.

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