Can women be Christian?

Can women be Christian?

Or are they all whores?

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Also does anyone here believe in God?

Anybody can come to Christ and become a Christian it doesn't matter if you are male or female nor does it matter the color of your skin.

Of the can and no they aren't all.
However being someone who posts on Sup Forums means you aren't going to be the kind of peron theyd want to be with.

heartbreaking. What about if they post on Sup Forums?

whores are a fictional concept, there are no sluts, and no time, and no god. So sure, they can be both, and be neither.

Begone incel

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Women are slut by nature so yes

>Can women be Christian?
If you don't love the sinner, you're no Christian.

Jesus was into "whores" last I heard.

Pretty cool guy that Jesus.

Nothing is impossible.


Jesus fucking christ. Does your definition of modesty also include no exposed elbows?

> Be female
> Be raised catholic
> Denounce faith
> Sloot around
> Bored
> Return to christ

Why is this pattern so common?

ugly women can be Christian, attractive women are incapable of being anything other than a whore. This is because attractive women are constantly bombarded with guys offering them sex. At then end of the day it's men's fault for being so horny and putting attractive women up on a pedestal.

No, churches use hot women going door to door to try to recruit horny guys to jesus all the time.


i want it but i can't

Implying ugly women don't have an army of thirsty incels ready to lick the butthole

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Even when she used to be atheist though she didn't seem to be slooting around, just crying in her bedroom about how the jews control the world and how she hates her appearance (her old channel)

Do you think OP girl is uggo?

and you take your nudes threads to
and bullshit snapchat threads to

Thats that same chick /r9k/ used to bully right?