Waifu bread v9013 - 'fuck, i've forgot to take my dawg for a walk!' edition :3 how are we all this morning...

waifu bread v9013 - 'fuck, i've forgot to take my dawg for a walk!' edition :3 how are we all this morning? any UK waifus awake?!

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It's late.

Aegis claimed.

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It is late

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Ah good times...

to apologize

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Its 4:43 am in Canada and need to sleep. Goodnight Lina sempai.

One day the shadows will surround me
Someday the days will come to end

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My waifu here

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Only the strongest will survive
Lead me to heaven when we die

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All these thoughts running through my head
Arm on fire, veins burnin red
Frustration is getting bigger
BANG BANG BANG Pull my devil trigger

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dawg has now been successfully walked, he's a beast so naturally it was him who walked me :3 also 'sup Canadian waifu~!

excellent waifu you have there c:

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You really made a mess of me (no baby don't deny it)
A ghost of my nights so sweet (I will forget about it)

Lina is neat too.

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currently obsessed with DJ Sharpnel... he's quite unique with his use of animoo samples imo :3



you really think so? c: have you seen The Slayers series, user-san?

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imagine being a boomer chef

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i've tried but i can't, it's too depressing D:

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Always ready for some early morning lovin'

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Diese Welt ist Grausam
Es ist Traurig aber Wahr
Diese Welt ist Seltsam
Es ist aber fraglich Wahr
Ist der Oder Blumengarten Echt Falsch?

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House burnt down yet?

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Got hit with a good rain just now

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Ye, I saw someone saying that in auspol
Rained here all day. Was comfy at work

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I don't really watch anime.

Du hast mich gefragt
Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt
Willst du bis der Tod uns scheidet
Treue sein für alle Tage

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Come with me
Into the trees
We lay on the grass
And let hours pass
Yeah, no work for me today. Just got a tyre plugged.

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I got new tires like 2 years ago and ran over a nail like 5 months after.
Thankfully they plugged it for free
I need to get my car transfered into my name but cbfed going to the dmt

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2 month old tyre, so yeah. Happy I didnt have to buy a tyre. Bike tyres are weird, the normal plugs dont last long.

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You'll get run over by a chink and die before your Tyre blows out

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Unlikely. Even our Asians are more naturalised. Most accidents are old people or dickheads in utes.

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Implying Sydney isn't owned by chinks and they simply let you live there

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Don't you live in sydney?

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Nope. Capital bruh.

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Close enough tbqh
Whats it like living in a place where your main tourists are 6th graders?

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jesus hates weebs with a buring passion

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We have a bevy of plaves to go. Up the coast, and down the coast.

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no anime. anime is child porn

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High quality "shitposting"

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Bought a house yet with your amazing salary?

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Ha. You funny.

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I'm going to buy one sometime this year
Kinda wanted to get back into stocks

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Good on you

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You can stay in the cuck shed

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Holy shit I'm watching Aussies converse normally

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Sure thing

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It is funny how the thread dies if I alone don't respond

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what are time zones, o fag abo?

No one else wants to chat zoomer

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>multiple people in thread
>no other conversations
Fuck off retard
They're all boring people*

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as high as taipei


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It's still here?

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Call Doomguy now

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He's too busy prepping for his big Smash bros debut.