Asian asshole thread

Asian asshole thread

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Everyday eat Asian asshole!

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Some tight asian holes

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use japanese search terms post results

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use japanese search terms post results

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>use japanese search terms, post results

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For this one as well?

use japanese search terms post results

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translate your search query into japanese, or find proper terms for specific subcategories in japanese porn
post it here

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translate your search query into japanese, or find proper terms for specific subcategories in japanese porn
& post it here

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>translate your search query into japanese, or find proper terms for specific subcategories in japanese porn
>& post it here

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Totally agree

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Why do Japs censor the vag but not the asshole?

Not a reproductive organ

Strange that they consider reproductive organs obscene but not assholes.

A lot of their culture is still based off of very old traditions and ways of thinking

so you can walk around japan with your anus hanging out?

so people get a fetish for anal and don't make childrens

Hahah no because it would be considered rude. They are huge on being polite. You could be on a packed train and its normal for it to be completely silent.

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no wonder their suicide rate is the highest


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>a cute asian grill will never flash you her bunghole
>ywn lick a cute asian grill's bunghole because she wants to save her vagoo for marriage
Why even fucking live?

Lol he is an Asian asshole, underrated post.

>ywn smell her cute feet

They have such a high suicide rate because of all the social, family and work pressure.

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too many flat asses in this thread, i wanna fucking puke it's so disgusting

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Let's get some more butt hole freckles in this thread.

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You start

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love this about japan when I've been there.
become absolutely disgusted now when I'm on a train in the US



not an asshole pic but still oc. chinese gf.

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Chinese are ok but Viet are God tier

cute ass but a hideous face


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Same. Seeing how people treat each other here after spending so much time in Japan drives me crazy.

That's why this is an asshole thread not a fucking Asian cutie thread.

You think so?

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awww yeah post some zeds!

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pic related

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>asian asshole thread

>can see everything but the asshole because plugged

Her ass you mean

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a bit small but id have some good fun with it, realizing i dont have many ass pics of her tho

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more ziwei ass

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Well, my girlfriend is 1/4 Indonesian, but I can tell you her asshole looks nothing like this anymore :(

Small ass means when you doggie her your dick goes in that much deeper

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Do you speak from experience with Ziwei? Also, nice lucky trips.

I once dated a girl in Beijing whose asshole was extra close to her pussy slit, so whenever I fucked her doggy, I'd stick my finger in her asshole and press down and could feel my dick on the other side of the thin membrane inside. Was a good time.

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The chinese are a disgusting people by nature. Anyone with a chinese is fucking the lowest of the asian totem pole.

Japanese and (reluctantly koreans) are the only God tier azns.

Nah not with her but from personal experience with other Singaporean girls. They're all thirsty for dick, just won't say it

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ahh too bad, but sounds like fun. keep posting her tho! any good stories about other singaporean sluts? always wanted to fuck one, but only had mainlanders

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needs more nerdy korean girl ass

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Mainlanders would be similar imo. Singaporean's tend to be rather entitled when they're so similar to their PRC counterparts. Pretty bad at sucking dick too and tend to starfish in bed. Maybe their pussies can't handle white dick

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My dick is throbbing at the thought of stretching a singaporean chinese good girls pussy with my white dick

Post moar zeds!

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Japs are aight but Viet butt hole ftw

that's a nice booty hole

anyone want to start a non-asshole focused asian amateur thread?

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Nah let's keep it classy and keep posting asian assholes

sauce pls?

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