I am an 18 year old transracial man. I was born black but identify as white. AMA

I am an 18 year old transracial man. I was born black but identify as white. AMA.

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how many times did you nigger this week?


What makes you identify as white?

I have always just felt white. I can't explain it well. I just don't identify with blacks. I don't hate them tho.

He got a job

When did you catch the retard?
Do you only identify with the privilege you wish you had or do just like shitting on your family history and culture?

I will not be answering rude questions.

Comes on Sup Forums, says AMA and then says he won't answer rude questions.
Fine, is it possible you don't identify with certain stereotypes? You can be your own person. You can be a unique black person without having to fit whatever box you think that is.

I suppose so. I just feel like blacks do not get me.

why not just identify as black, like you are black
and not give a fuck about identity because thats playing into this segregation shit people have been pushing recently again

I'm not black. Watch what you say to me.


what are you gonna do about it black boy?


That doesn't mean you're really white on the inside. You just don't relate to the people or culture around you.
I think you should just be yourself and hangout with people you relate to even if they're white. I've met blacks that are stereotypically white and the reverse.
I just think it shits on your family to say it was a mistake you were born black.

You'll be sorry when I'm famous.

I identify as a cucumber. Deeeerp

i might, yeah, but at least i wont be a racially confused (somehow thats a thing nowadays) retard that got famous because liberal society felt the need to prop him up just because hes a clueless black man

It's s black who identifys as white and is gonna be famous! Shit! hide your son's hide your husband!

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How often do you say:

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is Michael Jackson your inspiration? what do you think about his transition? I know it was because of a skin disease

I think he transitioned really well.

> Feels white
> Doesn't hate blacks
Sure pal

He's a cuck

That just means you're black but not a nigger. There is a difference and its a good thing. We need more regular people whose skin just happens to be black

Just what the hell are you trying to say?


18yo very hot heterosexual female caucasion blonde female stuck in the body of a 45 yo, 300 pound, smalldicked, pimplefaced latinoamerican guy, here. AMA

What are your pronouns?

blacks are not human beings

Tits or gtfo

t. mentally ill

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chêck êd

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This is more believable than those transexual fruitloops.

do you have a wbc?


check lê

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Preferring ones own race to others is a core human experience. Hopefully, you find your way back to your genetic tribe because whites will only tolerate you while its socially required of them.

Michael Jaxckson Jr?

I feel the same. I'm white but I feel like a mexican.

Oh god its this shit again

please do everyone a favor and kys

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I do believe Sup Forums is where you meant to post this

you have nothing of value for them to steal then. Which makes you super black (nothing of value)

i am trans-species, i identify as bigfoot, i require an entire square mile of untouched forest in order to poop in peace

I identify as a Japanese Jew.

Do you think you will ever have gotten enough attention?
Do you ever feel ashamed to need attention as badly as you do?
Do you ever wonder whether you should have been born a little girl, given your boundless need for attention and approval?

Are you this guy? Oreoman?