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Hahahaha idiots

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Man, red ones are the man eaters.


nice moves


How are asians so smart yet so retarded

>where did that pole come from?

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Meanwhile literally in Russia


I had an awesome new video of war veteran cutting his own throath om the street but im too retarded to know how to compress it and to know what format Sup Forums takes so id you wanna see it help me out

Is this how Miis were made

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>to know what format Sup Forums takes
webm, no audio track and there's a max resolution and a max file size.

ahahah stupid tranny

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+1 internet

Whenever I see this I am reminded of lunch because I cling-film all my sandwiches yum

what was that?

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It's teh butt plug falling out of the bag at teh end which gets me

Fucking finnally this video is fresh asf literally

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max file size is 2MB i think. webm with no audio

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I like rekt threads but I feel I always post the same shit. Any safe gore sights u recommend I could visit?

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>pokes him with foot. Yep he's a goner.

wtf they could've done something


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no sound .... Go fuck yourself

Nah man our police is bad asf, my cousin got away with driving at 16 and all he had to do was give them one dinner and you can avoid all tickets with $10

Hope she buys herself a gun and puts the next little cunt that fucks with her in the ground.

ordering next day shipping at 11:59PM be like:

is his car made of aluminum cans?

is he ok?

New cars are made to "fold" to absorb the impact

as if the kid took the hit better than the adult, RIP to the child that rolled off screen and into a ditch...

I had similar accident on a bicycle, and I'm slav too. Why the fuck poles appear out of nowhere? No wonder Stalin tried to get rid of Poland.

You realize that's a guy, right?

Only the smart ones make it to the west

Even 500 kV line won't do this shit.

The REAL Ash Ketchum trying to catch a Charizard.

Trees like this

pyccкиe впepёд!

Doesn't matter no reason to act a nigger

I dont think he should have a gun given the high rate of suicide amongst the mentally handicapped.


To keep the thread alive

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Asians aren't smart, they're just really good at cheating.

This is a good thing so that people are discouraged to be trans.

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Nerve gas




K I will brb will post more in like half an hour

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i hope it will happen to your stupid kid.

He cepьeзнo, я cтoл cлoмaл.

Just because you have a rotting pseudo-pussy, doesn't mean that you will ever be a real woman.

You sound like a faggot. I agree with you but chill on the edge dude.


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I love how ridiculous a drag artist looks when he's forced to drop the pretence. Dude, you're just a guy wearing tennis balls in a bra.

He, him, dude, man ,guy, his, bloke, bro, fag

Thank you for using this image

So happy he got out in the end!

wtf i love stand your ground laws now?

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tbh the pinki wig and stuffed shirt are a little bnit much.

We should have nuked the rest of Japan while we had the chance.


why were the palms of that guys hands blood red?

>tfw the Japanese admited they deserved 12 bombs atleast

Just gloves.

Thank you for making my day. Crip sports are fucking hilarious.

I love how he's kicking the ceiling like some sort of Bruce Lee.

Best way of peserving a pussy for long term storage

Imagine being those cops, imagine that's your job, wtf

What could they have done for the severed arteries in his neck? Apply sufficient pressure to prevent bleeding there by starving his brain of oxygen killing him? Clearly your brain has been starved of oxygen for too long in the past too, or not long enough.

flip that dog over and crush its ribcage with your body mass already

Chink wrap

Calmly feel the dogs neck with your other hand untill you find the carotids. Squeeze and strangle them. Walk away from fainted dog.

They should have put the man down instead of that dog.

book smarts and common sense are two vastly different things

You're shit.

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thumb in the eye socket or squeeze the nuts should do the trick.

There's more than 1 way to do this