Do you have a boicock or a mancock?

do you have a boicock or a mancock?

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I have a girlcock


I will suck any cock. Don't care how big it is.


Idk bro, 12cm flaccid, 17-19cm hard (bone pressed), getting a chastity tomorrow tho.

you should be more selective about you peen suck habit, user. youll develop a nasty complex.

Boi pussi

I have a broke cock. I'm on Valium to keep it soft while it heals. 3 more weeks of this shit minimum. God I want to fucking die

do you have a boipenis?

Nine and half inches. Gets inside the body when flaccid.


that's why you shouldn't have sex especially like a wild lusty gorilla

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sissy boicock

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Definitely a little sissy penis ;)

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My dick isn't small, it's just far away.

Medium cock? Lol

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i regret not doing this when i was with a guy who was sooo big


You tell me

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About 15.5 cm erect in length and 14.3 cm in girth

About 6.5 inches with decent girth. Not huge, but not tiny either.

Let's see

im mostly straight with a fairly large penis but i get horny and gay when i think about a dude with a dick bigger than mine

Mentally I have a hard time believing I actually have a penis.

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You would be really cute if you shaved and became a twink.

Thank you, I've always liked the idea of embracing my feminine side. Just feel like since I'm 6'3 with broad shoulders, a large frame, excessive body hair and a bit overweight I would never be able to pull it off.

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