I just dumped my girlfriend of 2 years. Seemed a sweet caring girl, family orientated and all that...

I just dumped my girlfriend of 2 years. Seemed a sweet caring girl, family orientated and all that. We got drunk and she confessed she did a gangbang like a month before we met and loved it. I immediately packed the stuff I had at her place and got the fuck out.

The whore doesn’t even realize what she did wrong and is now heartbroken and all. Now her whore girlfriends are trying to gaslight me saying I’m an asshole because “it’s all in the past” and “she just had an experience”.

What hellish timeline are we in? Where the fuck do you find a decent woman nowadays? Do they even exist anymore? How the fuck am I supposed to start a family with a whore?

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>an asshole
Seems so. You did that chick a favor, she deserves better.

Back to faggit with your garbage.

Admitted to when drunk? I'd love to hear how that conversation came up. Please elaborate.

Really? A gangbang? multiple dudes cumming in and on her at the same time... nothing wrong with a girl have previous partners but what's wrong with wanting your partner to have a little self respect, enough not to be a slut for a bunch of guys at the same time. Yuck.

>imagine being that much of an insecure virgin faggot
I hope you die alone while I fuck your girlfriend

Oh, it's this copypasta again.

why are you posting this exact same thread again?

copypasta to trigger cucks

So you dumped someone, cuz she told you what she did in, past before your relationship? Lel. How guys like you expect honesty in relationship if you cant cope with it? I,m a guy with a past, had few girls. My wife was virgin when i met her, I was her first. I told her about everything i did to be honest. She told me its past and she doesnt care. I told her after some time, its not a first date conversation. We arę happily married for 6 Years now. And truth and honesty is main factor why.

she didn't even know you that time and she fucking CHANGED, you just admitted it!
hope you'll beg her to take you back and she will just shit on you

Op you can't expect that a woman tells you her sex life in the 1st date, maybe exhange aids tests, but you deserve to be doxxed, 1st pointing women as whores 2nd judge her as a prostitute after a gang bang, that is why exists condoms, you missed a girlfriend with experience. I hope they sue you for rape

Fuck off you dumb whore.
OP is 100% correct. That fucking roastie has zero self-respect and this ultimately reflects on him if he chooses to be with her. A gangbang?! Fuck that. I understand girls want to explore and doing a bit of kinky shit is understandable, girl on girl, a one night stand or two, maybe, maybe, even a threesome.... but a fucking gangbang like the lowest of whores and cheapest of porn bitches. Fuck that.

Good job OP. Filthy fucking slags like this nasty whore I’m replying too will only project their own disgusting emotional and mental trauma from their deep seeded understanding that their nothing more than holes to be fucked — and therefore they’re behavior is “of no concern” because it happened “before.”

Run DONT walk from that roastie

looks like OP decided to reply to himself

i'm with op, too

The problem with that is?

Have fun being single up there on that high horse of yours

>before we met
>stupid whore doesn't realize
This is why men are ridiculed by feminazis today. Kys insecure faggot and grow a pair

This is copy pasta from Sup Forums. Get the fuck out, you fucking newfags.

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> T. Stupid whore
What a shocker

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Man sure is a lot of white knights in this thread xD I think it's gross bro and I agree with you. What she did in past RELATIONSHIPS is what you should get over. That's just nasty

Trigger roastie.

Lmao how’s being 30 and no guy wants to commit to you because you’re damaged goods?

by this definition every woman is a whore if she likes sex and is into kiny stuff. this might be true but who cares, men would be whores too if youd just let them.
If this is true (which i doubt), user is missing out on a decent girl thats into a lot of hot things like threesomes.
this just sounds immature, she didnt cheat on you or anything. bet youd be up for the task if someone proposed to you an orgy with all girls, but that never happens and thats why youre probably jelly at women in general.
grow up, find yourself a virgin if you must, but im sure girls with experience are better at sex than girls who are waiting for the one man to marry.

Op is right

>grow up, find yourself a virgin if you must, but im sure girls with experience are better at sex than girls who are waiting for the one man to marry.
This is so objectively false and stupid it’s amazing. By this logic, a person’s best bet for a happy marriage and rewarding sex life is to find, if possible, a literal prostitute... or better yet a sex slave. Think of all that

Fucking roasties around here. Fuck off

>but a fucking gangbang like the lowest of whores and cheapest of porn bitches.
probably watches gangbang porn all the time.

Turn 360 degrees and walk away.

>hurr durr prolly duz

270 degrees would be better tbqh

first, learn what objectively means. You seem like youre using that word wrong a lot.
second, a woman who doesnt explore her sexuality does probably not have the drive to do so, meaning they are rather fragile and/or boring in bed (because of the lack of interest).
but i guess thats what you like you low libido incel.

you made the right choice good karma is heading your way OP

It's copypasta you stupid fucking nigger. It even says so about 5 times up-thread.

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Why are gangbangs necessary to gain sexual experience I wonder? It's for the experience it's justified. Just like that time I tried meth and the 36 times after

lol too busy pretending to be a big guy on Sup Forums to think about what OPs actually saying. yeah, the point is that you could fuck her, anyone could. complete lack of standards and self respect. whoosh

Good job. You deserve better!
Heil Hitler..

You did the right thing. Whores defending whores. Find another social pool to socialize in.

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the willingness to try it shows a higher interest in exploring. sure yoou can never try anything out, but my bet is you can always make things more interesting.

>what she did wrong

what did she do wrong besides making you envious and butthurt user?

>first, learn what objectively means. You seem like youre using that word wrong a lot.
>in a way that is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions
Which is everything you posted and stated as fact, which is not accurate and is therefore your subjective opinion. Opinion formed no doubt in propping up your deflated ego and abundant lack of self respect for whores, such as yourself, who contend:
>gangbangs are no biggie. A woman being an absolute degenerate whore is just fine... take me for example
> a woman who doesnt explore her sexuality does probably not have the drive to do so, meaning they are rather fragile and/or boring in bed (because of the lack of interest).
>exploring her sexuality equals getting railed and degraded by multiple strangers; if a woman saves her virginity for her husband or first love interest she has no interest in sex

Arguing with holes. My mistake.
Post tits or GTFO you used up, dry old bitch.

Once again a gang bang is a pretty extreme thing like ie trying meth. Literally demeaning yourself to a level where you're only there to please the men around you. She's a keeper xD

This bitch is trying to say you won't be fun I'm bed unless you do gang bangs. Sound like someone's having some regrets, trying to make themselves feel better? Hm? It's ok you can tell us about it.

Yeah you did the right thing op, dirty fucking tramp. I would do the same thing in that situation.

This. Perfect

or not restraining oneselfes value to "she only loves me if she only finds me attractive".
stupid child, go on believing sex and love are the same. sex is fun. love leads to someone (maybe)deciding not to fuck others after they found "the one".

incel virgin detected. this rethoric always comes down to "i dont fuck girls, because i get my moral views from other incels on the web, therefore everyone whos living a normal live and is not brooding over shit like this should not be fucking anyone as well."

She deserves better? You're fucked, would you really want that to be the mother of your children?

at least shes hustler, a teamplayer and not a quitter.

I just spent the last 10 minutes solving captchas wrong for jewgle.


Good women are all over the place.

your deduction skills make you seem like a 11 year old.

the choir of incels is strong in this thread


Does posting about 11yr olds get you hot, roastie, thinking about your first forays into gangbangs with your uncles and their friends.
Did they help you “explore” and “experience” the differences between sex and love?

LOL. Modern roasties are fucking cancer

>belives his mother never sucked cock or had sex with more than one man at ones

Don't listen to these faggots. I completely understand and it's a normal reaction. A gangbang is crossing the line, and now that you know you can never forget. But if you considered her actual wife material and a legitimate partner before you found out then you should at the very least attempt to cool down and see if it's really something you can't let go. Also post more pics.

>men who avoid degenerate whores and don’t suffer the foolishness of damaged-goods-roasties are all incels
>not liking your gf being in gangbangs makes you an incel
>in fact everyone I haven’t gotten around to fucking yet is an incel

"the words of the antidote to cancer"

>No one gives a fuck
>Because you're a cuck
>Okay OP?
>Shhh shh shh
>Don't cry OP!
>Just stop being a betaboy!
>Learn the Chad ways!!

U wot?

Yep, does a pretty damn good job too.

"Alpha" male detected.

Just how omega do you want OP to become?

She wouldn't have cared of you had a gangbang, idiot

Yep. It's sort of like doing porn. Nothing wrong with it ethically, but pornstars are not healthy people and I wouldn't be interested in dating one.

I found out my gf was gangbanged shortly before we got together. Apparently it was a one time fantasy. Not a huge deal

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not realizing that we (in the west) live in an oversexualized world and women only adapt better to it, because they are in charge who has sex and who not, only shows you are being left out of the fun and furious about it.
its not 1950 anymore, people can have sex if they want. the ones having a problem with it are the ones who not get laid and belive in the holyness of their waifus.
taking part in a gang bang doesnt mean shit anymore, but sure repeat your chant about the loss of worth through sexual openness.

i mean he already feels cucked by his girl before he even knew her. so i dot think he can sink much lower.

>repeat your chant about the loss of worth through sexual openness
>getting fucked like a rape victim by multiple men = sexual openness.
You’re truly vile. I’m sure you’re parents are proud

>be me
>spend almost 17 years married to a pure virgin girl
>she turns out to be unfaithful, dishonest, and a bitch
>get remarried to a former roastie
>she turns out to be loving, caring, honest, and faithful

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> implying he wouldn't participate in a female gangbang if he could

GTFO hypocritical butthurt faggot

if thats your girl, who cares what she did before, as long as she sucks your dick now.

Gangbangs sound badass on paper. But as soon as a guy starts talking to me while I'm fucking its over. Ayy can't even allow and erection while looking at a guys face.

Nothing against true brothers. My own are pieces of shit to me.

Give it a few more years, user. I’m sure you’ll find the common denominator is you, when your new slut gets tired of your dumb ass also

> not knowing what rape is
dude, are you like some sort of SJW-Incel hybrid?
your parents should have flushed you.

>butthurt incel can only generalize
who hurt you?

Shut the fuck up stupid ass people have a past what when and who she did is your fuckin business I’m sure your crying bitch ass fucked other women before u met her should she leave u cause u had sex before u met good luck finding your virgin u don’t deserve a woman if you’re gonna hold someone’s sexual past against them idiot

That’s what I think. I don’t care about her past

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You are a idiot she should have left u

not to change the subject. but got anything more spicy of her?

True I bet if she had kids in the past it wouldn't have mattered either

she probably did, poor fag wouldnt admit to it

sounds like she dodged a bullet with you m8

So being with her made you feel special. Now it turns out youre basically as special as some random dudes who gangbanged her. It is a sex hangup, making sex this special. But it seems the two of you disagree: she thinks sex is only as special as who is next in line at the gangbang.

Unless she gave u a std it ain’t your business who she fucked in the past

weird diversion. but i guess the incel arguments are running low.

Sure, why?

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all of these people who say someones sexual past doesnt matter are either lying or stupid. It cant matter completely, but lets be reasonable. You would hold past rape, animal abuse, incest, etc against a person, no? Hire a past thief to watch your house? The past speaks to character, and people act in accordance with character. So why not this? We all have our moral standards

>ITT: White knights and incels

Yeah, cause being a whore is so cool! How dare anyone judge her behavior as if it was a red flag.

Which are you?

because i want more. big plus for her Butt

> compares consensual sex with crimes
dude, youre reaching higher than a midget at target


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Dang looks like this girl Shannon H I used to date in high school. She use to shred my back with her long nails while we fucked for hours. She could take some dick.

if youre boiling the future of your relationship down to this you must have some real inferiority complex. yeah she fucked a bunch of guys at once when single, but the she chose being with this guy for 2 year. this shows more of a character fault than the gangbang.

any nudes?

I torture cats, not a crime in my country.
Wanna get me for pet sitting? An action is a fucking action.

Oy vey soygoy. Y u so butthurt?

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> Gnegne woman can't like dick gnegne but i'm sharing her nude on Sup Forums and i'm a big coomer gnege hooga booga

What a fucking incel lmao, breath some air and fuck some gurl maybe you'll understand why she likes sex retard

Let it be cheating then. Or having sex with much older men. "Oh I was a homewrecker for a 65yo, user"...hmm maybe you don't think someone should be judged for past actions, but they do reveal a person's character. Stop with the "past doesnt matter" meme. In reality, it always matters because it can predict future actions

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Insecure bottom faggot detected. If you think your girl is a virgin when you fuck her you are retarded. They are all whores.

Seems like all girls that look like this can