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if you sleep in the same room as your 5 year old kid, do you have sex in the same room when she/he is sleeping?

im dating a guy who has a kid, they share bedroom. when i was going to sleep at his house for the first time he wanted to fuck me. i thought it was wierd because his 5 year old kid was asleep there so i said no,
is this a warning sign?

is this normal? he is the first parent im dating,

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A five year old in the same bedroom means either you're very poor or doing a shit job raising the child to have even the basic semblance of independence.

That makes me super uncomfortable. Not necessarily a warning sign but I think it's a bit odd.

A 5 year old is old enough to sleep alone - for god sake, they start school at that age.

Imagine the kid waking up and seeing you sucking dick or slanging pipe. Feels very... inappropriate.


No, definitely not normal to want to fuck in the same room as your 5 year old child. This definitely shows severely impaired judgement on his part, not to mention it tells you where his priorities are.

These are some big red flags.

my first thought was incestpedo-shit, but how can i know?

like i said we didn't fuck because it felt so wierd, but it is still in my mind...

about they sleepin in the same room i have nothing to say, i think it is normal and can be cute when parents share bedroom with their kids. i would love to have my parents nearby when i was a kid, i had terrible nightmares and i guess i would need the protection

this guy never had kids

red flags how?

This sounds very white trash. I fucked a girl with her 3 year old kid in the room several times. It seemed weird at first and I wouldn't do it now but I was going and she was living with her parents. I'd say the guy is probably aggodndad in the sense he wants to protect his kid but a bad parent in the sense that he can't figure out a way to be alone with his lady. Women are good at training those things into guys though so maybe see if he's trainable.

Jesus, do you really need it spelled out? Because he's putting his selfish need to get his dick wet above the needs of his child's psychological well being. Who knows how far this line of thinking extends, but if I were you, I wouldn't stick around to find out. He's not a fit parent.

maybe he was just very hrny and ''wanted to get what he can't have''
whn i was younger living with my parents i remember it was a kick to try to fuck really quiet.

but yeah i will not be at his place again because i was kind of grossed out

have you ever met a man who is a fit parent lol why do u think all girls today have daddyissues

maybe next time he'll ask if you want anyone to join

Some are, but yeah not the majority. My Dad was absolute shit so I learned everything NOT to do by watching him, and oddly enough it's made me a great Dad.

But yeah, this guy is not long-term material.

I don't know why it hasn't been asked at this point yet but I think we'd all like to see some tits.

I personally wouldn't do it, that's not to say I haven't ever felt horny with a girl even though my kid is there though. My sex drive doesn't just stop. Lots of cultures are less taboo about sex and don't try to pretend it doesn't exist for the first few years of a kids life. But still the thought that someone was getting turned on by a kid being there would gross me out.

weird but you dont need to have loud porn style sex all the time, a sneaky quiet spooning quicke would be ok as long as the kids asleep and if he wakes up it doesnt look like you are doing anything but cuddling.

we had a quilt on us...


that's kind of weird, maybe he should have just suggested you guys go to the bathroom and fuck on the floor, that probably would have been more your style you filthy retarded whore

5 is waaaay to old to be sleeping in the same room. Neither parent nor child can get good sleep that way. Between six months and a year children should transition into their own bedroom. But why can’t you guys just have sex on the couch or on a blanket on the living room floor?