Do you ever feel the desire to have sex with other girls other than your girlfriend?

Do you ever feel the desire to have sex with other girls other than your girlfriend?

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No, you should kill yourself immediately.

No, I don't ever feel the desire to have sex with other girls other than your girlfriend.

yes, and checked

I won't answer this comment bc I killed myself

never have a girlfriend, find girls that like staying friends and fucking casually, much less heartache and way more pleasure than dealing with a gf

this but without the casual sex

Not sure if this is relevant or not but, was faithful for a year and a half just to find out she was cheating, I'm dating someone new and now I have the desire to cheat on her constantly. Havent yet but I do have some hoes in the back burner

For the 18 or so odd months I had a gf in HS I was nothing but faithful and never even thought or looked at other girls. I get other girls being attractive is reality but once you have a SO looking around to cheat is stupid

Don’t let one bitch ruin your morals brother. Not all girls are like that. You probably have trust issues from it but don’t break your girlfriends heart.

how do you know that's true though if you have never had a girlfriend?

I dont even have girlfriend.

Dont really think its trust issues to be honest, I dont find this girl attractive although the more I hang out with her the cuter she seemed to be getting. I started off talking to her to use her for her money but things ended up going towards a different direction

Yeh, felt up my friend at a new yesrs party while my gf was out of town. Not sure if i feel guilty about it.

I've had more girlfriends than you faggot cunt shit piss dick nigger

they sound like real women of value, especially if they would give a chance to a man who can string together insults worse than a 10 year old Hispanic kid.

no, this is weird. no man ever does that. ridiculous.

We both do. So we have ffm 3 somes regularly

always, not in a relationship now but every girl i have dated or had a long term relationship with i always tought about fucking their mother, sister, friends, their neighbour, the girl at the gas station, basicly everyone. but i only cheated once. usually all thoose girls made me insanely horny and when i got home i released it all on my gf. would not mind a more open gf in the future, someone into swinging or 3 or 4 somes. im fine with her fucking another dude if i get a go on his gf.

My what?

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>your girlfriend?
no such thing