Ask someone who beat the shit out of a drunk marine anything

>Ask someone who beat the shit out of a drunk marine anything.

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Why do you think anyone cares that you’re breathing?

I'll ask you the same

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Oh burrrrn

Holy shit /thread

Who are you quoting?

I served over 20 years in the Air Force. I worked my ass off and was severly underpaid for the shit I had to put up with. I had 11 days off in 2014, and I still got paid my "normal" paycheck the entire time.

I realize this is a troll thread, but you guys have no idea what you're talking about.

Fucking checked

>having 11 days off
Explain you'reself


Like that never happens in the public sector, especially lower mgmt.

I was deployed the entire year and worked 12 hour days. I had one day off a month except for the first month.

You killed people for a living and wasted tax dollars. You have done zero to help out the world kill yourself.

No draft, you couldnt get a job in the private sector.

No R&R?

OP you did no such thing!
Stop acting like a king!
You only sing!
Sing fucking lies.
Thats what you fucking sing.

Now open wide and accept my Chad cock down your fucking throat faggot.

Don't feed the troll.

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Thanks for contributing to the economy.
All that drilling, equipment maintenance and patroling must've done a lot to increase national productivity.

There is no R&R from Qatar, it's considered a short tour but without all the PCS benefits (like household goods storage). Nice try armchair General

You were lucky punk if it wasnt for those last few beers i would have layed into you

>Ask someone who beat the shit out of a drunk marine anything.

More like a Marine beat your fucking drunk fat ass because you wouldn't stop botching and moping when the bartender asked you to leave five times.

Now you release your seething anger and frustration onto Sup Forums.


So, lemme guess, you took a couple of swings at a guy who was passed out drunk, and now you're going to puff that little soy chest out like you've accomplished something? You're a bitch, you come from a line of bitches. Your mother? Bitch. Your father? Bitch. Grandfather? Bitch. Your kids? Bitches. You, like all bitches, deserve all of the suffering that's coming your way.

OP you did no such thing!
Stop acting like a king!
You only sing!
Sing fucking lies.
Thats what you fucking sing.

Now open wide and accept my Chad cock down your fucking throat faggot.

OP you did no such thing!
Stop acting like a king!
You only sing!
Sing fucking lies.
Thats what you fucking sing.

Now open wide and accept my Chad cock down your fucking throat faggot.

mate you are retarded

OP tell your new dad Jamal I said hi!

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You can pay someone minimum wage to haul a bucket of cum back'n'forth for 12 hours straight everyday and with 2 off-days a year.
That guy will be working his ass off but what good is it to anyone?

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OP you did no such thing!
Stop acting like a king!
You only sing!
Sing fucking lies.
Thats what you fucking sing.

Now open wide and accept my Chad cock down your fucking throat faggot.

Fpbp also witnessed

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what makes you think what you do is any better

Every one is say this is a troll thread but I agree. People who join the army just want to kill some one legally. And then act like there a hero.But in reality you just killed people so billionaires can get oil. And laugh about stupid you are because you couldn’t even get good grades in high school.

Uh, look up the ASVAB requirements for the service. They're well above average for any community college.

Old men send young soldiers to war so when they’re gone they can slam the young puss. Basically wrinkly balls cock blocking you and blowing loads in your girls mouth for money while you go to war brainwashed and most likely going to die like a dumb cunt.

T. Larpis udidntkickajarheadassus faggotus

Lmao so you didn't go to college yourself right?

All I see in this thread a bunch of weak fags who are projecting their own self doubts about whether then can handle the service. Military guys pull more pussy than any other demographic, including college athletes. Stop being mad that you were born in some shit hole foreign country and will never be an oil-stealing baby-killing pussy-slaying Chad who gets paid to work out.

Do you even understand how fucking stupid of an argument you just tried to push by defending the fact that some american soldiers are more capable than those who attend community college. You are missing the point here you dipfuck

Spotted the euro-fag. Enjoying being "diversified" by the influx of muslims and niggers, big boy

You are sitting on Sup Forums at whatever the fuck time it is in your time zone contributing to this shit show of a thread. You are just as pathetic as anyone else in thread. Get over yourself and stop being counter intuitive

Or a cockold who Marries a chick who bangs dudes while your getting your legs blown off in a war. Yeah sounds really chad nigger

I live in texas my dude, but nice try. Not even coming from a liberal stand point, just pointing out how full of shit you are

/thread also checked

This was bad ass , as someone whose a few months away from joining up . I appreciate you sir

I live in America and I’ll tell you this place is filled with more niggers then you can imagine. They bang all the white girls and do nothing while your fighting in a war lol.

lol faggot

>I live in america

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You are all beta, estrogen dominant cucks who are literally equivalent or worse than transgender eco activists. I have served 20 years in the US navy and I have fucked so many fucking women during my service, you virgins wouldn't even comprehend. Seriously, this is pathetic, You should all strive to better yourselves.

nobody cares faggot

>Military guys pull more pussy than any other demographic, including college athletes

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haha all the bruised egos ITT from faggots who "served"
>hurdur ur a hero u save r cuntree

I have fucked so many fucking women

Again nobody cares faggot
this is Sup Forums it's just as likely you have sucked and fucked SOOO MANY COCKS

Join the navy feel a man.

>>Hello sir, my name is John Brown. I live in the United States of America, in the town of New York City in New York State. I love American Football and eating Hamburgers! How are you today fellow United States Citizens?

no but I have fucked so many women. So many women. I have sex. With women

Overcompensating much navyfag? It's more like you were smoking so many poles down there in that sub

y'all can't be serious right now y'all know I'm making a joke here right stop being fucking retards

Is there anything more reddit than getting repeating numbers?

bringing up reddit because you are mad

it's called quads you fucking piece of shit

Gay for Marines faggot detected

I am going to shit on all of y'alls chests

How old were you when you saw your father for the last time?

nice double dubs bro

Just a reminder that other than a few normal people (thank you for your service, vet posters) the rest of you are complete fags or foreigners who got btfo by the US at some point in the past. Keeping being mad while the military is out there this literal second fucking shit up and being proud of their accomplishments (unlike the rest of you)

Marine corps are all a bunch of nevermind ..

You don't have to cry so hardsnowflake we all know your army step dad made you chug on his cock no need to tell us with tears in your eyes. We don't care about your feelings

You're probably the Jodie sgt. warn me about. Enjoy make burgers while I make bank since my 5 yr hitched paid for my gradschool.

ok boomer

I know drooling on your uncle's navy cock made you mentally unstable but there is no need to lash out emotionally like that.control your feelings better cheetoh dust soy boy

I didn't get much pussy in the army.

Oooof I smell hurt feelings

answering a question with a question. that's quite embarrassing user


Checked and rekt

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I already replied once you fucking inbred but I was making a joke. learn how to use this godforsaken website

>thank you for your service

Are you proud to beat a drunk person? hahaha
The worst part is that shit only happened in your imagination

why are milfag egos so easy to bruise?

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Knowing the kind of people who made that kind of threads or comments, it's just the truth, it's pathetic how you all tried to attack anyone you consider stronger than you online, if you are so brave go record it and post it.

Anyway beating a drunk is nothing to be proud of.

the post was bait you fucking imbecile stop being childish

ITT everyone is fucking retarded and shouldn't be on Sup Forums

I fucked an armyfag's girlfriend on a regular basis while he was deployed, he found out about it and came round to my house one night, his girlfriend with him in tears, he made the mistake of screaming and shouting before he even knocked on the door, so I grabbed a hammer, opened the door, saw he was ready to swing, and I just cracked him on the head with it. It knocked him over, his girlfriend looked like she wanted to laugh - he got up with blood pissing down his face, wobbled a bit, and left - Police turned up and arrested me like an hour later. I got 2 years in prison for GBH lol, but I only actually served 6 months of that. When I got out she'd deleted her social media, haven't heard from either of them since.

As a marine, you probably just knocked a guy around who was black out. Most of the marines I know, especially combat arms guys, are extremely willing to commit violence.

good you edgy cuck now clean yourself up and stop embarrassing yourself

It's painfully obvious you've never left your home state, much less the country. Like paying less than $5 a LITER for gas? That's what the military is for. Enjoy telling other nations to fuck off? Miltiary. Enjoy litareally every freedom? Military.

Freedom isn't free zoomer. Working at Starbucks and getting that new vintage tattoos isn't helping shit either, but you don't see the military complaining about protecting fags like you.

I seemed to have touched a lot of soy boys tender feelings


I, for one, shit my pants laughing.

Nice cringe, faggot.
I take issue with these cunts having all their expenses covered by the taxes we productive citizens generate.
Why is my money being used to cover the costs of delivering cold coca-colas to a bunch of faggots running around in the desert? Furthermore, why do we also have to foot the dentistry bill when Private Jethro decides it's time to drink said cokes and stop brushing?

They're not generating shit and receiving all the government benefits. OP's picture is 100% accurate.

i am literally shaking right now

Because he has quads

Really? Seems like a lot of countries get to enjoy even better perks without paying for all of this bullshit.

I export services to other countries. I bring money into the economy. The military goes around puring cash into whatever shithole they're stationed in.

Less than 1% of employed military see combat or actively fill combat roles. Most are managing logistics, equipment maintainers, working in military food service. The vast majority are doing the same worthless shit everyone else in this country is, just with a cammo jacket and pants

Exactly. Why these "Welfare queens" are getting paid by the government (Out of other people's pockets) for doing the same worthless shit is beyond me.

it is definitely the truth that milfag egos are easy to bruise

>we're fighting for your FREEDUMBS while bombing Sand Niggers back into the stone age for the Oil Industry and Israel

top fucking kek