Anyone have moar?

Anyone have moar?

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I don't, but I wish I did. She's smoking

bump. who is this?

Smoking for sure

On a cuck thread 2 days ago about a dude pimping out his wife to his bff over 1k debt .

Only other pic I have

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Can you post the original pics rather than screenshots? May be able to search for those. Any other info?

Was she forced or did she agree to it?

I only have ScShots. Sorry

I don't remember. Feel like a bit of both....


Holy shit I can't believe you saved my wife... I didn't think anyone was interested in what happened

Prove it

I never thought she would have a thread. Not sure I am ok with it.

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Have any more pics?

Well, you were okay with you if fucking her and you are not okay with a thread.. priorities lol

Damn. Keep posting please

Your bf fucking her. Fucking autocorrect hates everyone

I'll bet it's a rush to know that people want to see your wife naked

Your wife is one of the most attractive women I have ever seen. Take pride in that. Don't sell yourself short either, you landed that stud! She is smoking. And don't fucking give her away for 1k worth of debt.

I guess that's true. I just didn't expect her own thread. We just really needed the cash and she was too wasted to realize or remember she was railed by a guy she can't stand. They never have gotten along, and he took it out on her in bed.

I hate to admit it but a little bit yes

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Damn. Keep going

Have kik, user?

Well the selfish part of me wants more. But the husband in me wants to fucking bitch slap your friend. He is not a friend.. fuck him

user, I don't want to be a fag, but I know quality when I see it. Your wife is quality! Send us pics, smash her tonight, and wake up tomorrow knowing your a fucking man that scored a 10/10 when you are probably an 8 ...

You all are right. She's great. But if I could make another grand without her knowing it again, do I go for it? Is it bad I tricked her into fucking someone she hates?

Imagine her naked body wrapped around you while you on top of her naked body. It's a great feeling.

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Let's see her nude so we can imagine it...

Don't do it. Just fuck her yourself and be happy for how hot she is.

Most of all share more pics!


I missed the original thread, how’d you trick her?

I've never wanted to be a tree before...

user when us...fuckers are telling you to not do it.. don't do it.we suck.. she is great.dont fuck this up..just share lol

You are all right. Here is one last bikini for you. I'll make sure not to fuck this up. My friend did take some pictures though, so I hope he doesn't use those against me somehow

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Well if he got some pics, you might as well share some nudes here

What should we call her?

Let's get those raw pics. You shred with him.share with us


Don't call her anything just enjoy here and be done. I am really not sure about showing her nude. I do have some nude mirror shots from before she started working out and tanning a lot.

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You let your best mate smasssssh her and you won share with us an old mirror shot... Love "logic".

I'm enjoying her very much. Thanks for sharing her with us

It's totally up to you dude. You could always post it and delete it after a bit if you change your mind

I do think she is amazing. Got kik?

He did pretty much pay 1000 to hate fuck her though. It is a lot different. Here for trips. Deleted first time, nervous to share her nude.

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Damn. Very nice nips! She's really sexy

Love those little tits

Thanks. She is self conscious about her little titties. Plus she took these before getting in great shape so would kill me for sharing. Still pretty damn sexy for being 36 right?

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I never would have guessed she's 36. I'd have guessed 25. She's got a really tight body!

She is perfect man


I'd love to see these pics with her face showing

Damn she looks great

Holy shit! Any more?

Yeah she get's that all the time. Closer to 40 but looks like her early 20s. Last one that I want to share but shouldn't any more

Fucking idiots.
Look at the moles. This is not the same woman.

I hope you change your mind. You should definitely share more

At least 3 dif women.

For gods sake. These idiots will believe anything.
The earth is flat. jerk off to that.

You could still find this on the b archive. Regardless of whether it was deleted or not

OP is a big piece of shit.