Do I have anything to live for?

Do I have anything to live for?

>20 years old
>Never had gf
>Wage slave
>Haven't been happy in years
>No friends
>Use Sup Forums

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You're still young enough for things to change in the future

Wanna sext

You are good friend just keep going.

>Never had gf
I doubt that means he's fag

Get a trade. Make a bunch of money. Depending what you do, work 6 months and vacation 6 months. Use said money to travel and bullshit. Women will love that shit too.

Things could be worse.

>had a hot young gf but fucked it up
>social recluse last 5 years
>bottom tier wage slave
>maniacally flit between euphoria and deep depression
>1 friend
>here forever now

How did you fuck it up ?

Join the Air Force dude it'll get you outta that situation and set you up for life

I'm 20 joined when I was 18 outta high school, I work on air craft doing avionics, just got orders to japan for 3 years, I have no regrets, steady pay, set up for getting out, and if I didn't join I'd be just like you back in my small hometown working shit jobs plus girls like military and I've been laid quite a bit so there's that too, honestly from how I was in HS to now I've changed completely and for the better too

No. An hero

my man, listen.

life doesn't make sense. sometimes you get handed a home run, sometimes you get hit with the fast-ball. you can sit around all day trying to crack the code, figure out what you're doing wrong, what the world's doing wrong, why you're losing where others are winning, but at the end of it you'll just have a bunch of theories that sound good to your own brain and still be in the same damn room.

this thing's weird. some years are really lonely and extremely painful or unfair. they say good/bad things come in threes but they don't, they come however they're going to. It feels like a rut right now, like it'll always be this way or worse, but it wont. There's some stuff/people in your life right now that you're not even thinking about being lucky to have. You won't always have them. There's awful stuff in your life you'd like to change, and it will.

Be here in this moment. This boring, mundane, sexless, day-on-repeat moment because it's just as much part of your life as anything that'll come up next. Hang in there brother. I don't know how or when or why, but your situation will improve. success shows up when you wear down failure to the point it gives up.

Do I?

>30 years old
>Never had gf
>Haven't been happy in years
>No friends
>Use Sup Forums

Talk to me at 40.

>wage slave
Yeah, fuck work, AIR? /s

Never buy under armor, drink monster, or eat Ben and Jerry's, and you should be just fine.

Could just pass the time.

Do you have a criminal record? If not you're options are pretty open. I'm currently joining Homeland security. Find something you like and do it.

Be a wage slave for another decade, just keep jumping around as long as it's a better opportunity experience hella shit then either force yourself to do something different or then kill yourself

>20 years old

Just wait 10 or 15 more years. Even if shit goes bad, there's still a lot of stuff that could happen, good or bad. Even if it's bad, wouldn't you like to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?

Your 20 calm the fuck down, i would recommend starting to work out because your clearly depressed and it actually helps, theres plenty of time left to get your shit together

Avoid pornsites, Sup Forums etc

DO SPORT, Go to gym
Start cooking
set little targets

Make yourself compliments,
Later u start to love yourself
U become confident
People will admire u

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Talk to me at 80

What's wrong with Ben and Jerry's?

All I'm trying to say is let curiosity get the best of you, because experience is the greatest currency this world wants, especially since the majority is getting incredibly lazy with micro-details. I'm getting paid 120k/y to sit around at home waiting for an error that will never happen for a company's data server, at which only 30 mins at most will be applied to fix that error. I'm 28 years old. Lived the poor life of turning on an oven for house heat, not eating for days at a time. You have all that free time even if you're working.

23 here. trying to stop porn and masturbation. plan to get married. you can live a happy life OP. stop comming and learn new things instead. stop coming to Sup Forums porn boards. r/Coomer is pretty good motivation.

It's just the beggining

id rather be in ops situation before going to reddit

Surly I cant be the only one that likes what this user had to say?

Also is this thread a joke or some kind of bait? listing those things and listing an age of 20, seems like bait.

whats wrong with under armour

Do this OP

yeah must be bait we all know 20 year olds dont have emotions op must be a fag

I'm about to be 23. I was like you at age 20. Lost, depressed, problems with addiction, lonely.
Now I go to the gym regularly, I'm much more socialized, working on going back to school, and I have job opportunities. No current gf but if I keep going in the right direction I know she will come.
To be honest? I'm not even worried about getting a gf right now. I feel secure in where my life is headed and girls flirt with me because they can sense I'm a confident, positive man who has his shit together. Sure, I'm still living with my parents and have little money, but that's what alcoholism and 2 rehab treatments in one year do to you.
It's a long and winding road to the top, to success, to fulfillment. I'm willing to walk that road. And every day I can wake up knowing I'm a few steps closer to the man I know I can be.
Miracles aren't real, OP. And nothing will be given to you. Embrace the struggle and remember it's OK to feel. No need to suppress your feelings with chemicals or other things...process your feelings and deal with them in a healthy way.
I also find that just a little bit of sunshine every day improves my mood. Vitamin D is a fantastic medicine for the mind and body.
I hope everything goes well for you, OP. You're gonna make it!

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This is great advice as well. Also good pic

Everything. Melted plastic water bottle, dollar store sandals for 18$. Kevin plank is a undeservedly wealthy hyper faggot who acts like he saved Baltimore. All the upper middle class Gentry wear the brand to have "local pride" but marylanders of that economic class as federal government parasites who are not from here in anyway.

Who is this co opting angel in you pic?

Hypocritical hippies. Better than the Koch brothers for industrialists, sure. But still traitors to all their supposed principles

not bait. just wishing him the best

typical zoomer

>id rather be in ops situation before going to reddit
Asking you to sometimes browse a single board not the whole site. This site has no place for motivation against porn and fapping. Here you will keep relapsing.

yeah but... reddit

OP, I hope you don't mind if I vent in your thread too.

I'm almost 23 and feel like I'm floundering. I made good progress out of my depression from my first gf fucking with my head and kicked aside a one sided "friendship" and I'm stronger for it all but a recent suicide attempt in August last year came out of nowhere and I feel like my progress is stagnating because of it. I'm staying positive and trying to pull myself out of my family home again but I've crashed or something and I dunno if I should pick up the pieces or just move on and build from scratch.

I am trying to wean myself off of cigarettes and cutting out shit like HFCS from my diet, you know taking baby steps and shit, but I'm lazy as fuck and scared to quit porn because I've amassed a huge collection of fetish shit that I don't even look at anymore. On top of this, I don't even like sex that much but every single sexual encounter I've had has been utter trash and my ex only compounded the huge insecurities I had before her. I feel like I'll never find someone who will love me wholly and completely and accept my flaws rather than fulfilling their needs in some minor department with someone else who's got a bigger dick or more money or is better at reading emotions.

I just feel like a hopeless machine in a man's world, destined to struggle to be something more and fated to never achieve it.

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>20 years old
Your life hasn’t even started yet... I’m 26 and doing very well for myself, but when I was 20 I lived at home and hated my life
>never had a gf
They are overrated, but If you really want one then go outside and stop complaining about shit. Nothing drys up a chick more than a depressed child who wants the world to feel sorry for him.
>wage slave
Everyone starts somewhere... I started as a wage slave and now after 8years at the same company I’m salary and in charge of hundreds of people at 26. Pick a good company and work hard.
>haven’t been happy in years
Antidepressants exist for a reason. They changed my life.
>no friends
Keep your head up when you’re in public and smile at people. You have to be approachable to meet people no one is going to walk up to a teenage wearing all black who’s staring at the ground
>use Sup Forums
This is a plus

This at 35. OP you are 20. At the start. Get out there and do great things. Have a goal. Work for your longterm betterment. All the stuff that I never did. Good luck!

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hahahaha 20 years. Thats nothing.
No GF, well, not a big problem. You have a job that's nice. No friends etc.

Ye i wager you were a mmm unpopular at school. Did you get bullied, if not its even better, at least you wont have a stigma on you.

Either way, seriously just start working out a little, and start reading. Just short books you can manage, like 30 page a day. Say 2-300 page books.

That will be good for a start, than try to get some friends/acquaintances at your job.

Things are looking up for me at 27 but only because my mom is met/is dating this guy who can give me a good job. Otherwise I've been a neet for the last 5 years. I guess you never know what can happen but I feel you user. For some of us life is mostly hollow. I hope something can come along that makes you motivated.

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Nope. Neither do I.

eeeeh, dude, well the gf part really do suck. But i guess that's that. Like you can't really wallow in sorrow over 1 person your entire life

talk to me, my funeral will be next week. Fucking newfags

>Do I have anything to live for?
years old
Do I have anything to live for?

>20 years old
Here you go rigth there.
the only thing that can ruin this is time so until its time to listen to time, take the time to have time.

you are about to embark in a nice and fun little journey of self-discovery my dear.

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