What's the sluttiest thing you've done for attention?

What's the sluttiest thing you've done for attention?

Do you regret it?

Is there photographic proof?

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I came on my face and I wore my mother's panties.

i dress up and masturbate for my neighbors daily

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Make tribs

they love the show

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I undress and leave the blinds up before i get in the shower for my pervert neighbor

lmao what

my neighbors have been watching me be a slut for months

I was horny in a hotel room and downloaded grindr but pussied out and didn't meet anyone. Instead, I went on omegle on my laptop and played with my ass and i spent ages holding my ass cheeks spread apart so random guys could make themselves cum

I put on my shortest skirt, a bra, and a sheer top, and went out on the balcony with a remove vibe in my panties and forced myself to stay outside until I got off twice.

The balcony is on the third floor and it as winter, so I was (a) super exposed to the street from an upskirt perspective, and (b) obviously dressed way too slutty for the weather.

So your neighbours are faggots? This is pretty undesirable.


hott. where'd you get the clothes from, do you have any of the neighbors panties?

Oh and I forgot. No photographic proof that I know of; I was out for about 20 minutes and it's a busy NYC avenue so who knows.

thats not a girl ?

No faggot you can see the bulge

how am i supose to know that wasnt someone else faggot

It's kinda hard to miss the huge bulge front and centre in the photo

no. theyre hot young women from what i can see. they come back for more every time. myabe ill feed them cum one day and make them eat my ass like butt sluts.

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what is this things

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1 - instagrammer scam selling tea
2 - instagrammer scam to whiten your teeth with some uv light
3 - instagrammer lens for your phone

1. I'm not 100% sure what nr. 1 is, I think it's some herb tea that is supposed to make you think? Fit + Tea? Maybe?

2. That is a tool you put in your mouth to whiten your teeth. If I recall correctly it doesn't even keept them healthy like brushing does, it just whitens them

3. I think that might be a lense that you attatch to your phone to improve it's camera

The darkie asleep In the bed made me chuckle

I spent a summer letting two older dudes pound my ass and other perversions. Why? Attention, hormones, and free beer.

The sluttiest thing my gf did to get attention was to blow 4 guys during school lol.

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I posted on a /soc/ rate thread last year

In nyc too have a pic?

Not your gf, you