Cougar thread

Cougar thread.
Oldest lady I been with was 43 and her sons were in the next room playing fortnite. She did anal and everything girls my age didn’t like even offer to rim me.

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How old are you user? Did she rim you?

Was wondering how did you get into fucking older women? Been wanting to fuck a milf but have no clue where to start

More of her! She’s hot

I was 20 just turned 20 I was just a kid fucking around and she hit me up on fb I was flirting with her lately not to the point where I look desperate or creeping her out. The first thing I did was I checked to see if she was divorced as on Facebook it always shows. She was on a post about someone robbing someone to Local House in my town. I messaged her since she knew a lot about what happened and from there we started talking. It was to the point that me and my friend went At her.
I feel very uncomfortable with her rimming me so the balls did it.

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going to a disco party tomorrow, will be packed with milfs

any tips?

Bars near work offices. Lame ass places like TGIFridays or Chili’s has the choice secretary drink after work types. Trendy Downtown spots where the music isn’t too loud. Pretty easy to figure out if you try to think about it.

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I’m 34 and will be fucking a 47 year old cop tonight

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After the first encounter with a older Woman I began to look on tinder and put my age preference from 35 and up age wise as long as she’s over 40 at some point it became an addiction of trying to sleep with older women I was not as active as I thought I would be on tender I even got the tender gold to see Who would like me because I know a lot of girls on there have it to see who likes them in return or before they get to like you. I would say my record of sleeping with older women is 5. It was not something I would expect to want so much even me being with a girl my age now I still think about it. So many fantasies come to mind we role-play like her being my school principal, my friend Mom, my stepmom or my widowed/divorced neighbor.
Half of them were a train wreck they want compassion and partnership but that makes him the more freaky because they want to keep you around. I am not a good looking guy at all and that’s the least they want is a good looking guy because that makes him even more insecure. They just want a young guy that can keep up with them. All of them love to drink wine which is funny but fuck it. I came to the point where I almost played father for her 13-year-old boy. It was weird but it was part of the fetish because I saw myself as his friend and I was fucking his mom.

What age constitutes a cougar?

I work for a mobile phone network and sell phones. We get a lot of older customers with pay as you go shit, and a lot of them are widowed or just single older women and they always come on to us. The oldest i've fucked was 71 but most were 40-60s

Play it cool and don’t try to be all over her women love it when you listen to them which I hate listening to them but if you make the effort they will reward you. But you should always ask if they like beer weed or any type of drug if the drug gets heavier it will be easier for you to sleep with her. I’m just being realistic when I want to bust a nut I could I don’t care if I had to buy her math as long as she looked the part and fucked.

It all depends my friend was 15 and he was fucking a 30-year-old lady to him that was a cougar but to me you have to be over 40 and look old like.

>The oldest i've fucked was 71
jesus why

Oldest i'd go is 60 and that's pushing it. Better be getting paid mad money to dive into a puss that old.

Be confident. Don’t over-sell yourself or be too corny or arrogant. Treat her like a woman not a stupid little girl. If you take her to bed she is expecting to be rocked so if you’re a two pump chump or know only what you’ve learned from porn she’s probably going to make you feel pretty bad lol

Oldest I banged was 52. Was the most memorable sex I have had. She had 5 kids, but was so tight and tiny. So much fun to fuck.

go on

she was really fit and looked in her early 60s, didn't take long to cum

>she’s probably going to make you feel pretty bad lol

don't care if i smash

My 3rd one she was hard to get and work but was very shy and she loved to get fucked in the ass because She used to be very religious or vaginal sex was a no go when she was young and just stuck to anal even after her failed marriage that’s all she likes.

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>not wanting multiple cock hungry women on rotation.

You have much to learn, my son

i'm aware of that, still the main goal is to get puss atm

This is my last one because right after her I got with my fiancé that happens to be around my age it was fun and everything but I met her at the mall on the parking lot while it was closing and the stupid bitch locked her self out of her car luckily for me I had a slim Jim kit because I used to work at a dealership I figured I would invest since I did a little bit of inventory and got sick of waiting for Keys to be copied.This is my last one because right after her I got with my fiancé that happens to be around my age it was fun and everything but I met her at the mall on the parking lot while it was closing and the stupid bitch locked her self out of her car luckily for me I had a slim Jim kit because I used to work at a dealership I figured I would invest since I did a little bit of inventory and got sick of waiting for keys to be copied I told her if she ever needed help about her car being locked since it’s an older model Honda to give me a call and I left my number sure enough everything escalates through text because you just throw a little flirts at her and at first obviously she didn’t catch on but then when you talk about her job things that stress her out she tends to tell you a lot she was a little trailer trash style smelled like cigarettes drink a lot of beer and all she liked was riding in Harleys but her husband took off with a younger gal. Her sons moved out of state and she was all alone so I will keep her company as one day I went to visit her we had a movie night older women seem to love the movie top gun but I said fuck it it was for something and then we watched a movie from when she was young which was very boring as fuck but as she got drunk and comfortable that’s when it all started we fucked all night and I even had a friend come along because she wanted to get double penetrated because that’s all I would see in her old PS3 saved videos and her phone.

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The reason I’m like this is because my mom walked out on me she was a trash whore I guess I went out to pursue what I didn’t have it didn’t bother me it’s not like a picture of my mom these ladies were a train wreck to begin with at least I was having fun fucking them and at some point humiliating them which they loved I went as far as to buy a dildo with a suction bottom so she can write it and I can stick my dick in her ass and give her the ultimate orgasm not like I cared because at least I know I would cum.

As hot as it is with the stuff she sends me most show too much and because cop I ain’t catching that heat lol

Jesus CHRIST, boy. Too bad mom didn't teach you about the importance of punctuation before she bounced.

This lady almost didn’t let me fuck her it took me three years but in the very end it was so worth the wait not like I was waiting on her because I was too busy trying to get others a lot of the times I got Smart and start to work then slowly I don’t put pressure and less the time is right but when the date came it was so worth it she had me come so many times she was very into being dominant in a good way not a psycho way so it turned me on more

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Is he black?

uugh give me more big tits user

This is the only good picture I have since I actually turn on the flash I’m putting my phone down to take a picture of her but I had to fight her and making her think I actually deleted the picture which on the iPhone you can’t delete them but you can recover them.

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Cougar met her at a bar and boy she showed me what a woman can do!!! To miss this 47 when I was 21

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do you have more of her? i like this picture

This is actually decent content, but can you either punctuate or greentext?

These stories are exhausting to read

Who is black? If you mean me I’m half white and half spic

lol. this faggot

Sorry I kinda new to the greentext

>'buy her math'

lol we talking just a lil addition or going all the way off the deep end into trying to find her hypotenuse

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Another fuckwit thread from the fuckwit of fuckwits

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