Have you made your daily offering of repeating digits to the Lord Kek?

Have you made your daily offering of repeating digits to the Lord Kek?

Repent your sins and all shall be forgiven.

No Kek, Know Fear.
Know Kek, No Fear.

Kek spelled backwards is Kek

here it come

Daily reminder this autistic kek shit is not present on cripple Chan. If you are sick of shit like this and autistic flag collecting come on down. We are like Sup Forums only no autism

kill me

Was Qek Kangz Too?

You'll be the first to go.

I reported someone yesterday for making a thread like this and he was permabanned. Hope that mod is watching this thread too = )

Please let a certain (((firearm merchant))) burn to death in his sleep.

Heretics will burn


Praise kek, hopefully some big nosed (((senator))) dies.

Look at this faggot, lying in a kek thread.

Were Kek @

This one's for the death of another (((firearm merchant))) of the (((kike))) persuasion.

Reminder that kek doesn't like liars.

Praise Lord Kek of the Memes

kek is not here today?

Get rid of hillary



Where is kek?

We need dubs to carry out his will.

you. noose. now.

there he is


Please Wise Kek let Trump win


there he is.

Which celebrity will fuel the next happening Kek?

wew lad


He's displeased by these heretics attempting to silence his followers.

Kek has blessed me with his presence.

Please Kek,


praise the great KEK. reward me with the blessed doubles.

praise kek, please allow us to witness a chimp out soon

praise be unto kek. bless me with dubs.

For great Justice

France Military Dictatorship NOW

Kek has already manifested himself, only trips can help us better interpret his prophecy now

If my post gets single digits, KEK is a false god and doesn't real.