ITT: We list all of the ways Mexicans are inferior to the Aryan man. I'll start:

ITT: We list all of the ways Mexicans are inferior to the Aryan man. I'll start:

1. The average Mexican IQ is a full 12 points lower than the average white IQ.

Comn OP, I feel insulted

2. Mexico lost the Mexican-American war, resulting in the cession of Texas to the United States.

The average Mexican man stands 5 feet and 4.5 inches tall. The average white American man stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall: a full 5.5 inches taller than the average Mexican.

4. Mexico hasn't made a single achievement in space exploration or travel, and only created a space agency in 2010. Conversely, all major achievements and firsts in space exploration and travel have been achieved by white men in white countries.

5. In 2015, Mexico's obesity rate was 32.8% - higher than that of any white country.

6. Mexico has the 3rd highest murder rate in the world. Only Brazil and India rank higher.

What's wrong OP, tell me what the Mexican did to you today.

$5 says a hispanic police officer served OP a warrant because he broke the restraining order his ex-gf put on him

A full 6.04% of Mexicans are illiterate. That's 30.2 times that of the USA.

Ouch, that's pretty bad. OP I sure hope this isn't the case.

Mexican have great women FACT!

Somehow mestizos have lower average IQ's than Native Americans. I suspect that Central American Indians are just dumber than North American Indians.

8. Currently, there is no reinforced concrete border wall between Mexico and the USA. That's one less reinforced concrete border wall than what is projected for the year 2017.

Yup, clearly the nomadic north American Indians were smarter.

OP you good? it seems like a mexican has done you wrong famalam

The Spaniards literally killed the alphas (Aztecs). The population of Mexico is descended from tribes the Aztecs easily enslaved and sacrificed.

9. In 2013, Mexican GDP per capita was 10,307.28 USD. The average GDP per capita of EU member states was 34,300 USD in 2013.

Self deprecating humour isn't funny.

To be fair, they were totally dysfunctional having recently won their independence from Spain.

ITT: We list all of the ways Whites are inferior to the Jewish man. I'll start:

1. The average White IQ is a full 30 points lower than the average jew IQ.

1. They're bringing drugs
2. They're bringing crime
3. They're rapists

Not so fast, Borat!