"Yahoo paid $1.1bn (£830m) for the company back in 2013 - but it has since slashed $712m (£541m) off its valuation.
CNN Money has suggested that the acquisition is now "effectively worthless".


ITT: We laugh at the death of a once billion dollar social media platform, thanks to the hamplanets, feminists and all around retards who drove it into the ground.

Also the porn. Thanks for the black and white "tasteful" porn gifs (not really).

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>tfw quitting porn
>my main source of porn will soon be removed for good

And to think Yahoo, an irrelevant company already on the verge of death only used by 60 year olds who just got the internet is the one who made the royal fuck up buying it in the first place.

>We need to create a more diverse staff!
>Bring in the blue haired lesbian trans demimen!
>"You should totally buy tumblr for 1 billion dollars. As your meme consultant I can assure you, this is a good decision"

Your not quitting you quit

Kek grants trips in this thread for strength

First roll

Dubs is good luck

Second roll

Third roll

Hey I can samefag my own thread thank you very much

Very close to quads even

Kek grant us strength on my final roll

what i don't get is how difficult is it to make money off ads?

you post a piece of content, you place an ad, everyone makes money, everyone's happy.

how in the hell do you fuck that up?

Close but no cigar

Thanks friend, feels good not to be entranced by degeneracy.

Never trust progressive filth should be a golden rule in business.

I'm sorry I have failed you user
Hopefully another poster may carry you on the wings of Kek to rid you of your emasculating porn addiction. Bless you shill faggot
>one post by this user

First you need to find advertisers.

Apparently they dont want to go near that shithole either.

What matters is that you tried.

Now check em.

Dubs gives us hope


yet Sup Forums somehow sustains by posting ads of pocket pussies and body pillows.

looks like the basement dwelling neet weeaboo fedoras is a pretty lucrative market at this point.

how is this possible?

Better management?

Blessings of Kek?

FBI honeypot?

We will know very soon.

This is now a Kek thread
Kek allows all to happen through the law of Kektraction
Post your deepest desires and roll
Post your greatest sins and dubs repents

Kek I wish for wonderful qt3.14 to meme with


Sup Forums weebs actually buy that kind of shit. And I'm assuming operating costs are much much lower for Sup Forums. So they don't need nearly as many advertisers as tumblr to be profitable.

>lower operating costs

Tumblr must be hellish to operate. Get ready for "all posts older than 6 months are gone" to happen.

Yea you guys are right. This place is a shit hole.

They'd do better if they diversified their ads but who the fuck would advertise on this filthy stain.

Why the fuck am I even here? lol!

This place is hilarious, that's why.

We need to unite and buy pocket pussies as a show of solidarity. Who's with me?

Also check em.


Ya'll niggers need to start getting paid for trolling other communities and social media frontpieces (yelp, facebook, google reviews) into the fucking ground.

I'm working on a plan to get us paid for doing just that.

A mercenary army. An outer heaven, for us.


Posted a link on your image board which is in pretty bad shape. Slow as fuck and image javascript is borked.

You should add a paypal donate button, bitcoin donate button, flattr button, indie gogo or kickstarter project.

Sell the fuck out, and do it in everyone's face.

Pay me or I'll find you and steal yo bike.

>kickass got Nosed
>muh free porno site called tumblr got Nosed

>You should add a paypal donate button, bitcoin donate button, flattr button, indie gogo or kickstarter project.
>Sell the fuck out, and do it in everyone's face.

No, I'm working on a proper back end that takes lump sum payments for jobs

>provoke X person into sperging out on twitter
>destroy this anti-trump supporter cafe
>mess with this (((journalist)))

and then distributes them appropriately among people who shitposted their way to this goal.

there will be no patreon bullshit.

and the imageboard is a dumpsterfire, but i'm just playing around with that.

also i clicked your link, enjoy my stolen wifi ip and info on the browser i use to shitpost

lol idgaf bout that shit, the nsa stores that for me.

i just want to win this game of chess, who the fuck is even playing?

this is the sort of shit we will jump on, pro-bono, i may even donate my own shekels to fund personal armies for righteous causes


guarantee you that troll.army will be 100% boring as fuck for a week until i manage to get about 5-10 of the right people, then it's going to be nonstop hilarity and very possibly shekels for shitposting and triggering leftycucks

also the best part is third party raid management software for World of Warcraft (and other time stealing jew systems) translates directly to this stuff.

>command and control
>target listing and prioritizing
>'dragon kill points' to keep track of who deserves what credit for what accomplishments
>general communications

well shit actually click the image on my link, the logo barcode thingy. it, ironically, takes you to my tumblr at blog.opfx.co.

Trust me, its all political. ;)

this is exactly the sort of mysterious shit that cucks will sit and stare at for five hours trying to figure out.

you're hired.

>is it too soon to talk about my plan for a d2jsp style 'forum gold' that will end up being redeemed for real currency by various shady darknet suppliers
>the currency will be called 'pepes'
>you have earned yourself a beginning stipend of 5 pepes per month


Create an image real quick and I'll throw you into the blog roll. It'll be on there for the rest of eternity, or until tumblr decides to wonk my history.

Even still I'm gonna keep posting regardless and if I have to change blogs I will.

But yea, hit me with a troll.army meme or something and I'll post it as soon as I get it, hopefully in the next hour.

Then I can continue to remind my subscribers that troll army is up to some shit.


(i was posting an email a few days ago while working on this idea)

There's gonna be some shekels to spread around and it's for a cause we'd agree with too.

And it's gonna make buzzfeed/kotaku/stupid bloggers posing as journalists go FUCKING BESERK.

Sup Forums doesn't sustain though, moot and chinese moot both say it's not profitable at all.

>Female CEO makes shit decision.

Color me shocked.
Reddit dies next.

Just trolled you on my blog by saying your up to some shit but really you're just starting. lol.

Nah, nothing really sustains its all just a fragile system built on false hopes and dreams that we pray to in order to receive handouts for no reason.

Doesn't it cost $25 dollars per day or something to keep Sup Forums up?

I find it funny that people constantly tease Sup Forums's lower userbase compared to places like Reddit and Tumblr, but now Reddit is on election life support and Tumblr is on the verge of death. I've always said this place will outlive any other faggot websites, it's just great to finally see it happening.