>Cruz & Obongo on AirForceOne mile high club discussing shit

>Statement regarding Melania Speech
Hillcunt PDF
GOP Convention schedule

CNN Stream

>DAY 3
>VP Mike Pence Addresses the RNC
>Eric Trump Speech
>ENCORE: Watch Cruz get Booed again just for for the Lulz
>Laura Ingraham Speech
>Marco Rubio Addresses RNC
>Gingrich Addresses RNC
>Lynne Patton at the RNC
>Pam Bondi Speaks at RNC
>Scott Walker at the RNC
>Pastor Darrell Scott
>Oil Tycoon Harold Hamm at the RNC
>Phil Ruffin

Text TRUMP to 88022 for important campaign updates


>Pence in Zionsville, IN 7/16/16
>Trump Officially Announces Gov. Mike Pence as his VP 7/16/16

>Don King on OAN 7/18/16
>Trump on Fox & Friends 7/18/16
>Manafort on Morning Joe 7/18/16

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This NATO """controversy""" is stupid.

If only 5 countries are paying their obligated share, then why should the US pick up the fucking slack if they get invaded by Russia? For fucks sake

Has Kasich said anything? We can't lose Ohio

Does anybody have that picture of Cruz with the butter cow in his bed that's from The Godfather?

This whole day has been the biggest cucking of Cruz ever.
>Starts day giving a speech
>Gets interrupted by Trumps plane
>Does he awkward laugh that it was well timed
>Little does he know whats coming
>Arrives at the convention
>Warm reception
>Starts off well mentioning Trump
>Proceeds to slowly enrage everyone with his narcissism
>Trump is shown walking towards the convention about halfway through the speech
>Endorse Trump chants begin to start
>Cruz responds by insulting New York again
>Gets booed endlessly
>The only space in boos is the sudden appearance of Trump causing celebration
>Every Trump supporter and family member looks at Cruz with disgust
>Cruz nearly gets assaulted by a donor after
>His wife has to escorted by guard for safety
>The RNC who has hated Trump for so long says he lied and promises to release damaging info
>Every Republican politician who hates which is basically every single one now has open season on Cruz
>Newt "politely" correct Cruz
>Pence comes in with all of Cruz's credentials and more and embraces Donald
Cruz and his supporters were crucified this week, by themselves

Does anyone have a picture of a bonafide guac bowl? I'm convinced Jeb! memed us.

>yfw you're not Ted Cruz

It's Rubio!

If not, Manafort probably has plans for him tonight.

What's the deal with the globalism now?


>my career dahnald


you can buy 3 MAGA hats worth instead of buying a bowl

>Cruz and his supporters were crucified this week, by themselves


>Trumpcucks on suicide watch
When based Cruz runs third party, America will have the true conservative candidate it deserves.

I wish ivanka would just do that thing to me like in the blacked video where the whore milks the niggers dick while licking his bum hole

He's still super salty. Nigger is basically a Democrat.

They'll bend the knee or be destroyed

fucking lol thank you

I'm not trying to buy one.. I'm just convinced they don't exist.

Also one of the richest people in america and one of the GOP's largest donors basically told him: "Don't ever speak to me again."

>Never Trump

All 30 of them?

>25% of his fans

What do you think Cruz said to his wife after that shitshow?

>the title of top Cuban is mine Rafael

kasich, jeb! and cruz' lack of endorsement for trump only strengthens trump's brand, imo. these are people who act like they have principles but can't follow their simple pledge. he saw right through all three of these shmucks

Do you think Hannity will go after Cruz on his radio show tomorrow? I hope he rips him a new asshole.

I'm going to bed, hopefully I won't work so late tomorrow so I can see Donald's speech live.

May the final day of the convention blow the last three days out of the water.

Have a good night, and as always; MAGA, brothers and sisters.

Cruz is scum anyway
absolutely nothing of value has been lost

Just give it up, honestly, what are you doing at this hour? Who are you fooling?
Ted Cruz just ruined his political career over basically nothing.

The man is a fucking idiot that showed the world what Sup Forums already knew about him.
Spineless, two-faced rat.

>literally BTFO out of the stage
>BTFO out of the stadium
>BTFO out on twitter
>BTFO out on face book

>Cruzlims : Ted Cruz was the real winner tonight :^)

Fucking delusional.

The deadline has already passed in a bunch of states this month and Ted Cruz is sending out Ted Cruz for Senate fundraising letters.

If Trump is funding his campaign why isn't he on Cleveland to give a full enthusiastic endorsement?

Hey are we gonna watch Morning Joe is Joe?

sauce dagnabbit!

>Select all images with based commercial truck of peace

Are you talking about the latest media talking point about the Baltics? The whole idea of asking a candidate how he will handle X or Y is fucking retarded. Things change MASSIVELY over 6 months, especially foreign policy, plus Trump had no access to classified intel until just last night.

Running for reelection in Florida is hard work

>America will have the true conservative candidate it deserves.

You mean a rodent in human form?

manafort in the window is perfect, kekd

>Ted's fucking face in the "well congratulations you lost Iowa" panel

always makes me kek hard

Can confirm: Twatter will NOT let you tweet this image.

Also, Cruz sucked Obongo's dick on Air Force One last week in return to be allowed to run for Prez in 2020 if the KillBot wins in 2016. Cruz will do whatever he can to help the KillBot win.

Cruz is offically a traitor. How's it feel Cruzlims, how's it feel?

Who here /Betting Real Money On Trump Winning/ ?

Seeing how he beat his wife live on stage after losing Indiana, and admitting he cried off camera after dropping out, he's probably up right now in his backyard sacrificing his daughters to the Butter Cow (Golden Calf).

Trump handled Kasich with fucking baby gloves compared to the others. Whats his fucking problem?
>he eats funny

his wife realized that his political career is over and that she has nothing to gain from staying with him
she asked for a divorce

I like to think his children probably wish Trump was their dad


>inb4 reince sees this and Cruz is found hanging in his basement with a letter admitting he was the zodiac

>When based Cruz runs third party
I'm laughing hard m8. He would do worse than Gary Johnson after that stunt.

>watching the morning cuck
>watching any real news for any reason unless its a happening

For what purpose
>Trump short-changed the guy who lent him the fog machines!

>Bill Kristol is still trying
>p-please be my candidate
>true conservative!

is TED the real hero that Sup Forums needs but doesn't deserve?

why the fuck is kaisch even mad? this dude had absolutely no fucking chance even without trump in race. i really don't get it. then i remember that official looking video congratulating him on the gop nomination. really makes you think

This election is so much fun. I feel like there's a plot twist every day surrounding Trump. It has to be boring to be a Hillary supporter and have your candidate be less exciting than Jeb.


Oh they don't have to worry. When Trump starts on her they'll have a lot to talk about

wtf was Cruz trying to achieve tonight? did he really think he'd get any support and that his career wouldn't be in ruins??

Pretty sure Ted Cruz united the Republican party behind hating him.

Political suicide at its finest.

Aren't the Baltics among the few countries that pay their fair share anyway? I'm pretty sure Estonia does, not sure about the other two.

She has an obscene obsession over him and she's actually married.

Did they and she turned her husband into a rat cuck?


Trump should sue for guardianship of the children... although, they are still ratblooded...


kek I'm glad m8, had to browse a lot of stock pics to get a fitting one

Let me tell you what you'll see in the polls for this week
Cruz just fucking kamikazed trump and you all know it.

Couldn't agree more.
Everyone just wanted this to be over, to unite, and defeat Hillary...Except Cruz.

He wanted to apparently end his career on live TV, then get booed off a stage.


That shit just destroyed what little supporters Cruz has left, they saw his duplicity first hand, it was undeniable for all but the most diehard literally insane people.

From Breitbart:
>Reactions were even harsher behind the scenes. Dana Bash of CNN reports that Cruz entered a donor suite at the arena after the speech, and was told, to his face, that he was a “disgrace.” One man was so angry at Cruz that he had to be “physically restrained,” and Heidi Cruz had to be escorted from the convention floor because of heckling by Trump delegates.

>Update: A Cruz supporter told Breitbart News: “I think it was entirely selfish. I think he’s ruined his future. Everybody was right about him. It’s a character thing.”

>Just hours before Ted Cruz took the stage for his convention speech Wednesday night, senior members of Cruz’s team were still pushing him to endorse Donald Trump.

>Still, some aides to Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas, were pushing him to endorse Trump for the sake of his own political future.

he hasnt even started on Hillary yet

>3.74 MB
maybe? never used twatter.


Can someone list off the various labels Trump gave people (Like Crooked Hillary, Lyin' Ted, Low Energy Jeb, etc.)

Pretty sure that Joe tweeted that Cruz should have stayed home.

barron Trump on the left

Someone posted it in the sticky

I just wanna see Hillary go into another coughing fit on stage mid sentence as she tries to call him a bigot or something he BTFO of her.

Peter King said he's done with Ted Cruz and the party can do without him

Anything new lads?
I went to sleep after Pence speech

Shit, maybe you are right, let me try again.

>Cruz just fucking kamikazed trump and you all know it.
all in the plan, Trump already said he heard the speech ahead of time

Underrated speech

>being this scared
If Cruz is such a joke and his career really is over, why are you guys noticeably shaken by Kristol's proposal? I think I know why. It's because you don't want to see your god be the first candidate in history to get BTFO by a third party candidate.

That's not how polls work. The first polls taken will factor in everything that happened combined, not each event corresponding to a different poll. This destroyed Ted Cruz and got more eyes on the big night tonight, which is the only night that really matters.

>Trump enters race to get revenge on the Bush dynasty
>rather than being the final boss, Jeb! one of the earliest to fall
>no one else can compete, the donors can't even decide on one person
>Trump finds himself in line to be Republican nominee
>Democrats unusually weak, almost as if someone had planned this election to go to Jeb ahead of time
>our national future has been shaped by one man's quest for vengeance
>this outsider will seize the throne meant for someone else
>this will be our leader and the leader of the most powerful nation in history

I'm actually okay with this

hillary is plenty exciting for the people not supporting her

that pokemon go to the polls bit was incredible


I'm hoping she'll shit herself on the debate stage
>that gasp she gives before announcing his name

I like how the awwwooo bot posts policy positions now. Keep up the good work!

I can't handle this fucking election

>real zodiac, insulted at being associated with ted cruz, immediately begins new killing spree

chances for trump winning are now 2.75 in germany compared to 1.45 of hillary. I didn't bet though. Poor student and I don't want to risk money.

Honestly, most of the people here actually liked what Trump said. It's better if the person upright says the he most likely wont defend us, than giving false promises and then going back on his word. People can respect that here.

Also, alot of us understand that there's no reason for every single small country to butter up to the US and then keep asking it to police everything. It's better if the US focuses on its own country and land, while letting other countries fend for themselves.

And lastly, it's not like we are the perfect NATO member that follows the guidelines and uses the money correctly. things can change in a week or a month, but it's much better to hear what Trump aid, then him calling us some great ally and that he would do everything to defend us. Now THAT would of been absolute bullshit.

The best thing that Trump can do is win and actually have a good relationship with Russia. That's all the defense this region needs.

It would have been less painful for him if he ended his career on live TV like Budd Dwyer.

IDK, either way it's such a ridiculous argument. They haven't asked Hillary how she will deal with the problems that SHE CAUSED, funnily enough. They're trying to pin down Trump by getting him to commit to a specific strategy, knowing circumstances change a lot in 6 months.


Nobody is scared, by next week no one will even give a fuck. Its just confirming what we all knew about Ted from the very start.

Let us enjoy ourselves, we haven't taken a good hard shit on Cruz in a long time, and frankly he deserve it.


He thinks he's reagan (who DIDN'T fucking do this to Ford) and he thinks Hillary is Carter. Too bad hillary will make the country so fucking brown in 4 years that fucking Jeb couldn't win. All she has to do is pass amnesty and then it's all over.

>Don Jr will one day be NY's governor and make its gun laws great again