Why is there a 100% overlap of garbage humans that use the term cuck and support Trump?

Why is there a 100% overlap of garbage humans that use the term cuck and support Trump?

Motherfuckers only know one insult.
Or you go full stormfag.

Either way, Trump supporters are white trash.

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I'm not white though.

sage btw, terrible bait

seems to hit the sweet spot

you are triggered by "cuck", might mean you are a cuck.

sage on your thread and hope it dies.

sad and low energy cuck is OP

ITT: People that think of things in terms of cucked, and redpilled are literally retarded and are actively ruining ruining America by their very presence.

ok man

So you are just regular human garbage, got it.

Triggered? The fuck you think it does to me? Hurts my fe-fes?
Like I said you only got one insult.
Human trash is what you are.

Whatever, you know I'm right.
I win.

you obviouisly got triggered enough to post here.

you are a confirmed cuck, now go and raise your wife's kids little boy.

No, you are a bigger cuck, obsessing with all that term and all.
Cuck loving fag.
Quit getting triggered by my infallible stance of righteous truth.
You have one insult and it sucks.
Donkey dick.
Like you.

Fuck you, I'm right.

you are obviously the one being triggered by the term

it hit the sweet spot.

now shoo and be a good little cuck

If you have to respond, doesn't that make YOU the cuck?

Also, you sound triggered.
Did I hit you in the safe space?



Oh, scathing.

See, garbage.


I'm actually somewhat liberal and I use cuck as an insult. People who let other men fuck their wives/girlfriends are weak and pathetic. There's something really insulting about calling someone a cuck. The fact that you're angry about people using it as an insult proves it works.

Angry? Really?
I find it more pathetic than anything.

Jesus Fucking Christ Sup Forums

You people.


Cuckservative kikes only have
>le Cheeto Jesus
>le Dumpster fire

>Claims to hate people who use the term "cuck"
>User points out that it works really well as an insult because it makes people angry
>Proceed to get angry when this is pointed out

Do you have autism or something?

its a pretty good insult though deus ex desu

Thinking something is pathetic and eyeroll worthy is totally the same as being worthy of anger, got it.

Fucking idiot.

>I'm totally not angry you fucking pathetic idiot

Whoa dude, you totally showed me!

Yep. Go die, please.

Whoa, look out everyone, the cuck is getting angry!

Woah, look out.
There's that desperate word again.
See, I'm right.
I win.


Because they're disgusting antisemites with tiny brains and penises

we only need one insult because there only is one insult. Either you understand that you have self-interest in this world, or you are murdering your own bloodline to make more room for hooting dindus to destroy society and reduce america to a 3rd world shit hole.

You totally won dude. Now go post about it on your Tumblr so all your little cuck friends can read about how you helped to dismantle the patriarchy today!



Fuck you all.
I'm out.

You're rubbish.
Thanks for proving me correct.

More shitposting for another day.

Stay super gay Sup Forums.


>Fuck you all.
where and when


White trash created the western world you take for granted faggot. Best fighting men in the world. Would love to sic them on you. I am half nerd half white trash and I think there's probably a lot more honour in the latter. Faggot!

>being this mad

>yank flag
Reddit confirmed.

>implying all of latin america supports trump

If you want to see human garbage, go to an anti-Trump rally.

They throw eggs, cups of urine, spit on people, shout in people's faces and they think it's all okay because they're fighting 'racists'.

They are the worst trash of all and you know it.

dont bother good user, OP is a blind corpse waiting to be released from his cuckhell.

>my infallible stance of righteous truth

Said the deranged leftie shit.


Only human garbage calls other people "human garbage."

>everybody who disagrees with me is dumb


>Motherfuckers only know one insult.

Don't you have a book to be writing, Maddox?

Trump supporters deserve every bit of hate, spit and egg thrown their way. Good, fuck them. It should happen more, Trumpies are fucking trash.

This means nothing, you are an idiot.

what a motherfucking stormcuck niggerfaggot




The intellectual capacity of Sup Forums is truly staggering. Most of you should be put down like shitty raccoons with rabies.

ITT: (You)

Best thread ever on Sup Forums


cuck santorum