Swedish migration agency wants to put 2000 shitskins in a little island that has 137 inhabitants


>Currently, 137 people live in Ivö - but now the Swedish Migration Board has given an initial green light to an asylum accommodation for 2 000 people on the island.

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i only care about islands if i can save its flag

Bump for Sweden YES !

When will Breivik be released?

They should do a little social experiment : >remove all law enforcement from this island
>put it in quarantine with just rations and essential services coming in.
>go back one year later with cameras to see what happened
>interview the native survivors
>watch and learn

You faggots are just as kekd I'd not more.

They should make it an experiment.
>block off small island
>send them food every month, but a limited supply, only barely enough for 2000
>drop a gun or two in by "accident"
>come back a year later


They should do an experiment:
>label the refugees 1 to 2001
>they'll spend years trying to find the missing one and it'll take a crane to get him out

They should make it an experiment.
>block off small island
>send them food every month, but a limited supply, only barely enough for 2000
>drop a gun or two in by "accident"
>come back a year later

You mean Anders "One Man Battle Royale" Breivik?

>The New and Exciting Sweden™ now coming to sheltered island.

Hilarious. What could go wrong?

is this temporary or permanent?

wtf will do for work? is sweden actually just giving these fucks free hosuing and money :D


They should make it an experiment.
>Remove the 137 inhabitants
>Put the refugees there
>Don't send food or any sort of aid
>Whoever is last standing gets a trip back home

Will they Broadcast it?

Reading up on him, he sounds amazing. He's like pol but an actual guy. Also, Norwegian prison sounds amazing.

Yeah because putting terrorists together in a place that can't be surveyed in any way always grants great results... just like those commanders that were in prison together and are now part of isis brains...

What about these 137 inhabitants?
They'll just fucking accept it or what?
By the way, same thing happened to one of your villages. Are they okay?

haven't read anything about Sumte for a while .... which can be a good or a bad sign

Jesus fucking Christ lad...

I hope he gets to read about all the happenings in his 'jail cell' - he must have not stopped smiling since 2014

Do you know what day tomorrow is?


Seriously. He's going to be White People Mandela in 30 years, I guarantee it. Right after we return to odinism as the state religion of the new Nazi Europe.

It's gonna be great!


July 22nd? Seriously? You don't know?

Don't take this lightly, I would have a bunker lined up with light machine guns. If they want your island then the should have to fight you on the beaches for it. 137 vs 2000.

tfw Europe's reality is on par with japanese crazy stories.

No, well - wait. That would mean they gave up on integrating them, right?

Or rather, the poor villagers, I doubt all of them would get out of that alive and well. Just imagine their lil supermarket, and some of the "more extreme" mudslimes seeing the pork that they supposedly would sell.

what could possibly go wrong?

>Waaaah mobile phone connection sucks

These "refugees" sure are an ungrateful bunch

>tfw I realized I'm googling for "Anders Breivik release date"


>not wanting an African gf

Got hard just thinking about it.





she's half white


France, I'm sorry for what happened to you but there is no sympathy for those who let it happen.

>Swedish Migration Board

That's your problem right there.


Wew lad


Invade Cuba and tell those fuckers to post here.

Technological surplus has removed the traits necessary for long term survival in mankind lol

I'm just sad real patriots are on the same boat as cucks.

Man, If I was a chicka. I would blow Sweden right now because i'd be pissed.

Fucking disgusting nipples.


There's only one type of person admitted on that boat, chum.

The sign reads "Cucks Only"

Just get of that ride sweden it's not even funny anymore

I hope the local girls will welcome them with open legs.


Though i guess some of the young girls may survive, but wish they didnt

Population of Ivo forecast:

2016: 137

2017: 2137

2018: 2000

>jerky milk-taps
No thanks lad.

those poor 137 people will have to flee before that happens I imagine

if this isn't forced eviction I don't know what is

they should sue the government for millions and millions of dollars

With this little population I think the local girls are mostly grannies.

cheaper to give them free housing and food than to do the same thing in cities and have to pay the medical bills of the women who get raped

this brings new meaning to chasing down the last white person.


Ah, got it. You guys are more into this

i see what you did there

but since they breed like rabbits, will probably be 2350 by 2018

(on of the families that came here as "refugees" had FIFTEEN kids)

Now or never Sweden


It won't happen, not 2,000 refugees anyhow.
The island has to undergo extreme construction to house all 2,000 people, and it's a nature reserve as well so they can't even begin to construct anything for years.
By then, the SD will be government and these things will stop altogether.

Any answer other than an Asian woman is wrong.

>burnt toast nipples


>implying that the nearest law enforcement isn't already over an hour away

This will be interesting to watch

This... this I am actually ok with

>pierced nose
>that abomination of a navel


Her belly button has a tiny penis hiding inside. Once you see...

Uh, thanks for pointing that out.

It will probably turn out the same as those aboriginal outback communities. Notably bigger statistics in rape, suicide and extremism is to be expected. I say extremism because it's like the equivalent of alcohol with aboriginals except with Muslims.

>implying, that there will be any women

okay what the fuck sweden what the FUCK

Why is Australia so before it's time? We've been doing this shit for years.

gg cunts

What happens if I press her belly button?

again half-white

This is genocide. I'd fucken go to that island as a "refugee" and kill all the refugees and become king of the island, and give the native swedes complete democracy and protect their racial blood.

They're all in boats once they figure out its an island and not Stockholm.

>that could be Åland in a few years

How horrifying.

>british convicts came over to go on aboriginal welfare

Not quite the same scenario, cobber.

Look at Norways politicians. Breivik single handled culled an entire generation of leftist norway leadership. His actions helped level the playing field if not outright pushed it further to the right.

He might ultimatively have given Norway enough time for other European countries to start failing and the knowledge of it sinking it. If so, he saved Norway and needs a statue.


Breivik is a hero. We need 1000s more Breiviks across the western world, to make the world National Socialist.


>SD government

Haha no. The only one way SD ever form government is by winning a majority of seats. Other parties will never back them even if they win a plurality

Either I know you or this picture really made rounds.

I'd fuck it. Looks like a government woman from Canberra.


Make the Holocaust Real


>asylum accommodation
like this?


anarcho capitalist or bust!

>inb4 guaranteed (You)s

There goes the property values. However the local politicians usually knows nothing of such plans like that and gets annoyed the government tries to fuck them over in local politics. In the end the municipality is going to drag the government into various courts delaying any kind of realisation of this project for a few decades until the entrepreneur goes bankrupt.

This makes me mad, what if these immigrants start invading houses at night & rape the Swedish families & let the dad watch

At first I was like "daaam" but then I saw the belly button and I was like "DAYUM!"

Ancap will always devolve into corporate governing, and then governing. Anything anarchy always forms into government. Grow up kid.

They will. Just a squad of 5 Swedish nationalist could purge the refugees ,like Poland 1940 and getting the fucken jews and muslims in ghettos.