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and so on

*coughs and adjusts seating position*


Benis blastic dildo

>children learning
what's wrong with that?

If he was fashy instead of commie he would be GOAT.

what would he think about pokemon go?

This is his ex wife.

They should work, like in capitalist countries.
No wonder they are poor.


Is fist-fucking not the sexual invention of the twentieth century, a new model of *sniff* eroticism and *sniff* pleasure? It is no longer genitalized, but focused just on the *sniff* penetration of the surface, with the role of the *sniff* *sniff* phallus being taken over by the hand, the *sniff* autonomized partial object par excellence. *sniff*

Really makes you think


Oh mein god, pure ideology.

what did he ever say of value? seems like a huge meme to me

He calls himself a communist. His words.

He says he hates ideology and ideologues, his words.


He is a communist solely to trigger idiots like the monkey above.

Wow, he's a communist? That's like, totally edgy, dude.

It's not like being a communist is safe or acceptable unlike some of the other idealogies that were formed around the same time Communism was.

It's not like supporting communism won't cause you to lose your job and be hated by society.

Very edgy.

The Pervert's Guide to Ideology is one of the best political films IMHO.


His books on the other hand are almost impossible to make sense of.

another triggered idiot detected

serious question
is there an explanation as to why he sniffs so much seems like he is about to be out of breath all the time?

im thinking maybe he has a condition or an accident or its his mannerism.

I'm not triggered at the concept of someone supporting Communism, just at the fact people think being a Communist is edgy.

He's neurotic. Simply as that. He has also stated that he hates the public appearances, he's disgusted by seeing his own image on a screen and so on and so on

You probably think wearing "maoist" shirts and soviet badges equals a communist.
He's apparently not into that, he's a theorist.

Cannot even into the best philosophy show in the internets.


they should have an open debate

ive been watching a lot of his stuff these days.
when i first watched him i was so distracted with all the sniffing and felt the urge to sniff too.

do you hate him though?
i find him very funny.

Not even a Maoist.

I love how he pretends to be a stalinist to fuck with the left
One of the greatest trolls in our time.


Who the fuck is this? And why is he triggering everyone. Something about being commie??


try this

>do you hate him though?
Absolutely not. I find him amusing.

I came across him in the The Pervert's Guide to Ideology and as you said it's absolutely based. I instantly became interested in Lacanian psychology and the mapping of our reality through it.

Also, I saw this nigga the other day on the street. Should have said hello, I hear he likes to debate strangers but it was early in the morning so I let him be

*tugs earlobe communist-ly*

hes a commie which triggers the right
hes not an muh racism SJW though which triggers delusional leftists

that would have cost you 3 hrs of your life. lel

*adjust shirt for no apparent reason*

"..and so" (said with a heavy lisp on 's')

*scratches facial hair*


Probably 3hrs of my life well spent!
Will do it next time for sure

>SSizek hints that his anti-fascism might be a troll

He has never had sex though

True, only fistfuck


don't you know it's 2016, are you white or something?

>le Star Wars guy


and sho on


Thanks for the hearty laugh


report a problem

*laughs in sniffs*

>He has also stated that he hates the public appearances, he's disgusted by seeing his own image on a screen and so on and so on
He's perfectly capable of removing himself from the public eye, and doesn't do so.

He's either lying or insane. Either way, why listen to him?

i honestly don't see what the big deal is about him and i haven't been impressed by him at all to be honest. just another commie faggot bitching about sacred cows while seemingly refusing to ever acknowledge his own

>the trashcan of ideology

It was zizek who made me reconsider egalitarianism and liberalism, as ideologies and lies. He said for example, how american liberal rules are more tyrannical than chinese authoritarian ones, because they deny their compelling nature. I think he's great for awakening the liberals. He is also against muslim immigration to west.

>ITT: All these pure ideology
Mein gott!

ironically zizek is one of the reasons why im a fascist

>Sho Daisy before we start with the sabre let us observe the marked lack of curvature this neon stick posesses, I'll just press this button


>There, now it's turned on and you can see how its base starts the relation with the superstructure and it is only when this conjoin-ment happens, it is only then that the base itself becomes a weapon. Base is indeed the force of production bringing the power structure into being.

>sn- why is it not curved if it's called a sabre -iff?

>Well to answer that question we will use the Lacanian parable that the curvature may be implied but the route of most efficacy is always straight to the point. Now show me your fist.

>He is also against muslim immigration to west.

Give me some quotes

>Well to answer that question we will use the Lacanian parable
My sides

>a total pseud and a meme intellectual should debate

Zizek is a meme but he would utterly destroy Molyneaux, let's get real here.


rly makes u think

zizek is a meme for leftypol retards

He held an entire lecture about this in zagreb. youtu.be/96k21u7ur_A he mentions rotherham and cologne and liberal hipocricy about them, and practically preaches segregation.

The second hour of the video

really makes you think

Woah... people get old, drink a little and get fat.

> More news at 11.

You know the left is in a truly terrible state when their greatest living philosopher is Fatslob Zizek

The dude is going to be forgotten no more than a decade after he dies, but they all seem to think he is some legendary character that people will be discussing 1000 years from now, it's pure insanity.