This is a 10/10 in Asia

This is a 10/10 in Asia.


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Burger doesn't like her because she isn't taking up 80% of the screen

More like the receding hair-line, bug eyes, and receding chin.

Korean girls are beautiful desu

>unaugmented koreans
why is this allowed?

Not all Asian girls are ugly desu.

Only 1/1000

>all these gook-loving faggots

>complains about asian women
>watches Korean variety shows
For what other reason could you do that?

Why do all you Asian hot girl apologists never have photos that show the faces unobstructed?


isn't really that pretty at all
can't even move her body properly
looks retarded and desperate
lacquered in makeup

show a good looking asian that hasn't had plastic surgery and isn't wearing make-up

Only Korean Cyborgs should be allowed on television.

Looks like a trap to me. That skinny ass tho.

The only thing Asian women have going for them is they're more often than not slender, and a slender female body somewhat compensates for their acne scarred flat fish faces. With the proper makeup and strategic hair style they could sufficiently cover their gross faces up well enough, I guess.

that bitch looks like a muppet

>this is a 10/10 in Asia

She looks like any other generic asian chick. 6/10 at best.

Pantyhose always gets me.

How can other women even compete?

it's a guy

the joke is that they all look the same so people can't even tell

isn't she a pornstar?

Sometimes I watch NicoNico streams and I've seen the prettiest Asians girl in a long time and it turned out she was a boy. I couldn't believe it.


Only non nude vids.


i have a ink of her at xnxx, but i can't post it because it's spam?

asian chicks are hot except for their faces, especially the souless black eyes