Extreme left admits defeat before election


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he's just jinxing it

He looks like a melting goblin

I approve of him telling such a message, alot of people simply vote for the one leading the polls and people's opinions on who will win.

They must eat children on the far left, instead of just sacrifice them. Interesting.

why do faggots never post source

He also said that it felt like '1932 Germany' so it could be an attempt to make Hillary voters more motivated desu

This guy is as delusional a liberal can get, him acknowledging that Trump is going to win is pretty unnatural

He's a Marxist piece of shit.


>Michael Moore
>being right about anything

Didn't he die a few months back?



>"We lost"

Remember, defeatism and self-loathing is what they use as lubricant when they fuck their homemade pocket Pussies while Dayquan steals their wives away

At least these faggots are reaching the final stage early.

appreciated my friend

love your waffles

>all he has to do is win Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio
All he needs is Ohio, Virginia, Iowa and Florida and he wins and he basically has Virginia and Iowa in the bag so it comes down yet again to the battleground states.
However I'm worried about how Pence will do with moderates because I hear he's possibly homophobic, is this just liberal propaganda and fear-mongering?

>He basically has Ohio and Virginia in a bag

No he doesn't, lol.

Ohio is a garbage state. Kasich is one of the worst govs in the country. Ohio has terrible unemployment, industry left, it's the heroine capitol of the Midwest... Crime is through the roof...

And, people wanted that clown a pouts.

Yes he does, lol.

He's really homophobic because he's a republican, that same line would have been used against any VP pick.

yes he does, Florida and Ohio are in the bag

True, that's a state that could cuck.

Interestingly enough some of my blue pilled friends were talking last night are convinced that Trump is going to win. The memes are working gents.

God I love Michael Moore

Skip to 7:00 in this video to see him destroying drumf morons

Back to Sup Forums you go, faglord.


Independents dont win you elections, energizing your base is the most important thing. Kerry and Romney won Independents but they still lost.

Bush won because of social cuckservative and white working class turnout, Obama won because of black turnout

Because most people aren't dumb niggers who don't know how to use google

He says it to motivate the Clinton vote.

Yeah I agree. I'm from Michigan and I'll be voting Republican for the first time.

Michael doesnt want Hillary, he just cant admit it in the open.


May Kek unjinx us.

of course

what a cuck
>it's now time for women and people of color to rule

Virginia is full of federal contractors/employees on the government teet, they're not voting trump.

t. Government employee

I remember some woman being on who said that Trump would win and everyone laughed at her.

Ooooooooooh yeaaaaaaaa!



Yeah he's anti-gay as fuck. And yeah it's something that will hurt the campaign. But his benefits outweigh this negative, as all this "phobic" and "ism" bullshit is desensitizing. It also in a way makes Trump look much more appealing because when confronted with this, Trump can defend gays and say they disagree there, etc.

4D chess

He has to admit it to try to get people out there to vote Shillary.

I'm a liberal and I honestly don't know what to expect. Trump will either get completely BTFO, it will be a 51/49 or 49/51, or Hillary will get completely BTFO. So I guess that's a longwinded way of saying anything can happen.

he probably wants that so he can make more shitty documentaries like he made in the bush era.

Not tolerant enough.

I wush a navy sheel ash you knowchhh. I wush a demowishin expertch.

Shut up faggot. It's the job of someone who is bringing up a topic to also provide a source for it.

Once they win their nominations it's basically just a race to the middle to appeal to independents. They already have their base.

>man wrong about almost everything says something Sup Forums wants to hear

he looks like a meme

This isnt good. This will motivate people to vote for Hillary.

See first debate
Right now it is just throwing darts

Good, we are now in the acceptance phase.

Im a Union worker and I and everybody I know are all voting for Trump. Trump is fairly moderate fiscally.

And even if he wasnt, why do retards automatically assume that a Republican President means that Unions and Government Jobs are going to just suddenly disappear overnight? Nothing happened to Unions or Government workers when GWB was in office, and certainly nothing will change with Trump in office.

The belief that Democrars have (white) workers backs when it comes to Unions and Government jobs is a laughably dated concept that hasnt been relevant since the 1980's. Only the most politicaly illiterate people believe otherwise.

>is this just liberal propaganda and fear-mongering?

Do liberals participate in anything else?

That shit infuriates me. It should be time for competent people to rule.

>the brexit strategy

Do it America, do it.




It's a new tactic i've noticed from the big lefties. Van Jones actually let it slip about 6 weeks ago CNN. They are now worried that the left voters will get lazy (because of the constant shilling of Hillary winning in the polls).

They are trying to scare their voter base into voting with "muh bogeyman will win".

That was Ann Coulter last June/July

Faggot remainer

Moore is talking about the death of white people...You know, you

Praise kek

DNC is being held in Florida, Hillary's got this.

So, when is Moore going to hand all his wealth and holdings over to women and people of color?


Who the fuck cares about gay people

My coworkers at the Bureau are probably scared that we'll have to start doing work whem trump appoints a new director.


>1932 Germany
He's right, though. It feels like what it must have been in the time preceding Hitler's rise.

When do we get our uniforms? I want a snazzy MAGA getup.

>However I'm worried about how Pence will do with moderates because I hear he's possibly homophobic, is this just liberal propaganda and fear-mongering?

It literally doesn't matter, Trump is the most fag/tranny-friendly candidate of all time (being a NYC rich guy who hanged out with the likes of Elton John, Prince, etc.) and the liberal jew media STILL managed to label him as a homophobic bigot that wants to kill all gays.

He wanted to ensure that “federal dollars were no longer being given to organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus.” So where should the money go? “Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.”

> in other words, conversion therapy

They are literally just making this up. He wanted to divert funds to get people with compulsive sexual behavior some psychological help. This translates to "conversion therapy" for gays. hurr durr

So fucking dishonest. God, I hate liberals.

> 4. Opposed repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Literally nothing wrong with this. It should be that

> . Complained about the passage of the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill

Hate crimes are bullshit. I don't see the problem here.

> 6. Served on the board of an antigay group

Again more bullshit. They are calling the Indiana Family Institute an "anti-gay" group simply because they oppose gay marriage.

This entire article is complete horseshit and only an emotional fag would fall for it.

He'll win Ohio and Florida for sure. Virginia, I don't know man. Lot of faggot cucks in the DC suburbs and the governor's trying to let a couple hundred thousands criminals vote.

No one wants Hillary.

can we get armbands with a wall in a circle?!?

Its not that they will get lazy its that a lot of the left want him to win just to see what happens but they don't want to bare the responsibility of voting for Trump

RNC 2012 was in Florida too and Romney still lost you fucking cuck

sounds like a reverse bluff tactic to get more votes for hillary

>They already have their base

Hell no. Cruz-fags are going full autism on the Blaze about writing him in. I mean there's pretty broad support among the Christcucks for Cruz.

If Trump loses, it will be because evangelicals didn't turn out to vote.

ive only seen bernie and trump bumper stickers recently

i used to see hillary ones but i actually havent seen any in months, its like they covered them with bernie stickers

It's in Philadelphia you moron.



He is with us.

I really, really hope he does. But I think most people can be honest and say at the least it's very unlikely.

But I truly hope he does.

Lads, rejoice
Depression stage is upon us

>They are literally just making this up. He wanted to divert funds to get people with compulsive sexual behavior some psychological help. This translates to "conversion therapy" for gays. hurr durr

This is the result of PC culture..The news will never show the world bug chasers, or the amount of sexual partners gay men go through. They can sit there and pretend that most gay people live like the couple on modern family and you have to just take it.

From the article:


“'After three nights of watching the Republican Conventions, it is great to be here with my gay, black, communist pals,' (((Maher))) said of his guests."

Finally admitting they are commies.


Trump has the evangelical vote though. Cruz can bitch and moan all he wants.

Why are they holding hands?

He's trying to get all of Maurer's audience to vote. He's not gonna go on there and say "yep Hillary's got this locked up!"

Lots of celebs do this

Fuck off back to Sup Forums, you autistic nigger sperglord.

[Low-Information Voter Status:] CONFIRMED

GTFB2 wherever you come from reprobate.

It's funny how he thinks he's being edgy by saying that. Being a gay black communist is literally the least edgiest thing you can be in modern day society.

This. He's trying to do the Nigel.

It's stupid that he's saying it right now though and not closer to the election.

The best part is that people actually believe that he's going to leave the degenerates alone once he gets rid of the illegals, terrorists and gibs.

Union I'm in sent some newsletter about stopping Trump. I tore it in half immediately. Can't wait til they get their shills to call union members asking to support Clinton. I will tell them MAGA, FAGGOT.

because cultures are different.

you would think a /pol lurker had this fact down but for some reason... oh wait... australia. ok.

You should berate them for abandoning Bernie when they want you to support Shillary.

Stop being lazy niggers.

It is just a custom. (Army fag here)

Went to Afghanistan when I was a 1LT. Had to act as a liaison between the elders and our CO, I was XO.

It is basically implied that men are of a much higher social order than women, and the way we court women in the Anglosphere is kind of how Muslim men court each other. They do so to earn trust and form alliances. Wars are started between them for forsaking these customs.

Moore is a flaming liberal and paid shill but he has always been about muh unions, muh rust belt, muh blue collar.

So he's seen some shit that's disturbing to him. Maybe it will sink in to the Hollywood leftists that all the latinos in California won't do them any good when the swing states are what matter.

Pennsylvania could easily going red this year while Virginia will stay blue

My fault, i'm high as shit right now.

It's in Philly, ya tard. And she might get beat up or shot, because the cops aren't too into her atm.

If he's all about the working class, then why would he support dilluting their numbers with illegals, thereby killing their bargaining power?