Why has autism seen a rise in prevalence overtime, especially in the US...

Why has autism seen a rise in prevalence overtime, especially in the US? Studies indicate that it's seen a 10 fold increase in the past couple of years. Is it due to the fact that standards for what constitute "autism" are getting looser? Or can it be attributed to a specific external factor or thing?


I don't know OP, but it seems to coincide with the rise of the Left. Correlation is Causation.

US has the best doctors.

The Internet


Shitty diet

Feminized education system overdiagnosing it

Sup Forums is a radical leftist godless autist board. Sup Forums just pretends to be conservative to hide their inner degeneracy

Also interesting that Japan has such a low rate reported.

That has to just be due to differences in diagnosis.

In the end Ted was always right.

1) Rise of high-level white collar labour
2) Increased hypergamy
3) Easier assessment of assets
4) Higher mobility
5) Rising birth age

First four mean that people with shit social skills can still spread their seed extremely far assuming this is paired with high intelligence. Or in other words, modern technology selects for affluence and systematic mating displays across communication mediums.

In old times these people would have become monks or sages and dropped out of the gene pool.

These days they're eccentric millionaires.

Last one directly correlates with autism.

>Correlation is Causation
>American education

Sup Forums is one person

Dammit I forgot my meme text

Yet now there's more autists than ever dropping out of the gene pool especially with porn and the Internet

If that map is correct, then there is no way that autism is legitimatly that prevelant in USA compared to elsewhere.

Most definatly this is because the US standard of what makes someone autistic or not.

Because in the past they didn't label diseases and just thought people are different. Honestly high functioning autism shouldn't even be considered a mental illness or treated at all. Some people just want to be alone, enjoy their hobbies, and get frustrated when dealing with other people.

mental health is a myth. psychology was invented by an ice pick serial killer to sell products. there are no chemical tests for disorders, only behavioral ones because these disorders do not exist. they are abstractions. nos fuck off.

If autism is really just genetic then we will see a decline in the next few decades as the majority turn to porn and isolation and don't reproduce.

But I don't think it's genes.

It's all the vaccines for chemtrails they've been giving out.

Its not a disease it's a symptom of a diseased society

Why are nearly all the countries on that chart at 0 or N/A? I call bullshit

Some of it is increased diagnosis, most of it is shitty parents, some of it is the lack of families that can teach kids cultural mores and how to act.

5'3" manlet KEK

Boomers really did shit on the west

t. Kaczynski

It hasnt, it's just documented more.

The symptoms commonly associsted with have increased. But this is due to technology and the education system which breeds them .

The definition in american psychology has changed. Used to just call a kid with autism 'slow.'

Nothing has meaning anymore, it's empty consumerism. All of our holidays are cash grabs aside from thanksgiving which is being eliminated because it gets in the way of shopping.
I hate this

This is why i think the ''spectrum'' is bullshit. The low functioning ones are just retards. High end is something completelt different.

I don't know, maybe because we have the medical facilities to diagnose it, actually diagnose it when it happens, we have (some) support for the mentally ill/disabled in the form of social security, and most importantly, other countries don't diagnose it and still view it as a defect punishable by death?

If you were autistic in the 70s you probably weren't even diagnosed. You were just labeled "weird" and stayed at home until you ended up homeless.

Other countries, even Europeans, are just now catching up and Sup Forums isn't helped by the small faction that believe water as a "toxin" in a vaccine is cause for panic because they genuinely believe vaccines make their kids autistic.

>Feminized education system overdiagnosing it

When dodctors don't want to tell their upper middle class clients that their spawn is a genetic screwball or raised as well as a crooked wall, they just make up some bs diagnosis and prescribe the little shitlets some ritalin to get them out of the office.

Sounds like bullshit to me

However shitty my parents were I'm glad they fought the school system to keep me off meds. Now I'm a successful engineer instead of a ritalin filled obese NEET

US doctors are trigger happy with labels. If it's not Autism its ADHD, they just want to push pills and make the big bucks.

>I'm psychiatrist
>There are some kids who have some problems at school but nothing relevant
>Let just say they have autism so they will keep paying me for their whole life

by the US standards of autism everyone on Sup Forums would be considered autistic.

Hormones in everything

Also age women give birth is rising, which leads to higher risk of autism

Yo, the school was gonna force you to take meds? That shit fucked up cuh.

My Gf works as a nanny for some rich people with 2 kids and they have nothing to do with their children.
The dad who is 40 and the mom who is 37 Fuck off all the time and won't raise their 4 and 1 year old. Don't tuck them in, don't read and criticize the kids when they act out, refusing to see responsibility. It breaks my heart.

Wait your school system gives you meds?? Huh?

polish ancestry, american education/indoctrination.

good one Juan

They tried to transfer me out to a private SPED institution which would have.

Sup Forums is satire

I had some problems as a kid definitely. Threw stupid autist fits and such and couldnt deal with reading groups. But 4th frade teacher in NYC public school fabricated a story about me hitting her and the administration believed it.

Got suspended for a few days (which I did deserve) but the administration kept bugging my parents to take me out and transfer me to a school in thr Bronx for literal nigger retards that pushed meds as part of the tuition contract.

Lo and behold once I was about 12 I just stopped throwing tantrums and grew up to be slightly autistic but functional in normal society. Went to magnet high school then Ivy league on scholarship

Thats fucked, over here even if a kid is autistic / special needs they try and keep him in normal school with everyone else and just assign as special teacher to them.

My cousin is autistic to the point where he couldn't even go to the toilet and speak properly, but they kept him with everyone else and now he's 10 and can do nearly everything himself and communicates well. He also doesn't take any meds.

Well done on your Ivy scholarship, my cousin is incredibly smart when it comes to computers, he was using a computer well when he was 3. Just a bit shit with other things.


increased detection and awareness

as well as not hiding kids away from the public as soon as they demonstrate they're not perfect Chads

>they fought the school system to keep me off meds
the school board tried to medicate you?!
I had heard of this in Georgia I think it was, where they school officials wanted ALL of the students medicated.
super fucked-up
glad you escaped that, bro

>Thats fucked, over here even if a kid is autistic / special needs they try and keep him in normal school with everyone else and just assign as special teacher to them.

Same in Canada.