Death Note Movie to Feature Black L
>look guys, blacks can be intelligent too
Even (((Light))) looks like a fucking low test kid
are they doing it on purpose, Sup Forums?

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Who cares? Hollywood is garbage.

Defining a character based on his race is ipso facto racist, since race doesn't affect your character outside of ways in which you choose to behave.

As a man suffering from yellow fever, I am more outraged that a white actress was cast to play the Major in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell movie rather than a hot Asian chick.

Even chinks themselves think most of their anime characters look western

>are they doing it on purpose, Sup Forums?

nobody is going to watch that live action shit anyway.

That's just how most anime has been drawn since forever. It doesn't mean the character is white.

>they look white because thats how they were drawn, but they're not
whatever makes you sleep at night friendo

It's actually gonna backfire cause Light, a White dude outsmarts Nigger L & kills him

Not sure if SJW's will like that much

Even if they made a white L it would be trash. Who cares? The movie is going to be bad for plenty of other reasons beyond "muh blackwashing" same thing with the new GiTS live action movie. The movie is going to suck, is it because Motoko isn't japanese? No it's because they are trying to recreate something that was fine as is.

It's an "Update," apparently, so I guess it makes sense that it's set in America now and not Japan. I loved L's actor in the old live action movies, though.

>ah wundah who da killah beez
>maybe he killun people wif magic an ghosts and sheeitt

>L from death note is a genius who is acting like a monkey
>Jewswood choose nigger to be L in their death note movie to prove black can be intelligent too

Just boycott it. And for the love of God, stop giving it attention. That's the only reason they are doing shit like this, to stir up some "controvery" and play victim of "racists" to get free publicity. I'm into anime but I wouldn't even know of this live action remake if it weren't for several Sup Forums threads. And I guarantee you, for every 100 people you reach with your thread and who were unaware of it before, maybe 90 won't see it ANYWAY, but 10 will now go and see it. Stop giving this shit attention, just let it flop silently.

Everyone in the movie should be japanese

The movie is gonna be shit anyway, having a black guy be L is the least of its problems.

The thing you should be more worried about is the director of Fantastic 4 (2015) in charge of this film.

>genius who is acting like a monkey
>he literally uses his feet instead of his hands like an actual monkey
>they cast a negro in this role


>L not a three dicked nigger jew


That's when the mixed-race Near outsmarts and kills Light, showing that glorious multiculturalism trumps the eternal struggle between the evil white man and the disenfranchised negro.


Just imagine that black will do the famous L squat. He would look like a malnourished african kid

Nips were still awfully happy when they found out a white woman was going to be playing Motoko in GitS.

Boring ass anime petered out after only 2 episodes.

Anime and movies based on anime is for degenerates anyways. Who cares?

But L isn't japanese, he's a mix of a bunch of different European ethnicities if I remember right. Other then him and his Butler man, ray penbur and his wife, yeah you're right.

>black person is a cold blooded sociopathic killer
seems about right, what's the problem

>the only black character dies
I see no problem with this.

You mispelling "after L dies"

This annoys me. They could've helped elevate another minority but had to snuff it out with we wuz kangs because of the eternal victim complex and insecurity of blacks.

I suggest you rally asians against this and claim everything blacks claim. Cultural appropriation etc. Campaign and make ridiculous noise of this to blame blacks and claim racism.

You have a perfect opportunity but doubt you peasants will do anything towards your own benefit.

It's time to cut the black man down to reality.

>I've never seen the show, but I want to have an opinion too


It´s good to see how African-Americans are finally being represented as what they are: Smart and deductive justice seekers

>L is originally from Britain
At least they didn't make him Muslim

Asians just like Liberals are scared of Blacks, so they won't dare call out Blackwashing

Everyone shut up about race the second a Black dude was cast as L

If they're really doing this death note movie, please cut out most of the shit that happens after L dies, like 15%, 20% max of the total movie runtime should consist of post L stuff.

The only issue i find with white-washing is changing misa to mia, just shoulda fucking hired a qt3.14 asian american to play her instead

You would have a point, but blacks can't be racist tho so, sorry.

Hence the reason to use real majorities as a gambit against blacks. Further expose them and fuel the flames towards black genocide.

minorities* ( drunk ()

Okay weeb

If I made an anime movie I'd specifically hire half white/asian actors except for roles that had specific ethnicities.

It'd be in the interests of capturing the mysterious anime ethnicity that doesn't really exist.

Fucking jews, kill them all.

>mfw a white guy (light) starts orgasming at a black guys death (L)

i can already see the outrage,

inb4 Near is a even blacker guy

>inb4 Near is a even blacker guy
ayyy lmao

Nips will never star in their own stories Kek.

Last no one seen the pictures from filming?

It sure looks like the black guy is actually playing the role of Lind L Taylor, the FAKE L. There is no way to know for certain, but don't be surprised if they pull a big casting plot twist.

Not about Nips; it's about the Asians in America, mate. It's an American movie. The character is Japanese and Asians are under represented in Hollywood despite Asians being the fastest growing racial demographic in the the US. Not a lot of opportunities for Asians to star in lead rolls in Hollywood, and this should have been that opportunity.


>fastest growing demographic in the US
>not mexicans

Oh I know what its about, and that's just as stupid. All I was saying was that nips, where the source material originated, we're indifferent, or even happy or excited about the prospect of Scarlett Jo playing Motoko in the new movie, one even said it would make it "more like anime". The fuck do I care about some spoiled ass Asian American actress whining about oppression for. It's not like casting one of them would make the film any better anyway.



not only is he a nigger, he's a literal dindu

>Asians remain the fastest-growing racial group in the United States, according to new information from the Census Bureau.

>The nation's Asian population grew at 3.4 percent between July 2014 and 2015, with migration responsible for the majority of the growth, government officials said Thursday. There are now 21 million Asians in the United States, with Hawaii as the nation's only majority Asian state.

>In 2013, China replaced Mexico as the top sending country for immigrants to the United States, officials said.

fuck sake

>L was British
>L is black

ahahahah, rip weeaboo degenerates


I don't care if L is black as long as they make him a weirdo without being the stereotypical autistic Jessie Eisenberg Social Network acting that they always do.

racism is good
niggers gon be niggers

>In July 2012, Slater was hired to write the script for the 2015 Fantastic Four film.[1] After the film was released in August 2015, Slater commented that a lot of what he wrote was not in the finished film (particularly his version of the first act), but that he'll "always be honored that [he] got to play in such a cool sandbox."[2]

>In April 2015, it was announced that Adam Wingard would direct an upcoming live-action American film adaptation of Takeshi Obata's popular manga series Death Note, with the most recent draft of the screenplay written by Slater.[4]

God fucking dammit.


Just noticed this

>suffering from yellow fever

You mean suffering from anxiety and insecurity?

Holy fuck lol why?

two asians played by a black guy and a jew?

Now that's what I call diverse!

God I fucking hate Near. What is it with nips making child characters retardedly and annoyingly smart. It's not charming or cool, it's fucking cringeworthy.

No thx, Dragon Ball film was bad enough. Then there is Ghostbusters. Why aren't those Jews put out of their misery already? They are trying too hard to shit over everything and still succeeding making billions. There is absolutely no quality control in USA.

>Not a lot of opportunities for Asians to star in lead rolls in Hollywood, and this should have been that opportunity.

What I don't get is, if they wanted to have some ethnic slant on L, why not go with Rami Malek, the lead from Mr Robot? He could clearly pull off the role.

They might look so, but they clearly aren't. No matter how many reviewers say it doesn't matters how a character looks, it sure does and always has. Rename the film into something else if you going to turn males into females or white into black.


The only black L worth a damn.

Has there ever been a good live action anime adaption? Anime only works being so outlandish because it's a cartoon.

>light TURNER???
why the fuck does hollywood try to make these fucking adaptations as unappealing to fans as possible?

Yeah but the point is that this movie doesn't have anything going for it as is, so fuck it, cast a black guy, it's not going to make th movie suck any less.

>implying they won't change L into a succesful teenage kid fully socially capable and no flaws at all

They were trying, now they aren't trying. Jews clearly have too much power and this shit ain't working any longer, since they are dumb all over and with promotion alone they going to make money, but they are totally incompetent. It's time for those popular Jewish directors and producers die off and let somebody else run Hollywood. This is so stupid it's not even funny any longer. Anime is literally above a multimillion dollar produced film, that took 3 years to complete, an anime ep made in 1 week is better than 300 million dollar film. So now Herminone is black, Thor is a woman and Ghostbusters are ugly tomboys. They aren't trying, they got bored from being allowed to do anything, they gone totally nuts.


Top kek. HOW can anyone give him work after Not-So-Fantastic Four?

>le Avenger's Scarlett Johanssen will star as Major Kusanagi
>The director made Snow White and the Huntsman

Just fuck my shit up senpai

to be fair that was already pretty much light, so mary sues aren't too unusual here

This shit has never made sense in anime or manga, pic related shows how "different" whites and asians are drawn in anime/manga.

>race doesn't affect your character
Ok buddy

Why does the hollywood agenda only favor black people?
Really makes you think...

Every white actor isn't made for every role. Goku isn't some metroman just because he has hair pointing up in air. Clearly the creators of films don't even read comic books or watch anime, but then they get the job of making a film, why?

Most of the time race doesn't have anything to do with the character being portrayed, the reason people are annoyed by this is because replacing an established character in order to shoehorn in the token black character is stupid. In this case it's a little more forgivable since it's an americanized version of the original but even still it's obvious from his twitter the guy isn't even a good choice for the role of an autistic genius.

Now, I'd like to say fair enough: Ken'ichi Matsuyama's a tough act to follow, so the had to try something radical.
In what universe is this an acceptable casting decision? Would you cast Rick Moranis as Mohammad Ali? Dwayne Johnson as Vladimir Putin? I hope this shit bombs worse the (((Ghostbusters))) currently is. Fucking Jews.

>T. Liberal arts major.

Pretty sure they draw japs that way because even they think gooks are ugly. Ever wonder why plastic surgery (to look more western) is so popular in asia? Or why literally every "idol" gets their skin bleached and eyelid surgery

Because most people who go to see these films haven't read/seen the source material. Having a black character will rake in more money than having someone best cast to play the established character of L.

>he hasn't seen Oshii and Kenji on the set

It's almost like you are implying that they will get the character right, but then you would be stupid.

To be fair, that's really a reason I don't care about L being black, but I just don't think the source material will translate well over all to a super western style. The director and writers really need to like and understand the original to make this new movie decent, and that just isn't going to happen.

>Lets make a movie to profit from weeaboos
>Death Note, perfect, weeaboos love that
>Now, lets add a black person...
Flawless, sequel assured.

Adaptations are always watched by fans unless it's some highly promoted film. Why would having a black character produce more money? It's not like people like those awful black actor comedies and action films. HBO got like tons of black comedies, but you have to be stupid to watch it, probably it's their series like Game of Thrones that make that shitfest channel worth buying. Americans literally buy every shit that is promoted, but some day they will have enough too.

Wait, fucking really?....c-can I get a sauce on that?

>still watching the electric jew

>Still posting on the jewternet

If the actor is good enough I honestly don't care if they're playing what is supposed to be a white or asian character, what I'm against is casting someone of mediocre acting ability to play that role just because they're black.

And from We can clearly see he has no fucking clue what kind of character he's meant to be playing.

I'm not talking about the fans, I'm talking about mainstream cinema-goers who know nothing of the source material. These people are the biggest demographic, and having a black character is good if your'e trying to appeal to that demographic.

Not only do you rake in some black viewers, but you avoid your product being labeled as racist by SJWs because it's too white.

Made me think. Bye pol

>as a person straight from reddit

fucking cancer

It's just unlikely since the black males in Africa have the lowest iqs in the world and 85 is the average in the US for African Americans. The original seeries featured an Asian man as L so they should continue that and it still promotes diversity while being more real since the avg. IQ in Asia is 110-115